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Leadership Determines a Country

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Claudia Ramirez Parrow Ap Euro P. 4 16 March 2013 Claudia Ramirez Parrow Ap Euro P. 4 16 March 2013 A country needs leadership in order to be successful and to keep peace in order. Some leaders take different routes in which they think would be the most successful for their country. However, one must keep in mind that a state will be affected by the leaders choices and actions. It has been stated that, “ Leadership determines the fate of a country. ” Spain has dealt with the outcomes of Phillip II leadership tactics.

Phillip II inherited Spain, the Low Countries from his father Charles V. Phillips leadership determine the fate of Spain with being his orders he sent out to his people. He wanted to wipe out Protestantism and this led to his sister’s introduction to inquisition. Making the country more heavily taxed, a country with always be effected by their leaders decisions whether it be positive or negative. a countries people will live and participate in social activity in a way that has been accustomed by its leader.

The Spanish generals could not halt the fighting when Phillip sent twenty thousand Spanish troops under the duke of Alva to pacify the Low Countries. “pacification” meant the ruthless extermination of religious and political dissidents. After burying his fourth wife, he began to build a stronger devotion to religion for political help. He was completely inflexible, making the lives of his people harder. He differed little from the protestant reformers. He ruled the first global empire, making his focus and attention on maintaining that empire instead of the people in his country.

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In seventeenth century Spain, memory of the loss of the Spanish armada contributed to a spirit of defeatism. The political religious situation in central Europe deteriorated. Phillips authority affected the fate of Spain, by his main focuses and war like decisions. With being under his rule, Spain reached its height of power and influence, directing explorations all around the world and settling the colonization of territories in all the known continents.

Leadership Determines a Country essay

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