Should Rich Countries Help the Poor Countries

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Should  rich countries help the poor countries? There is so much debate surrounding the issue of rich countries should help the poor countries. Proponents think that rich countries should help the poor countries because loaning money to developing countries aids can helping them improvement the situation from poverty and disease. Opponents, think that the money doesn't go for the place where they needs and the debt is a lot of pressure for the poor countries. In my opinion, that rich countries should help the poor countries.

The responsibility of richer countries help the poor countries should more than they did it before, it can be throught in health, education,economy and policy. One of the strongest reason for people who against the rich countries should help the poor countries is the aid doesn't work. Foreign aid  usually considered too much for poor countries, or useless on inability governments. Africa has received over US$1 trillion in international aid over the past 50 years, intended for health care, education, infrastructure and agriculture, among other things. Between 1970 and 1995 aid to Africa increased rapidly and aid dependency (measured as the aid-to-GDP ratio) stood at nearly 20% in the early 1990s. Measured differently, the mean value of aid as a share of government expenditures in African countries was well above 50% between 1975 and 1995" (Why Aid Doesn't Work). "The total amount of international development aid is now more than $100 billion a year to Africa. In 2008, rich countries gave $119. billion in foreign aid. This is over 10% more than in 2007 and is the highest amount ever given" (Statistics on International Development Aid). In the same period, the per capita GDP growth in Africa to reduce, for many years has been negative. Unfortunately, although good intentions from donor countries, the aid work has been useless in against poverty and promote the economic continued growth. The fact is that most African countries are poorer today.

This is because the most foreign aid provided in ineffective way and usually wasted, but also it can be influenced the negative way to the enconomic. The reason of the people who oppose rich countries should help the poor countries are one side. There are not perfect things in the world. Every human being is given same right to live and equal. The people live in poor countries usually suffering from extremely difficult conditions, such as disease, turbulence, poverty, unemployment, lack of food and education, inefficiency and corrupt government.

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The devastating consequences of the epidemic, upheaval, poverty, and the lack of education and food, lead to the highest mortality rate, inefficiency work, illiteracy, but this can be improvement through foreign aid, the money from rich countries can bring enough food and medicine. Also, the rich countries' aid can developing  infrastructure and basic education to those poor countries, such as roads and pipelines efficiently, high school and university. "The public health successes can be seen on many fronts. Around 12 million children under five years old died in 1990.

By 2010, this number had declined to around 7. 6 million - still far too high, but definitely an historic improvement. Malaria deaths in children in Africa were cut from a peak of around 1 million in 2004 to around 700,000 by 2010, and, worldwide, deaths of pregnant women declined by almost half between 1990 and 2010, from an estimated 543,000 to 287,000" (Foreign aid works - it saves lives). "In Liberia, nine years after the fact, the population of just four million people still bears the scars of a country where a vicious war has raged.

Here, UNICEF funds a remarkable cash transfer scheme for households headed by children which has so far helped 2,000 youngsters. The fund gives out $60,000 a month in total, which equates to $25 a month for the most vulnerable children. Ninety-seven per cent of the families benefiting from the scheme take their child to a health center when they are ill and 90 per cent have increased food security" (Does aid work? ). All those number shows the foreign aid helps to save lives in needy countries. This is very important for those people who are suffering from starvation, poverty or contagious diseases in poor countries.

We can't because of a little bit negative impact of economic, then deny the huge influence that foreign aid works in poor countries to help, and survival people's life. Furthermore, in the background of economic globalization, the world is getting more and more close contact. The  people from different countries have a great personnel flow frequency and the world trade is becoming greater more than before. However, there still have a  lot of people live in poverty in many places, the gap between rich countries and poor countries are expanding.

The rich countries have huge income and outcome by world trade and high productivity. But, if the rich countries want to get benefit of economy in the future, they need to take care of people who will be enormous consumers in the future. Unless rich countries help the poor countries, economy of world will face unhealthy situation. In this case, rich countries should help the poor countries. Final, the most of poor countries governments are inexperience and inefficiency when they make a decision or face enmorgency. For this reason, the governments of poor countries need rich countries' help.

Through rich countries help, poor countires can get solution of the problem they are facing. This can make the government of poor countries complete their policy, and gain their experience for emergency ability. The most problems which poor countries right now have, are similaring that rich countries already had and solved it before, and they have enough experiences to teach and help them to figure out the problems. In conclusion, the rich countries should to help poor countries in many ways including education, medical, health, economy and policy, because with great power comes great responsibility.

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