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Differences Between Austria and India

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My chosen countries are India and Austria. In this paper I will try to find the similar and dissimilar things of these countries. These two countries are very different. Austria is located in Europe, when India’s location is Asia. First of all I would like to present Austria’s and India’s nature. Austria is terrestrial land. This country has no access to the sea but with India everything is in different way. India has access not to the sea, but to the ocean. These two countries have one similar thing – the mountains.

In Austria the mountains are called Alps and in India – Himalays. The climate in Austria is continental, the same as in other countries of Europe. In this country there are four seasons in the year. India’s climate is tropical, and it has only three seasons per year. Austria’s landscape is full of hills, woods and rivers. India’s landscape contains of deserts, jungles and flatlands. So here we can see big differences between my chosen countries. Secondly I would like to present the culture of these countries.

Austria is famous by compositors, writers and painters which are known in whole world. In this country there are many theaters, cinemas, shopping centers, museums, galleries and other cultural objects. People in Austria are very businesslike. Many of them most time in the week wears formal clothes. Most of the Austria's population is registered as Roman Catholic by religion. India is very religious country. Everything in India is based on religion. Indian people are very hospitable. Even if they don’t have anything to eat, their guests will never be left hungry.

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The respect for elders is a major fact in Indian culture. The traditional dress of India is called sari. This dress can be worn by all local festivals. India's diversity is visible in its languages, religions, dance, music, architecture and customs. By the culture India and Austria are very dissimilar, because their history and all traditions came from different ancestries. The third comparisons object is food. Austrian cooking is one of the most varied in Europe and includes German, Hungarian, Czech, and northern Italian dishes.

A typical breakfast is coffee or milk with bread and butter or jam. Also they usually eat sausage served with mustard on a hard roll. Lunch is usually the main meal of the day and consists of soup and a main course of meat-sausage, chicken, beef, pork or fish. The best known traditional Austrian foods include Wiener Schnitzel and various elaborate cakes. Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. Every single spice used in Indian dishes has purpose not for the taste but also in medicine range.

All Indian food is dealt to four categories: East Indian, West Indian, South Indian and North Indian. Indians are always using rice, vegetables, garlic, milk and lots of spices in food preparation. It is not common for Indians to keep leftover food, if it is bought or made in one day it is consumed that same day. In Austria many people make food for at least two days, because they are to busy to make it everyday. Austria and India are very different; including climate, culture and food they have nothing in common.

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Differences Between Austria and India essay

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