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What Can I Do to Make This Country a Better Place to Live in?

As A National Discipline Awardee, What Can I Do To Make This Country A Better Place To Live In? Is our country still a better place to live in? If we will to analyze the situations now, there were many incidents that took place in our country. Our country suffers from addictions, poverty, corruption, injustices, murders, prostitutions, terrorism, environmental abuses and others. Amidst the perceived problems, we are still optimistic for our country.

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We still hope for the best.

I am very fortunate to be one of the nominees for the National Discipline Award. I am accepting the challenges to be a model for everyone, to be courageous and faithful to the teachings of God. I still believed that there is always sunshine after the rain. I want to be the bearers of truth and light to my fellow Louiseans. To make our country a better place to live in is hard for a teenager like me. But I can in my simple ways like encouraging my fellow youth to be cooperative, to be generous in sharing their talents, time and possessions.

I will also be responsible with my duties, being a good steward of God’s creation and I will inspire others to value education and encourage them to help their neighbors. I think and I truly believe that: “A journey of a thousand mile must begin with a single step. ” Let’s join hands to make our country a better place to live in. If everyone joins in a simple act, big wonders can happen! And more so, Philippines would be a better place to live in. Now, therefore, before we can change the world, it will begin first with our innermost being. Rachelle Marian B. Barrios

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