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How to Reduce Accident on Our Road?

Time to time, half a million of Malaysians died because of road accidents. Malaysia is the country that has the highest accident rate in the world. The rise in the number of road accidents is indeed worrying. Even the road safety campaigns aimed at reducing …

AccidentMalaysiaRoadRoad AccidentsTraffic
Words 589
Pages 3
Advantage and Disadvantage of Living Abroad

Up to now there are more people living abroad. Some people live abroad to travel study or work. Living abroad has many advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is easy to learn another language. This means if you are living abroad, you can learn another …

Words 263
Pages 2
The Force of Circumstance

Brief summary Guy, an administrator of a small British colonial outpost, has lived there for ten years. When he was on holiday in England he met Doris. They married and she returned to the station with him. At first they are very happy but then …

ColonialismEssay ExamplesMalaysiaMarriage
Words 1392
Pages 6
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AirAsia Berhad: SWOT analysis

Strengths Low cost operations AirAsia Berhad is the first airline company that offered a low cost flight in Asian market. By operating the low cost principle, AirAsia Berhad aim to maximize their sales and minimize their operating cost. Based on their slogan “Now Everyone Can …

AirasiaAviationMalaysiaSwot Analysis
Words 1054
Pages 5
Causes of Road Accidents in Malaysia Essay

Time to time, half a million of Malaysians died because of road accidents and the highest cases of road accidents are caused by the drivers’ behaviour, equipment failure and the road conditions and infrastructure. Because of the road accidents many people have lose their family …

MalaysiaRoadRoad Accidents
Words 1681
Pages 7
Unwritten Law in Malaysia

Unwritten laws are laws that are not enacted and not found in any constitution. It comprises of English law (Common Law and Equity), judicial decisions and customs. Common-Law is a major part of many States, especially Commonwealth countries. It is mainly made up of non …

Words 1975
Pages 8
Business Analysis: SWOT of Malaysia Airline MAS

SWOT of Malaysia Airline (MAS) Strengths Government Support MAS as a carrier of national airline plays an important role in representing Malaysia’s reputation. In fact, government has their responsibilities to protect MAS from financial distress and get rid of any difficulties. According to restructure plan …

AirlinesBusiness AnalysisMalaysia
Words 1469
Pages 6
Business Analysis of Syarikat Faiza Sdn. Bhd. Company

PERSONAL DETAILS Puan Hjh. Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad AGE : 69 years old STATE : Mesir EDUCATION : Diploma of Sewing NAME OF COMPANY : Faiza Sdn Bhd POSITION : Manager Director BUSINESS ACTIVITY: Retailing of Food Items ACHIEVEMENT: Operating from SME Bank’s Kompleks Kilang …

Case StudyMalaysia
Words 1528
Pages 7
The Story about Datuk Lee Chong Wei Malaysian Badminton Player

Badminton is not a sport that everyone can play and master it. To become the best player out of all, you need to sacrifice a lot of things in your life. While everyone is dreaming to become one, this guy is living the dream. The …

Words 490
Pages 2
Mamma Mia Paper

The film Mamma Mia! (Lloyd, 2008) is based on the extremely popular and successful Broadway musical which opened in 1999 in London. Since then, this Broadway production has become a global phenomenon which has entertained countless audiences, and still holds on strong as one of …

Words 2225
Pages 9
Case Study: Airasia’s Strategic Management

AirAsia was launched in 2002 by Tony Fernandes, at the time a pioneer of low-cost flights in Asia. At first, the company operated three Boeing 737s. In 2004, after a very successful public offering, AirAsia was listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange and from there …

AirasiaAirlinesAviationMalaysiaStrategic Management
Words 2976
Pages 12
Challenges of the 21st Century and Pakistan

CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY AND PAKISTAN Dancing around the fire is not the solution to any problem. One should try to see beneath the surface in order to grasp an idea about the basic issue. Despite a stream of stung words and announcements made …

21st CenturyChallengesChinaIndiaMalaysiaPakistanTrade
Words 1460
Pages 6
Disadvantages of Foreign Workers in Malaysia

Malaysia has long prided itself as a model of ethnic harmony. There are about 21 million (July 1997) people in Malaysia from diverse races. It can be said that in diversity there is unity because in Malaysia all the races work and live together. The …

Words 416
Pages 2
Festival Season in Malaysia

Festival Season in Malaysia Malaysia is one of the countries in the world which have multi-racial. Although Malaysia has the most races of citizens in the universe, the Malaysia’s residents can live together peacefully. The ethnics of citizens in Malaysia are Malayan (Muslims), Chinese, Indian …

Words 470
Pages 2
Issues and Challenges of Logistics in Malaysia: a Perspective

In the Asia Pacific region, the potential for growth in logistics is very promising. Although Malaysia’s economic growth rate is increasing, but advances in logistical in this country is still on modest level. Under the Third Industrial Master Plan (IMP3), which was launched in 2006, …

Words 927
Pages 4
Mas Strategic Analysis

Firstly, the report begins with an external analysis of the SEA airline environment highlighting significant opportunities and threats. The most notable opportunity is an increased demand for low cost travel in SEA, while the growing market share of LCC AirAsia is an emerging and significant …

BrandCompetitive AdvantageMalaysia
Words 6708
Pages 27
History of Sepak Takraw

In 1935, during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations for King George V, the game of sepak raga was played on a badminton court, in the Malaysian State of Negeri Sembilan. The development of the game was interupted by the war. In 1945 in Penang the net …

