Essays on Chicago

Essays on Chicago

This page contains a huge base of essay examples to write your own. Chicago essay is one of the most common types given as an assignment to students of different levels. At first glance, writing essay on Chicago can seem like a challenging task. But we've collected for you some of the most skilfully written to provide you with the best examples you can find online.

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Carl Sandburg’s Chicago

The poem Chicago by Carl Sandburg is a depiction of how the city really looks like. It is a picture not just of an imaginary location but a total imagery of how everyday Chicago is. There is an attempt to elucidate in the reader’s mind …

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Pages 4
A Character Analysis of the Book “A Painted House”

How do unpleasant realities of life are presented and experienced by a seven-year-old boy? As the child travels from being an innocent into becoming an experienced person, both the good and bad facets of life will eventually shape his emotions, perspectives and dealings with other …

CharacterCharacter AnalysisChicago
Words 46
Pages 1
Analysis of Labor and Capital Tensions in Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City

The “devil” of Erik Larson’s gripping The Devil in the White City is not just the murderer Henry J. Holmes, who serves as the terrifying counterpoint to architect Daniel Hudson Burnham’s efforts to conceive and construct the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Instead, Larson explores many …

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Chicago Gangs and History

This paper deals with gang violence in the city of Chicago since the beginning of time. It takes a deep look into the history of Chicago gangs and how they interact today. Also the past problems the City of Chicago made when dealing with gangs …

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Pages 4
Chicago Gun Violence

Chicago has earned a lot of negative attention in recent years earning the infamous nickname “Chairs” due to the high rate of gun violence. In 2014, thus far it has been 1,775 reported shootings in Chicago In which 252 were fatal. That is extremely high …

AggressionChicagoCrimeGun ViolenceMurderViolence
Words 566
Pages 3
Chicago public schools

Although the ex president George Bush said popular quote” No child left behind”, hat is happening in the Chicago Public schools is exactly the opposite. Even if every kid is given the opportunity to go to school some are being given a better education. This …

ChicagoMurderPovertyPublic SchoolsTeacher
Words 1753
Pages 7
Organizational Design Strategy of the Chicago Park District

It was in spring of 1993 that Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley offered former chief-of-staff Forrest Claypool the job of becoming General Superintendent for a city park that became a powerful organization in the history of Chicago. About 8. 6 million people lived within the district, …

Words 2353
Pages 9
Study On The Urban City History Essay

From a critical observation, the American metropoliss since the 1950 ‘s to day of the month has gone through a figure of cardinal alterations in countries like industrialisation, authorities, instruction and many others. This paper focuses on the development of the great American metropoliss from …

Words 2313
Pages 9
Big apple or beantown? More and more cities are competing for Silicon Valley’s crown

Silicon Valley remains the undisputed capital of the world for startups and has been since 1939 when Stanford alumni David Packard and Willian Hewlett established a little electronics company in a Palo Alto garage. That iconic event is considered by many to have been the …

Words 1185
Pages 5
Watch This Endearing Mentorship Moment from the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Win

Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, it’s easy to relate to this dugout exchange between two Chicago Cubs players — 27-year-old first baseman Anthony Rizzo and 39-year-old catcher David Ross — during the tense final game of the World Series matchup between the Cubs …

Words 312
Pages 2
Steinberg V the Chicago Medical School

Steinberg v The Chicago Medical School Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, Third Division. Mejda, P. J. , and McGloon, J DEMPSEY, Justice: In December 1973 the plaintiff, Robert Steinberg, applied for admission to the defendant, the Chicago Medical School, as a first-year student for …

Words 3076
Pages 12
A visit to the art institute of chicago museum

On South Michigan Avenue, stands the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. One of the first things that I noticed and one problem that I encountered is that The Art Institute of Chicago does not have its own parking lot. Good thing there are public garages …

ARTArt MuseumChicagoVisit A Museum
Words 578
Pages 3
Chicago’s history

1. History 1. 1. First settlers During the mid. 8th century the area was inhabited by a native American tribe known as the Potawatomis, who had taken the place of the Miami and Sauk and Fox peoples. The first permanent settler in Chicago, Haitian Jean …

Words 6291
Pages 23
Comparisons from Chicago and Corporate America

Sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh has managed to uncover and expose the clandestine labor of an urban ghetto in south Chicago, but more importantly he relates the illegal brokering business of this community to the economic and social procedures at any work place. Just like Venkatesh, I …

Words 963
Pages 4
Chicago’s Southeast Side: Steel Brings Tragedy and Triumph

The development of several industries and mills on Chicago’s far Southeast side evolved this part of the city from low to middle, working class. Chicago’s geographical features made it the ideal location for the development of the industries. However, although these major economic trade centers …

Words 2164
Pages 8
Letting Go of Old Friends…

Village of Schaumburg Sex, Age, and Employment Demographics The village of Schaumburg is a large village located in Cook County in Northeastern Illinois. The village is a northwestern suburb of Chicago and is part of the Golden Corridor. Schaumburg has the reputation of being the model …

Words 506
Pages 2
The Difference in Living in the South

Introduction with Thesis Statement This paper will be discussing the differences in living in the South, and in the North. The two places that will be compared are Chicago Illinois, and Clarksville Tennessee. It will also tell how the two places are alike and different. …

Words 1100
Pages 4
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Chicago, on Lake Michigan in Illinois, is among the largest cities in the U.S. Famed for its bold architecture, it has a skyline punctuated by skyscrapers such as the iconic John Hancock Center, 1,451-ft. Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. The city is also renowned for its museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago with its noted Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works. ― Google

2.71 million (2019)


Major Airports: Airport; Midway Airport; Rockford Airport

Area codes: 312, 773, and 872

Flowers: the chrysanthemum

Mayor: Lori Lightfoot

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The best way to write a Chicago essay will vary depending on the requirements of the assignment and the specific preferences of your instructor. However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your essay is successful.Before you begin writing, take some time to familiarize yourself with the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the standard guide for academic writing in this style. Once you have a good understanding of the basic rules and conventions, you can begin planning and drafting your essay.Start by creating an outline of your main points and the evidence you will use to support them. This will help you stay on track as you write and ensure that your essay is well-organized. When you are ready to start writing, begin with a strong introduction that will grab the reader's attention and give them an overview of your argument.Be sure to support your points with evidence from scholarly sources, and be sure to cite these sources using the correct formatting style. In the body of your essay, present your points in a clear and logical order, using transitions to help the reader follow your argument.Conclude your essay with a strong conclusion that summarizes your main points and leaves the reader with a clear understanding of your argument. Again, be sure to use proper citations for any sources you used. Following these guidelines will help you write a successful Chicago-style essay.
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There are many different ways to approach writing an essay on Chicago. However, some tips on how to start a Chicago essay may include introducing the city's history, discussing its unique architecture and cultural scene, or explaining why it is an important hub for business and industry. Whichever angle you choose to take, be sure to back up your claims with evidence and reasoning, and to structure your essay in a clear and organized manner.
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