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Japan is ranked as the 1 lath country that compare to the world to have one of the largest population with over 127 million people. Japan's capital Tokyo is one of the largest population cities in the world (The World Fastback 2015). Japan preserved cabana, calligraphy and tea ceremony as their representative traditional cultures. Travel in Japan is convenient due to their advanced infrastructures which include trains, buses, taxis, ferries and light rail. Japan's major cities are connected by high-speed Shakiness trains and it is known for their 'bullet train'-a modern rail transit sign of Japan (Japan National Tourism Organization 2015).

Mouthing (2000) stated that motivation is a state of need or a condition that moves a person toward some kind of acts which it is perceived that will bring fulfillment. When motivation applies to tourism, it means what reason that moves people undergo traveling. Tourist motivation have been put into two dimensions which are 'pull' and 'push' factors and the concept is people travel because they are pushed by their internal forces and pulled by the destination attributes' external forces (Ref 2010).

Richardson and Flukier stated that push factors are the forces that excite the demand for tourism activities by pushing people away from their usual place. Pull factors are the forces that emerge as a result of a destination's attractiveness that perceived by the tourists (Bologna & Usual 1996). 2. 0 Defining Socio-psychological Motivations Pull factors are cultural motivations and push factors are socio-psychological motivations (Crampon 1979). There are ten socio-psychological motivations that explained the desire of tourists to go on a vacation and these motivations have been identified by Ryan (1991) which are: 1.

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Escape - A wish for getting away from perceived environment and life that lack of interest or excitement. 2. Relaxation - A wish for recuperation and refreshment. . Play - travel for indulge in activities related with childhood. 4. Strengthening family bonds - traveling with family can improve family relationship. Working parents can also spend time with their children during holidays. 5. Prestige - The selection of destination for holiday is a declaration of lifestyle and it can be seen in terms of increase the social status. 6. Social interaction - Some people seem holidays as an essential social forum.

They meet like-minded people with common interests in different destinations. Some of the holidays are designed for people that they are alone and helped them to become part of a group. 7. Romance -? The powerful influence in selecting a destination is the chance of meeting people for the purpose of romantic encounters which are free from the home's limitations. 8. Educational Opportunity - To learn something new is the phenomenon of tourism. Traveling gives people opportunity to learn about other people and places, to understand other viewpoints and cultures and to see new sights. 9.

Self-fulfillment - Sometimes people will change their perspective and life after they return from their holiday. The journey has been as much self-discovery as discovery of the new people and place. 10. Wish-fulfillment - Holidays can life tourists' dreams which the dream may have maintained a long period of saving. 3. 0 Examples on how Socio-Psychological Motivations can be satisfied in Japan 3. 1 Socio-psychological Motivation : Escape - how can it be satisfied Escape from a routine environment and life that lack of interest or excitement is the main reason that motivates most of the people go travel.

The mundane environment that people wants to escape may include the school, work or daily chores that full of stress and the environment which associated with pressure. According to Richardson & Flukier (2008), indulgent tourism is a arm of tourism which caters for the people who wants to escape and get away from it all. It is categorized by a search for name brands, luxury and glamour. It provides theme parks, casinos, themed hotels and glamour resorts. Nowadays, modern cruises are a technological marvel and it provides a highly alternative and variable form of holidays to tourists (Quaternion and Peter, 2003).

Cruise itineraries is the most suitable to satisfy escape motivation as it provides a total escape, safe transportation to the destination, innovation on-board features, luxurious pampering service and Vegas style entertainment. The most common reasons that people select a cruise holiday are to be entertained and to be looked after in luxury (Cartridge and Braid 1999). Cruises can compete with land based theme parks, hotels and resorts as the size of cruises are become larger and it is able to support many activities such as gym, swimming pool, theatre, spa, golf course and casino (Weaver 2005).

Canard's Queen Elizabeth is one of the famous cruise voyage providers and it consists of many on-board activities that built for pleasure ranging from fitness, spa, shopping, leisure, relaxation and galleries. Queen Elizabeth let tourists experience apart from other cruises y organizing dazzling affairs as Buccaneer Ball or Royal Ascot Ball in a setting as stunning as the Queens Ballroom (Canard Line 2015). 3. 1. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 2 Socio-psychological Motivation #2: Relaxation - how can it be satisfied?