Words 3333
Pages 14
Culture and Religion in Malaysia

Malaysia is a multicultural society, with Malays, Chinese and Indians living side by side. The Malays are the largest community. They are Muslims and speak Bahasa. Malays mainly control the political power in Malaysia. The Chinese comprise about a third of the population. They are …

Words 408
Pages 2
Tunku Abd Rahman

Tunku Abdul Rahman Contribution 1- Making Islam the official religion in 1960. Tunku Abdul Rahman should be thanks for his contribution to make Islam the official religion. can we imagined if Malaysia is not an official religion today. 2- Abdul Rahman established the Islamic Welfare …

AsiaMalaysiaSoutheast Asia
Words 316
Pages 2
Nike in Southeast Asia

Abstract Nike is the world leader in the manufacturing of sports wear and gear. So at first, Nike didn’t pay attention to the criticism it was receiving because it was coming from a small group of activists, although later on, the social pressure became very …

IndonesiaMalaysiaSoutheast Asia
Words 838
Pages 4
East Asian Economic Miracle

During 1960 to 1990, East Asia experienced a huge transformation in its economic development which is now widely referred to as the East Asian economic miracle. This was largely a result of the growth of eight economies known as the high-performing Asian economies, hereinafter HPAEs. …

Words 2910
Pages 12
Comparing the Passive Ventilation Style of Modern and Traditional Malay Houses

Comparing the Passive Ventilation Style of Modern Malay House in Belum Rainforest Resort With the Common Traditional Malay House in Malaysia.Table of Content PageAbstract ………………………………………………………………………………..… 1Introduction ………………………………………………………………… … .2An Overview of the Modern Malay House in BelumRainforest Resort, Perak, Malaysia … … …………..…………….…….…4What are the …

Words 2751
Pages 12
The Leadership of Prime Ministers Malaysia

Since the year 1957, Malaysia independence led by our first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. From our first prime minister until present minister (sixth) Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, many policies has been bring out from each prime minister. Each …

LeadershipMalaysiaPrime Minister
Words 3427
Pages 14
Malaysia a Multi-Cultural Country

Malaysia is a tropical country with around 25million people. Malaysia located at Southeast Asia, peninsula bordering Thailand and Northern one-third of island of Borneo, bordering Indonesia, Brunei, South China Sea and South of Vietnam. Malaysia separated in two islands just similar as New Zealand, the …

Words 1609
Pages 7
Tourism on Malacca

Tourism on Malacca, Malaysia TABLE OF CONTENT Page 1. 0 Executive Summary 2. 0 Situation Analysis 1 2. 1 Market Summary 2 2. 2 Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Analysis 3 2. 3 Competition 4 2. 4 Product Offerings 5 2. 5 Distribution 6 3. …

Words 6094
Pages 25
Wedding in Malaysia

Wedding tourism in our country has becoming popular as more foreigners and local tourist are taking interest and start to recognize this tourism field. Nowadays, lots of visitors start to take interest in the grand wedding functions which held in attractive and tourism place as …

Words 58
Pages 1
Describe The World Economies In The Past 30 Years

Q1: Describe the shifts in the world economy over the last 30 years. What are the implications of these shifts for international businesses based in Britain, North America, and Hong Kong? Over the last 30 years the integration of global markets along with the accessibility …

Words 85
Pages 1
An Exploration of the Malay Kompang

AN EXPLORATION OF THE MALAY KOMPANG Name: Chan Tsui Sze Dora Matriculation Number: U1210644K Seminar Group Time: 1330 – 1530 Seminar Group Instructor: Cikgu Zubir Assignment: Research Paper in Malay Music Date: 10 April 2013 Word Count: 2245 Contents Chapter 1: An Introduction to the …

Words 2697
Pages 11
Business Strategy Of F&N In Singapore and Malaysia

Strategy – Multi Industry and Multi expansion strategy Over 130 years, F&N has become a household name in Singapore and Malaysia. Recognising the constraints of growth in these markets, it started to embark on regional expansion for long-term sustainable growth. It is precisely this multi-industry, …

MalaysiaSingaporeSwot Analysis
Words 592
Pages 3
Company Overview of Domestic Direct Competitors of Sime Darby

COMPANY OVERVIEW OF DOMESTIC DIRECT COMPETITORS OF SIME DARBY (GENTING BERHAD) Genting Berhad (Genting), a holding company for the Genting Group, operates resorts, casino and plantations. It also develops properties, manufactures paper and generates electricity. The company primarily operates in Malaysia. It is headquartered in …

Words 1482
Pages 6

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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such as Bukit Bintang and skyscrapers such as the iconic, 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers. ― Google

32.37 million (2020)


Kuala Lumpur


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  • Petronas Twin Towers
  • Batu Caves
  • Mount Kinabalu
  • Perhentian Islands
  • Menara Kuala Lumpur

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What is so special about Malaysia?
Malaysia is known for its multicultural diversity. It is home of three major races, Malays Chinese Indians and Chinese. Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism constitute the three main religions. Sikhism or Christianity can also be practiced.
What is Malaysia most known for?
Malaysia boasts a vast land mass of over 300, Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur is a powerful financial and commercial hub in South East Asia. Malaysians also love its beautiful beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Why do I love my country Malaysia?
Malaysia is beautiful and I must admit I love Malaysia for its lush greenery and stunning scenery. It's sunny and dry all year. The rainforest is abundant on our land, especially the east coast of Malaysia. ... Malaysia is also famous for its natural scenic beauty.
Why Malaysia is a unique country?
There are many amazing countries around the world. ... Malaysia is a unique country. Malaysia is unique due to the variety of races, religions and cultures. Malaysians produce something that no other country can match: diversity.

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