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Essays on North Korea

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Future of North Korea Economy: Politics over Economic Policy

Future of North Korea Economy: Politics Over Economic Policy The terms starvation, isolation, totalitarianism, and nuclear ambitions combined would remind most people the hermit kingdom in East Asia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and its Kim dynasty. After the demise of the aged dictator …

NationalismNorth KoreaPoliticsPropaganda
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US. Economic Sanctions on North Korea

U. S. sanctions North Korea economically for they believed that North Korea is a sponsor or supporter of international terrorism. Until now they are still practicing the Marxist-Leninist, a communism government. North Korea is seen as posing a threat to U. S. national security. The …

North Korea
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Political Culture Of North Korea

From an early date Korean political culture is characterised by isolationism and a strong desire to maintain the country’s independence (“Kim Il Sung”, para 2). Relationship with its neighbouring countries are poor and with the countries in the West, are almost equal to zero. Even …

CommunismNorth Korea
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North Korea and South Korea

In North Korea, a dictator rules the county and currently their dictator is Kim Jung l_JNI. Also, North Koreans government is very strict about people from other countries traveling to North Korea. Tourists are only allowed to enter the country if there is a guided …

ARTNorth Korea
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Up in Arms: Nuclear Weapons and North Korea

Nuclear weapons are not merely explosive devices that release an enormous amount of energy through the fusion or fission of atomic nuclei, but the issue of producing and researching it involves a more complex threat. Originally developed for use in World War II (1939-45), these …

North KoreaNuclear WeaponsWeapons
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Winter Sonata as the pioneer of Hanryu

I agree that Winter Sonata is the pioneer of Henrys. Like the article describes, Winter Sonata contain different elements which catch the eyeballs of middle aged women. The ‘pure love’ plots, the romantic and slow-paced scenes and the choice of actors blended and created a …

CultureInternetNorth Korea
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Human Rights in North Korea

Directorate-General for External Policies Policy Department Policy Briefing Human rights in North Korea Abstract The human rights record in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea) has been widely condemned by the international community, including by the EU and the European Parliament. …

HumanHuman RightsNorth Korea
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North Korea Research Paper

North Korea North Korea is a country that is ruled by a dictator and has a communist government. A communist government rules all the land and gives the same amount of money and supplies to all the people in the country. “Daily Necessities were obtained …

North Korea
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North Korea at the Winter Olympics

North Koreas ruler repeatedly exhibits repulsive violations of human rights. Just thinking that we participated in the 2018 winter Olympics with this country gives me the hebegeebes. Kim Jong Un, the ruler of this ruthless, repulsive, regime, shows little to know recognition of human rights. …

North Korea
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Japan: stopping Nuclear Proliferation

The question of Nuclear Proliferation must be qualified as to whether or not it depends on the proliferation of nuclear weapons or on the proliferation of nuclear energy facilities. In response to the first type of nuclear proliferation, which is the proliferation of nuclear weapons, …

International RelationsNorth KoreaPolitics
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Difference Between Korea and America

Recently Weston-McEwen High School has added a new foreign-exchange student. Her name is Soyeong Lee and she is 16 years of age with a birth date of April 7th who came from Yongin, Korea which is an urban area and has a similar climate to …

Human NatureNorth KoreaUnited States
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North Korea as a nuclear power

It is now known that North Korea, continuing on the path of defying the international community, became a nuclear nation, or is close to becoming one within a short period of time, depending on a variety of factors. The latest declaration of the North Korean …

North KoreaNuclear Power
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Exploring the Divided Country of Korea: Geography, Culture, and Society

Korea is divided country of eastern Asia. It occupies a peninsula, about 450 miles (725 km) in length, between the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. China and a tip of the Soviet Union border Korea on the north. The nearest Japanese islands are …

FoodNorth KoreaReligion
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In Need of Local Dialect Persons

Although the current Managers are fluent in Korean, it will be important to hire local dialect persons to add to our staff. This will ensure acceptance, communications, and also preventing miss spoken words that me be taken as offensive If not done with the proper …

North KoreaUnited States
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Differences among Korea, India, and China

Korea, China and India are the countries that have historical backgrounds that make each of them renowned all over the world. These countries have unique attributes that make them stand out to the whole world. Korea is a divided country of eastern Asia. It occupies a …

ChinaLanguageNorth Korea
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On North Korea’s refusal to give up its nukes

About whether or not North Korea’s nuclear arms program and development capabilities are substantial to be regarded as a threat. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it seems that the communist state has no plans of letting go of its arsenal, despite numerous …

North KoreaSecurity
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North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia. It constitutes the northern half of the Korean Peninsula and shares borders with China and Russia to the north, at the Yalu and Tumen rivers, and South Korea to the south at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

25.78 million (2020)




North Korean won


Supreme leader: Kim Jong-un

Premier: Kim Tok-hun


North Korea has a life expectancy of 71.69 years (as of 2016). The 2009 gender breakdown was 72.8 years life expectancy for females and 64.9 for males.

Literacy rate

Education in North Korea is universal and state-funded schooling by the government. The self-reported national literacy rate for citizens at age of 15 and older is 100 percent (approx.).

Points of interest

  • Paektu Mountain
  • Mount Kumgang
  • Juche Tower
  • Mansudae Hill Grand Monument
  • Kim Il Sung Square


Dictatorship, Juche, Socialist state, One-party state

Frequently asked questions

What is interesting about North Korea?
There are a number of things that make North Korea interesting. Perhaps the most obvious is the country's isolation from the rest of the world. North Korea is one of the most closed societies on earth, and its people have very little contact with the outside world. This isolation has led to a number of unique aspects of North Korean culture, such as the country's unique form of socialism and its unique approach to the arts.Another interesting thing about North Korea is its history. North Korea has a long and complex history, and its people have experienced a great deal of hardship. This history has shaped the country in interesting ways, and it is worth learning about.Finally, North Korea is an important country in the global political landscape. North Korea's nuclear program and its aggressive rhetoric have made it a major player on the world stage, and its actions have the potential to impact the entire world. This makes North Korea a very interesting country to follow.
What are the main issues in North Korea?
There are a number of main issues in North Korea. Firstly, there is the issue of the country's nuclear weapons program. North Korea is believed to have a number of nuclear weapons, and has been testing them in recent years. This has led to international concern, and has resulted in UN sanctions being placed on the country. Secondly, there is the issue of human rights in North Korea. The country has a very poor record on human rights, and many people have been imprisoned or killed for their political or religious beliefs. Finally, there is the issue of the country's economy. North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its citizens often suffer from food shortages and lack of access to basic services.
Does North Korea allow free speech?
No, North Korea does not allow free speech. The government strictly controls all media and information, and does not allow any dissenting opinions. Citizens are not allowed to access outside information sources, and are heavily censored. Any attempts at free speech are quickly shut down, and people can be arrested and imprisoned for speaking out against the government.
What is not allowed in North Korea?
- Freedom of speech- Freedom of assembly- Freedom of religion- Freedom of the pressThese are just a few of the many things that are not allowed in North Korea.

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