Relaxation motivation is travel for recuperation and refreshment and it is related to escape motivation. It can be satisfied by choosing a destination that is contrary to the community or environment in which the people are living. Tourists may want to relax and run away from city-like environment which surrounded by technologies and buildings, congestion and noise from icicles and back-to-back meetings. Check-in at a hotel hot-spring is a typical way to relax when traveling to Japan. Takeaway Noun is one of the famous hot-spring hotels that located in Gift.

It features Tamil woven-straw flooring throughout and rooms with traditional Japanese designs. Takeaway Noun awarded Trepidation's Certificate of Excellence in 2014. The hotel provides a hearty homemade breakfast buffet, coos family baths and an open-air natural hot-spring bath in their rooftop. Visitors can enjoy the mountain views by using one of the family baths or unwind at the large public bath which consists of a sauna. The hotel's on-site beauty salon also provides the rejuvenating messages for visitors to relax from their stressful life (Lonely Planet 2015).

The tourists' relaxation motivation can definitely be satisfied by experiencing the relaxing hot-spring service which provided by Takeaway Noun. 32. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 3 Socio-psychological Motivation #3: Play -? how can it be satisfied? Having fun and indulge in activities that related with childhood can satisfied tourists' play motivation (Ryan 1 991 Tourists visit theme parks that can fulfill their wish and satisfy their play motivation as tourists can having fun and turn into their carefree State of childhood when visiting theme parks.

The purpose of theme parks is to entertain the visitors by conducting the attractions, stunts, animal shows, rides and these are the enjoyment of lot of people. According to Smith 201 2, theme parks are catered for children and adults that who want to return into their carefree state of childhood. The typical way to play when traveling to Japan is to visit the Tokyo Disneyland which is one of the top three most visited theme parks in the world and it is symbolized by the Cinderella Castle in its centerpiece. The park is divided onto seven themed lands and features seasonal parades and decorations.

Tokyo Disneyland provides Splash Mountain, the ride that goes through 16 meter high water fall and 45 degree dive over it. Pooch's Hunky Hunt, the pots that ride the wind and bounce around. Tourist can see the gorgeous parades during daytime and night-time (Tokyo Disney Resort 2015). 3. 3. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 4 Socio-Psychological Motivation #4: Strengthening Family Bonds - how can it be satisfied? Home is where the heart is, families are the one who never leave you away (Branch 2012). Accompany and caring are the greatest gifts that parents give o their children as they grow into adults (Comfort Keepers 2014).

The connection between parents and children is essential as children may face hard times such as sex, dating and some identity issues when they grow into adults and these issues will influence them to push their parents away. Thus, spending time to develop and maintain positive relationship with children is necessary and it will bring benefits through a strong relationship (Jumpier 2000). There is a good way on strengthening family bonds by visiting Mother Farm which is a popular destination located in the Kane-azans mountaintop. The Mother Farm has many facilities such as fields, animal farm and orchards.

In Mother Farm, families can having fun with the animals include rabbits, sheep, ostriches, camels, ducks, cattle and pigs. It allows visitors to experience cow milking, Guiana pig and rabbit hugging, strawberry' and blueberry picking, ice-cream making and horse riding. Families can also participate the shows such as piggy race, Groomed sheep show and duck's parade. The farm has an amusement park and a nature observation park that allows visitors to see the seasonal flowers and experience the natural environment (Mother Farm 201 5) 3. 4. Commercial Example from Internet 3. 5 Socio-psychological Motivation prestige - how can it be satisfied?

According to Examination (2008), having a social status is better than having a lot of money. The reason that people pursue prestige is to enhance their social status which is defined as the individual's position in the social hierarchy. Henries and White (2001 ) stated that social status can be result from the relative capability of a person to confer benefits on others and it includes the mate value, coordinative relationship, knowledge and also material goods. The typical way to satisfied prestige motivation when revealing to Japan is to visit the Sharing which is a luxury accommodation in Majority.

Majority is the main island of the Mimosa group and it has excellent beaches with long fingers of land point out into the sea. It surrounded by the exotic birds' songs and the clean wind which will enriched visitors' body and mind. The average price rate Of Sharing resort is RAMMER per night. The beautiful coral reefs, white beach and the blue sea spreading out like a private beach and it embraced the environment Beside the environment, Sharing is also renowned for their luxury facilities such as golf ours and hot spring. Their environment and facilities can definitely satisfy the tourists' prestige motivation. . 5. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 6 Socio-psychological Motivation #6: Social Interaction - how can it be satisfied? Some people seem holidays as an essential social forum. Seeking social relationships and companionship is the purpose of motivate them to travel (Ryan & Gleeson 1998). They meet like-minded people with common interests by exploring the surroundings and countries. By traveling with the like-minded people, tourists are able to satisfy their social interaction titivation. Skiing is a common reason that motives people to travel in Japan.

