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My Country My Pride Nepal

“Mother and motherland are greater than heaven.” It is true statement. We are born in this country which is full of natural beauties. We are highly patriot. We love nation more than soul. country is like a heaven for me. My country name is Nepal. …

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The Marvelous Village of Ghale Gaon in Nepal: Culture, Natural Beauty, and Hospitality

The marvelous village of the Ghales lies in the west of Nepal. Ghale gaon, known for its culture , natural beauty and hospitality is an old village resided only by the Ghale tribe. The village is one of the famous places under domestic tourism. It …

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Multiculturalism in Nepal

Nepal is a country consisting of multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic society. The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) noted 59 distinct cultural groups as Janajati. (NEFIN: 2005). They are found in different ecological regions, 18 groups in the mountain, 23 groups in the Hill, 7 …

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Emerging Business Environment in Nepal

Thus, business environment in Nepal flourished after then. Summarizing this brief history, Nepal has evolved in lots of ways in term of business. Upon the exclusion of International relations, this country has emerged Its own line of traditional business since the medieval era. During the …

Business EnvironmentInfrastructureNepalRetail
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Himalayan Tourism in Nepal

Mountaineering It was mountaineering that first opened up Nepal to the outside world. Of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000 m, eight of them crown Nepal’s north, including the highest Mt. Everest. Not surprisingly, the fascination of scaling these physically demanding peaks draws crowds …

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Foreign Banks and Regulatory Framework in Nepal

Nepal being small country with small size of economy between two giant countries in term of size as well as in economy has great prospects for the establishment of foreign banks in order to promote of international trade and to welcome foreign investment. With the …

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Cyber Law: Its Implementation in Nepal

Research Proposal on A COMPARATIVE PROPOSAL FOR TRIAL BY JURY IN NEPALI LEGAL SYSTEM Submitted to BA/LLB Programme Nepal Law Campus Faculty of Law Tribhuvan University Submitted by SauravNath Pant BA/LLB, 3rd Year Roll No. 13 Section: A March 3, 2013 1. 1 Introduction I …

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American vs Nepalese Culture

The American and Nepalese culture have some similarities but many differences. The American culture is a Western and a diverse culture; whereas, the Nepalese culture is Eastern and less diverse. There is a public education system for everyone in the American culture, and the literacy …

American CultureNepalReligion
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Nepal Tourism

Nepal is a tourist destination with first-rate .Nepal is a tourist vacation spot with incredible tourism potentials. Pokhara is one in every of the best potential locations in Nepal. The centrally located role of Pokhara on the map of Nepal is strategically supportive to the …

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Non Communicable Diseases In Nepal Health And Social Care Essay

The magnitude of NCDs is still unknown in Nepal. The ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal has non yet formulated policy sing NCDs in the absence of grounds based determination. The survey aims to happen out the magnitude of the job of NCDs …

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The New Nepal: Path to Development and Success

Republic country on 1 5th Jested, 2065 B. S. After the mass movement II, the autocratic monarchy has been removed from Nepal. The new concept of new Nepal is to divide the country into different autonomous states with their own power and to be controlled …

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Nepalese Migration to Japan

Nepal is landlocked between India and China, situated between the Himalayas. With no industrialization worth the name, its mainstay is agriculture. Its major export is labor; most of the rural households have one family member abroad and expect the inward remittances from them month after …

Essay ExamplesImmigrationNepal
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Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is mainly situated in the Himalayas, but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, bordering ...

29.14 million (2020)




Nepalese rupee


Bidhya Devi Bhandari

Official language






Nepal is topographically divided into three regions: the Himalaya to the north, the middle hills consisting of the Mahabharat range and the Churia Hills, and the Terai to the south. The Himalaya and its foothills make up the northern border of the country and represent 16% of the total land area.

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Frequently asked questions

What is your country Nepal?
Nepal is a country in South Asia. It is located in the Himalayas and bordered by China and India. Nepal is a landlocked country with an area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq mi). Nepal has a population of approximately 26.4 million. Nepali is the official language of Nepal. Nepal is a multicultural and multiethnic country with Nepali as the dominant language. The name Nepal" is first recorded in texts from the Vedic period of the Indian subcontinent, the era in ancient India when Hinduism was founded, the era in which the Vedas were composed. In the middle of the first millennium BCE, Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in Lumbini in southern Nepal."
What is Nepal known for?
Nepal is known for a few things. The first is that it is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The second is that it is home to eight out of ten of the world's tallest mountains, including Mount Everest. Nepal is also known for its rich culture and traditions, as well as its beautiful scenery.
What is the introduction of Nepal?
Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia located between India to the south and east, and China to the north. Nepal is home to some of the world’s tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, as well as dense jungle, wildlife, and rivers. The Nepalese people are of various ethnic groups and speak a variety of languages. Nepal has a rich history and culture, and is a popular destination for trekking and mountaineering.
How do you write a country essay?
1. Choose a specific country to focus on. This will make your essay more manageable and allow you to go into more depth on the chosen country.2. Research the country thoroughly. This will give you a better understanding of its history, culture, and current affairs, which will all be helpful in writing your essay.3. Develop a thesis statement. This will be the main argument or point that you are trying to make in your essay.4. Organize your essay around your thesis statement. This will help to keep your essay focused and on track.5. Use evidence from your research to support your points. This will make your essay more convincing and persuasive.6. Conclude your essay by reiterating your thesis statement and main points. This will leave the reader with a strong understanding of your argument.

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