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A first-person essay describes something from the writer's personal experience, otherwise known as the first-person point of view. When writing first-person essays, use personal pronouns such as I, mine, we, us, and ours. There are several first-person essays that you can write about, e.g., first-person narrative essays, personal statement essays, reflective and memoir essays, etc. If you feel stuck when writing your first-person essays or need some inspiration, you are at the right place. We have several first-person essay examples on our site that will do you good. We also offer writing services for all your first-person essays. Our dedicated team of professional and experienced writers will handle the work for you, regardless of the essay topic, as long as you need a first-person narration. Our writing goes beyond what you can easily find on search engines. Reach out to us and let us know about your essay, and we'll get right to it.

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First-person Narrative and Destroying Avalon

Tuesday, 5 March 2013 Themes in Destroying Avalon 1. Define the term ‘theme. ’ * Underlying message portrayed/explored by the composer in any body of work. * Composer’s intended message. Theme| Elaboration| Evidence (technique)| Explanation| Link to social issue| The negative influence of social hierarchy …

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A first person narrator is always an unreliable narrator

‘Enduring Love’ is written using a first person narrator, with the exception of one chapter where Joe chooses to tell the story from Clarissa’s point of view. A first person narrator could be considered unreliable for many reasons, including the opinionated view given on everything …

First Person
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First Person Ranks First: John Mccain a War Point of View

Is it more important to focus on the bigger picture in War? Doing so would be to neglect the 58,000 soldiers who gave their lives in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War is often seen as an unclear part of our history in the United …

First Person
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To Become a Better Businessperson, First Become a Better Person

Most people running their own company want to become better in business as they progress. In order to continually grow, you must look for ways to improve sales performance, market products better and create a more enjoyable buying experience. What if there was one key element …

BusinessCustomerFirst Person
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First Ad CPRM – My Personal Experience

I am also certified In First Ad CPRM In case any children choke. I am also familiar with the centers emergency evacuation plan. Another way we can ensure safety In our classrooms Is by Inspecting all the toys In the classroom and making sure they …

CprFirst Person
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Various Classifications Of First Person Pronouns

Different dimensions have been studied for different reasons in separate contexts with varying aims. Psychological processes as the reasons behind the word choices of people have become an important goal. EW studies have focused on different word categories such as pronoun usage, emotion words, and …

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Henry Dvid Thoreau Biography (in First Person)

I was born in Concord, Massachusetts on July 12, 1817. My family consisted of my Ma and Pa and three siblings; Helen, John Jr. and Sofia. We lived a very humble life; my father worked in a pencil company while my mother tended to the …

AutobiographyFirst PersonThoreau
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Team-Based First-Person Shooter With Harsh Consequences

Global Offensive is a game that surpassed its former predecessor Counter-Strike: Source. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based first-person shooter with punishing consequences, such as permanent death. The concept of the game revolves around two opposing teams, known as the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, competing …

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In The First Person and Focused on The Idea of An Internal War With Falling In Love

In this essay I shall compare George G. Byron’s She walks in beauty , a short poem of three stanzas written in the 19th century, with that of To Helen by Edgar Allan Poe. The second choice, in contrast, is a shorter poem, again with …

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First Person Perspective Experience

In the short story by Ray Bradbury a husband and wife talk over coffee about a weird dream that they had, which said that the world would end sometime that night. The woman was scared because of her denial and anxious feelings which caused her …

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First to Diagnose And Treat Conversion Disorder

Imagine that you got into a car crash and got bad whiplash. Your body is still functioning fine, but you are feeling a little stiff. You become stressed out that you are in slight pain. The next day you wake up and you have no …

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The First Person Identified by Our ID Cards

Earthquakes are all around the world and are bad for all people that are in it. A woman was in the kitchen and her husband was sick and was home and all of the sedin the house started to move she did not know what …

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The First to Support Me

Here I am, attending community college as a full time student while working two part time jobs to keep myself maintained. I never would’ve thought I would end up in a college classroom. I’ve never been much of a school guy, but when the time …

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My Job Experience

The first-person narrative is a literary technique wherein a story is narrated explicitly by one or more of the characters, who refers to himself or herself in the first person as “I”. As the narrator express his/her own feelings, thoughts, and experiences, the narrator’s character …

First Person
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A first-person narrative is a mode of storytelling in which a storyteller recounts events from their own point of view using the first person such as "I", "us", "our" and "ourselves". It may be narrated by a first-person protagonist, first-person re-teller, first-person witness, or first-person peripheral.

Literary device

Of the literary devices, the use of first person narrative is a popular one. First person is from a single perspective, a personal one – where the narrator uses words like “I” and “me” and “my”. The world the writer has created is seen through the eyes of a single character, who narrates the story.


A first-person narrator gives the reader a front row seat to the story. It also: Gives a story credibility. First-person point of view builds a rapport with readers by sharing a personal story directly with them.


Reliability. First-person narration presents the narrative through the perspective of a particular character. The reader or audience sees the story through the narrator's views and knowledge only. The narrator is an imperfect witness by definition, because they do not have a complete overview of events.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of first person is that you can immediately connect with the reader. The disadvantage is that the author is limited to writing from one perspective. There are several types of first person narrators: The Protagonist - This is the main character.

Frequently asked questions

What is the first person?
The first person is the grammatical person used by a speaker to refer to themselves. The first person is used in the singular and plural, and is also sometimes used in the reflexive. The first person is often used in narrative or memoir to create a more intimate tone.
How to write first person essay?
It depends on the style and purpose of the essay. However, some general tips on how to write a first person essay include:- Use first person pronouns (I, me, my, ours, etc.) throughout the essay to give a sense of immediacy and personal connection to the subject matter.- Write in a direct, honest style about your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.- Avoid using generalizations or making sweeping statements about humanity as a whole.- Use concrete details and specific examples to bring your essay to life.- Be aware of the tone of your essay and make sure it is appropriate for the audience and purpose.- Edit your essay carefully to ensure that it is clear, concise, and free of errors.
How to start first person essay?
Some tips on how to start a first person essay include: introducing yourself to the reader, telling a story that is personal to you, or sharing your thoughts and feelings about a topic. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that a first person essay should be written in your own voice and should be reflective of your own experiences.
How To Write A First Person Essay
There are some general tips that can help you to write a strong first person essay:1. Choose a topic that you are passionate about. First person essays give you the opportunity to share your personal experiences and feelings on a subject, so it is important to choose a topic that you feel strongly about.2. Be honest and authentic. First person essays are all about sharing your own story, so it is important to be honest and authentic in your writing.3. Be specific. When sharing your experiences, make sure to be as specific as possible. This will help to engage your reader and make your essay more relatable.4. Use descriptive language. When writing in first person, you have the opportunity to really bring your experiences to life through your writing. Use descriptive language to paint a picture for your reader

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