Essays on Arabic

Essays on Arabic

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Communication between countries

Communication between countries has become one of the most important things for country leaders to consider. However, some people think that regular communication can lead to a mixture of culture that may cause culture collapse. Actually, communication between countries cannot be avoided in modern society. …

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Language Variation and Change in Sultanate of Oman

Arabic, the sixth largest spoken language in the world, which consists of 186,000,000 speakers around the globe and being the central language of the Middle East, is one of the most significant languages in this century. Sultanate of Oman which is an Arab nation and …

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Language and Intimacy

Kanye East 03/15/2013 English Language and Intimacy Language defines the type of person we are. It has an affect on our choices as well as our lifestyle. Depending on friends, family, and others we talk to, our choice on language tends to vary. Our decisions …

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Translation: Communication of Two Cultures

We found it is feasible to start talking about the theoretical part of our paper by casting some definitions to important aspects. Language, cul There are many definitions of culture in relation to the process of translation. One of the oldest and widely-accepted definitions of …

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Jordan-Based Startup Kharabeesh Gets A US$5 Million Boost To Grow Arabic Web Content

Jordan-based media platform which aims to redefine Arabic web content with its youth-targeted “edgy and innovative” video shows, has raised US$5 million in an investment round led by Wamda Capital, with participation from Dash Ventures and Endeavor Catalyst. With around 82 million monthly views in …

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Design Denizens: Abjad Design’s Duo Learn As They Earn

Walking into Abjad Design’s office, the one thing I noticed right away is that the people behind this enterprise loved their work- this was evident from all the illustrations, print-outs and posters of their branding, logo and design projects that were scattered across the walls …

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Dubai’s Work And Cultural Environment

Dubai has already emerged as a leading regional commercial hub offering world class infrastructure and a business environment second-to-none. But barriers for an easily successful work assignment in the UAE, particularly Dubai consist of a number of factors that make people exchanges more complicated—differences in …

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Example of Criticising a Translation

The source language text (SLT) is a journalistic news report. It attempts to inform the reader about a certain event. On the other hand, The target language text (TLT) is weak, and it’s obvious that the translating process has been done using a translation machine …

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Morocco-Based Aliphia Platform Offers Accounting Software In Arabic For MENA SMEs

Managing finances, invoicing for products or services provided, and other financial tasks may not be alluring aspects of starting a business, but they are undoubtedly key requirements for running and scaling it. While established companies or even startups with deep pockets have the luxury to …

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The Development of Arabic Scripts

1. Pre – Islamic Era Arabic script is probably one of the oldest in the world, having been widely spread across cultures as this was the language used to spread Islam in major territories. Its influence can be seen in various languages which adopted Arabic …

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Language and linguistic knowledge

Morocco’s geographical location as a bridge between Europe and Africa, and as a home for Arab, Amazing, Andalusia, African and Jewish cultures, make of the country a place of considerable linguistic diversity. In this article, this diversity will be approached from a personal perspective, unsparingly …

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Internet Influence on Youth in Egypt and the Arab World

? Internet influence on youth in Egypt and the Arab world The Executive Summary The internet is considered as one of the most important and the fastest access to information, and for knowing the latest evolutions in different fields; with a relatively low expense, by …

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Speaking And Pronunciation Syllabus Education Essay

Syllabus design is an built-in portion of English linguistic communication instruction and as instructors seek develop linguistic communication proficiency in 2nd linguistic communication scholars they are expected to make constructions of larning which will enable the accomplishment of this enterprise. As such, this essay provides …

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The How-To: Marketing Your Mobile Game To The MENA Region

When talking about games, there is no doubt that the Middle East has been one of the biggest markets for the same. When gaming consoles were first introduced into the region, they were instant hits, especially the Sony PlayStation 3, which had more than 60% …

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Education Essays – Egypt Education System

Egypt education system The extension of the free compulsory instruction jurisprudence in 1981 was one of the grounds to unite the Preparatory Stage, both Primary and Preparatory stages ( Ages 6 through 14 ) together under the label Basic Education, as instruction beyond this phase …

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Pages 9
Western Borrowed Muslim

The Muslims have been a part of the American History ever since the Pre-Columbian times. The Early explorers used maps that were made by Muslims. At the time, the Muslims had advance Geographical and Navigational information. Also, aside from this, during the time when African …

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What Is Idiom?

What is idiom? According to Oxford Dictionary idiom can be defined as “group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words”. In another word, the meaning of idioms cannot be figured out from its shown words. …

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Nick Names Formation in Lendang Nangka Sasak Menu-Mene Varity and Arabic Languages

NICK NAMES FORMATION IN LENDANG NANGKA SASAK MENU-MENE VARITY AND ARABIC LANGUAGES A Research Writting An NT Language and Culture Final Assignment Lecturer : Dr. Kamaludin Yusra By Samsul Bahri/12J012060/A ENGLISH EDUCATION GRADUATE PROGRAM MATARAM UNIVERSITY 2013 Acknowledgement I would like to express my gratefull …

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Arabic language, Semitic language spoken in a large area including North Africa, most of the Arabian Peninsula, and other parts of the Middle East. (See also Afro-Asiatic languages.)


What is special about Arabic?
One of the best things about Arabic language is the way that all words start with a consonant. The vowels follow. This is in contrast to English words which often have two consonants, and sometimes even silent letters. Arabic alphabet contains 28 letters.

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