Essays on Capital

Essays on Capital

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Human Capital management is a vital component in any successful business (SOURCE).

ABSTRACT This is a study of the various approaches that can be implemented to improve staff performance and how these affect the employee’s motivation, and the organisation’s aims. Staff training, and the management of staff, remains a highly debated topic in the business market; different …

BusinessBusiness ManagementCapitalHumanManagementSuccessful Business
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The concept of capital market

1. Introduction The concept of capital market efficiency can be said to be a research topic that has bring a lot of arguments and suggestions on the field of finance as a course of study. As such, it would only be expected that the wider …

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Working Capital and Profitability: In Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction: The working capital management plays an important role, for success or failure of Firm in business because of its effect on firms’ profitability as well on liquidity. Working capital management is about the management of current assets and current liabilities, in such a way …

CapitalPharmaceutical IndustryWorking Capital
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The modern finance theory is based on the capital asset pricing model

Abstract As some anomalies are hardly explained by the traditional finance, the behaviour finance is introduced. It was first introduced by Kahneman and Tversky (1979), which they presented the prospect theory. In fact, investors’ behaviour often violates the expected utility theory, some of them trade …

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Constructing a Capital Budget

Introduction This paper outlines the practice of budget in two entirely different businesses and working capital in a manufacturing company. The first part of this paper describes how budget exercised in these two companies, which are one in a static condition and another in a …

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Using cultural capital theory to study racial inequality: A case study of Hays

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION In European society, resources, opportunities, and rewards continue to be allocated unevenly by race, and a substantial body of sociological research has endeavoured to explain these disparities. The current discourse on racial inequality is generally dominated by work located at the macro …

CapitalCase StudyCultureRacial InequalityTheories
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The Value of Accounting Disclosure in UK Capital Market

Abstract This study is focused on identifying the value of accounting disclosure in the UK capital market, citing the relationship between market capitalisation and money raised of 50 selected LSE-listed companies. The data of these companies are obtained from the database of the London Stock …

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Boeing Capital Corporation

Boeing is the principal producer of jetliners. They also handle even military gadgets and vehicles. Boeing also blueprints and produces electronic and security systems. They also serve different clients with missiles, and satellites. Another available service and product of the company includes launching vehicles and …

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An Indian Startup That Has Wooed Both Sequoia Capital And Founders Fund

In the startup world, if Sequoia Capital invests in a new venture, you’ll see raised eyebrows everywhere. Imagine the reaction when both Sequoia and the famous Founders Fund find a startup to invest in? This lucky startup is ClearTax who recently held its pre-Series A funding round where …

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SPSS analysis on modern portfolio theory-optimal portfolio strategies in today’s capital market

Abstract This paper provides information on specific ideas embedded in single index model/construction of optimal portfolios compared to the classic Markowitz model. Important arguments are presented regarding the validity of these two models. The researcher utilises SPSS analysis to demonstrate important research findings. This type …

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Venture Capital Funding Essay

The determinants of Venture Capital Funding: Performance of US Venture Capital Firms against European VCs Problem Statement: Over the last decade, many researchers have praised the influence of Venture Capital (VC) as a key driver of entrepreneurism, start-ups, innovation and economic growth (Da Rin et …

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What are some examples of consumer and capital goods?

Consumer goods vs capital goods are interconnected. Consumer goods include all those products which you can buy in the supermarket or any shop. It can be anything from milk to flowers. Capital goods include those tools, machinery, technical devices which are used for manufacturing consumer …

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Weighted Average Cost of Capital Argumentative Essay

Weighted average cost of capital is the company’s average cost of all its capital finances, which could include bank loans, equity, and debentures in relation to what each capital factor relate to the total capital. The WACC is any important factor /rate in making corporate …

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The Story Behind the Explosion of the ‘Startup Capital of the South’

A rapper, a broadcast company, a chamber of commerce, a downtown booster group, a credit union and one of the world’s best known tech companies. This unusual cast of characters is driving Durham, N.C.’s emergence as what CNBC now calls, “the startup capital of the South.”The …

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Venture Capital And Financing Innovation

The step took by the Art Marks for his diligence process for setting up a new venture company was enthusiastic, as the there were many hurdles like inexperienced and a new management, some problems about investments. But the Art Marks with his other two partners …

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