The mountain that blanked with deep snow making Japan becomes one of the best skiing grounds in the world. Noises is the most popular ski area in Japan and it located in Hookah. It consists of three main ski areas with world class treks which are Noises Inupiat, Noises Village and Noises Grand Hiram and these areas gain momentum on the world stage. Ski lovers from all over the world come to Noises to enjoy the vast Ski Slopes with Powder Snow, extreme winter sports, compete and share the knowledge with each other's. Ski lessons are providing for every ski beginners and professionals. . 6. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 7 Socio-Psychological Motivation #7: Romance - how can it be satisfied? Romance motivates some of the people travel for honeymoon in order to spice up the relationship with their lover. Traveling to a special and memorable place allows partners spending time together. Their relationship will improve through discussing the itineraries and exchanging their own opinions. The typical way to satisfied romance motivation when traveling to Japan is to visit the Tokyo Tower which is the major sightseeing spot and humbly of Tokyo.

The special observatory at 250 meters and the main observatory at 1 50 meters enable visitors to experience a 360-degree Toss's panoramic view. Visitors can enjoy romantic time in the observation cafe at night by dazzling night view and drinking tea. Visitors can also see the Tokyo Tower's illumination that begins at sunset with their lover (Japan National Tourism Organization 2015). 37. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 8 Socio-Psychological Motivation #8: Educational Opportunity - how can it be satisfied? To learn something new is the phenomenon of tourism.

Traveling gives people opportunity to learn about other people and places, to understand other viewpoints and cultures and to see new sights. The typical way to satisfied educational opportunity motivation when traveling to Japan is to visit the Goon Corner which is a unique theatre that located in Kyoto. It presents seven Soot's traditional performing arts in one hour show which are Tea ceremony, Cabana, Kenyon classical comedy, Gaga Imperial Court music, Kyoto and Kombi dance. It is popular among foreign tourists as the performances' explanations are provided in English and Japanese (Kodak 2013).

Visitors can learn new things and understand the Soot's traditional cultural after watching the show. 3. 8. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 9 Socio-psychological Motivation #9: Self-Fulfillment - how can it be The progression of being more of who you already are is a result of self- fulfillment (Hartley & Harrison 2009). People have different dreams and goals that they want to achieve in their life and it is mostly developed when they are young. For Example, some of them want to be a singer, teacher and some of them want to be an athlete.

When traveling to Japan, people who take martial arts as part of their life can visit the Tokyo Bedouin which is a genuine arena for martial arts. There are many Bedouin buildings in Japan as traditionally Bedouin is an arena for martial arts. Tokyo Bedouin is served as a palace that helps to spread and continue the time-honored Japanese traditional of martial arts. It IS a training facility for martial artists and always used for martial Tournaments. Visitors can look around the arena and see people practicing different types of martial arts include Judo, Kiddo, Keno and Karate.

It is a must place to visit in order to understand the arts and satisfied the self-fulfillment motivation. . 9-1 Commercial Example from Internet 3. 10 Socio-psychological Motivation #10: Wish Fulfillment -? how can it be One of the most difficult motivations for people to satisfy is wish-fulfillment. Holidays can fulfill tourists' dreams which the dream may have maintained a long period of saving as the destination may be costly to travel. Southern islands of Japan have become a top choice for people who seek to expand their horizons while tropical locales tend to attract aficionados and novices alike.

Most of the people seem Okinawa as a dream place to visit when traveling to Japan. Okinawa keeps attracting divers from all over the world u to its variety of sea animals, landscapes and coral reefs. It is an only place in Japan that can allow diving all year around. Okinawa extraordinary reefs consist of thousands of reef fish, a variety of unique Underbracing and different kind of sea animals. Visitors can diving and experiencing the beautiful underwater world. Okinawa also offers seasonal specials which include Introit and Night Diver (Reef Encounter 2015). . 10. 1 Commercial Example from Internet 4. 0 Conclusion In conclusion, Japan is one of the most popular countries in Asia and it can satisfy the tourists' ten socio-psychological motivations with its different attractions and tours. However, play motivation can be satisfied easily in Japan but one of the most difficult motivations to satisfy in Japan and also other countries is prestige motivations. People have different requirement for destination and Japan should improve the prestige motivation factor in order to attract more tourists.

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