The Selling and Use of Bottled Water at Culver City Middle School

Last Updated: 14 May 2020
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The article “Statement Bottled Water” is about the International Bottled Water Association opposing the law passed in Concord, Massachusetts to ban water bottles. On the other hand, the article called “Goodbye Bottled Water” by Gail Hennessey is about how water bottles harms in the environment and the action the leaders are taking to fight against the water bottle consumption. Culver City Middle School sells water bottles during lunch and events and it is a staple for all schools around the nation. Even though there is a controversy surrounding water bottles, there is something called going way too far. Culver City Middle must tolerate the use of plastic water bottles within campus grounds.

Culver City Middle School should allow its students to use plastic water bottles on campus grounds for many reasons. First of all, it states in the article that supports water bottles that “The consumption of water, whether from the bottle or tap, is a good thing and supports the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle”(“International Bottle Water”).

This is extremely important to America today where a healthy lifestyle is become less common. Obesity and other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease have become a common reality for so many American citizens. Carbonated drinks are known as the bad guys in the health world as they deprive the body of essential nutrients and it contains lots of sugar and calories where as bottled water is a much healthier and guilt-free drink.

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Another reason why there shouldn’t be a ban on water bottles in CCMS is that when there is a possible emergency in CCMS, most likely an earthquake, the water supply will become too contaminated to drink so then anyone who is hurt could use water bottles before it is too late for paramedics and help to arrive (“International Bottled Water”).

The bottled water could be a life saving source of hydration and sanitation in that scary scenario. Last of the many reasons there shouldn’t be a ban of water bottles at CCMS is that it would make the local economy dependent on water bottle sales falter (“International Bottled Water”).

Lots of grocery stores make a lot of money from water bottle sales and without that their profits would diminish and also their support for local schools as they are preventing their businesses from growing. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a ban on plastic water bottles at Culver City Middle School.

There should not be a ban of water bottles in Culver City Middle School because the reasons against it are not reasonable. First of all, in the article “Goodbye Bottled Water” it states that bottled water takes one thousand years to break down and they leak chemicals into the ground (“Goodbye Bottled Water”).

Even though water bottles may cause chemical contamination of the groundwater, most other trash also are made with chemicals equally or even worse than the chemicals found in plastic bottles, such as chemical cleaners. Also, landfills can find new ways using the technology today to help decrease chemical seepage.

Although landfills take up lots of space, water bottles can be crushed on recycled to very small sizes to where it takes very little space at all which will prevent the need to build more landfills. Also, another statement that supports the ban of water bottles is that plastic bottled water producers use upwards of 1.5 million barrels of oil a year to make the bottles (“Goodbye Bottled Water”).

Even though 1.5 million barrels of oil is a lot, the production of a lot of products in factories require a lot of oil even though they might be good for the environment, such as solar panels, as making them requires a lot of energy. Also, using oil can help the economies of countries which depend on their oil supply to run. These reasons clearly support the idea that there shouldn’t be a ban of plastic water bottles at Culver City Middle School.

Water bottles have stirred up a bit of controversy, but the facts show that the banning of water bottles at any school will clearly lead to larger consequences than if there isn’t a ban. Also, plastic water bottles are convenient where a lot of other alternatives require more time to prepare and are also less reliable.

The final point is that plastic water bottles are such a part of people’s daily lives that if they were going to stop using them, it would require a large lifestyle change. Water bottles help people live healthy, have a sustainable water source, and lastly work in a strong economy, Water bottles should not be banned at Culver City Middle School or at any other school in the United States of America.

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