Narrative Short Story – Personal

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I was running late for school. My alarm clock didn’t go off so that causes me not to wake up on time. I’m rushing trying to get out of the house my class started at right o’ clock am. I am running down stair to get in my car. I’m in my car speeding trying to make it to school on time. All I could think of was I hope I don’t get caught speeding and get a ticket. I was almost at school didn’t realize I was in a school zone. Once I seen the sign I started to slow my vehicle down.

I checked my surrounding didn’t see ant police around, out of nowhere I started to hear the ringing coming from a police car. Didn’t know he was coming for me as I pulled over in the parking lot on the side all I could think about me getting a speeding ticket. The office walked up to my car and asked for my driver’s license and insurance paper. He asked do you know why you were pulled over. I no but him and I know both know it was for speeding.

The officer then asked where I was headed to; I told him to school he then walked back to him car. I’m just waiting and waiting to see what he’s going to do let me go or give me the ticket for speeding. Officer walks back to my vehicle. As I look up he has a pad that he’s writing on let me guess I’m getting a ticket for speeding. The office hands over the ticket and also asks me to sign on the dotted line. He then explains I was getting the ticket for speeding he said I was doing a 45 in a 35 school zone.

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Now I’m thinking how I am going to pay for this $150. 00 ticket. Now I’ thinking I have to do some work around the house or maybe even some baby sitting anything to help me pay for this ticket since I wasn’t working at the time. I’ve learned that I have to set my alarm clock the night before. Wake up on time when my alarm clock goes off. Also watch my surroundings at all times when driving on the roads so that wont get a speeding ticket that I can barley pay for.

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