Essays on My Hero

Essays on My Hero

Definition of a hero

A thousand people will have distinct hero’s definition in their heart. Because people are single individuals, they have dissimilar ways of thinking that judging a person or event by using different criteria. But all the definitions are reasonable and acceptable. From my perspective, as a hero, he or she is selfless on saving others, insists on focusing on an aim, and accompany by efficient hard work.

The primary word that stands out in my definition is selfless, which is willing to help other people without seeking rewards. In 1981, Bea Gaddy who is a woman in poverty won a lottery worth $290. She did not use the money to find a shelter or buy food for her but spent it feeding 39 Baltimoreans who were starving. Although she did not win a war or create high achievement, we can still call her a hero because of her selflessness. For one thing, selflessness is placing people who need help above themselves, just like the woman did. Donating their energy, money, and hard-working to improve people’s lives, heroes care about the life of the whole society more care about themselves. For another thing, heroes are not motivated by gold or treasure. They assist others because of pure motivations such as the happiness of others, trying their best to help without complaints.

My hero essay (150 words)

For me, the hero is my grandmother.

Margaret Mason-White- My Grandmother, she is the epitome of strength. Having, endured a traumatic childhood, losing her mother at an early age and becoming a teenage mother when all the odds were against her she still persevered and she is a survivor.

She finished high school and later on in her golden years went back to school to receive her bachelor's in business and master's degree in management. She is a woman of faith, love and courage and she still inspires me today to become successful and highly motivated and achieve everything that life has to offer to me.

My Grandmother who overcame adversity taught me that when my father died that I too could overcome anything with prayer, motivation and determination. I knew when I had to help take care of my brother and sister that I had to find that strength deep down inside of me and continue to move forward despite my pain and sorrow.

My hero essay (250 words)

My heroes are those people who inspire, motivate and create in me the person that can and will reach for the stars and allow nothing or no one to stop my dreams or stop me from being who I was created and meant to be.

Maya Angelou- An actress, dancer, screenwriter, author and civil rights activist. She faced tremendous adversary in her life. Maya was raped at a young age and could not speak for many years because of her painful experience. Yet despite all that she endured she became one of the most famous poets and writers of all time. Her poems truly inspire me and one of my favorite poems is called “phenomenal woman.” This poem speaks to my spirit because I feel I am an extraordinary woman who will be successful and achieve all my dreams. Maya Angelou's poems speak volumes in my own life and my manager’s encouragement makes me want to reach for so much more than I can ever imagine.

Chrystal Simms- My Manager- Chrystal is the director of patient services in the neurology and neurosurgery department at Thomas Jefferson Hospital. Chrystal also worked in the finance department at the hospital. She is also an English Professor at Drexel University. Although Chrystal wears many hats, she always has time to give a word of encouragement, and she has a kind and giving heart. She encouraged me to return to school from the first time that she hired me and persuaded me to fulfill all my dreams of becoming a health manager.

My hero essay (450 words)

In my opinion, heroes are the representatives of consistency, insisting themselves never giving up. For example, Martin Luther King Jr, who fights the right of Africa-Americans by using his whole lifetime, was arrested in jail and underwent a ton of unfairnesses but never stop his steps. None of the things pauses King before he achieving his goal. So he shows the consistent quality, constant making progresses toward aims that nothing can stop steps. All the puzzles can be solved by time if people keep trying and challenging themselves. Furthermore, heroes need to face more difficult problems like killing a monster or discovering a new technology which required spending a long time on tasks so that they represent consistency.

Additionally, the most important part of my definition of a hero is extremely working hard on dealing with problems. Albert Einstein, a famous physicist, proposed abundant new theories which helped to develop the whole society’s physics. He dedicates his life on studying and advancing physics. Einstein, he comes up with abundant useful theories to prove his state of hard-working. Being hard-working is a high quality of working and making progress instead of wasting time. First, as along as people put efforts in the working, they may gain a result that they want. Hero’s glories and achievements are coming from their efficient studying and fierce fighting. They devote more time and energy than common people put.

In summary, the predominant characteristic of definition is saving people who need help from their difficult life. When heroes have the ability to solve the problem, they will try their best and use all of the resources to aid others. Besides self-sacrifice spirit, they never say giving up until they achieve the goal, and thus heroes usually work on one task for his whole life. During struggling with a puzzle, they have to work really hard, even they have intelligence or strength which is above average. These qualities are the definitions of a hero from my point of view currently, which may different or similar from people. And also, as society develops, the ideas of viewing heroes will change because in the different time periods the emphasis of evaluation varies. So, it should not be a standard definition of a word, everyone is unique no matter when. However, heroes usually wear gold, fame, and armor, but we never think about the weight of all responsibilities that they take. It is not easy to be a hero from all aspects; we should not only jealous of the rewards but also be more respectful to all men who help us in real life.

My hero (550 words)

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”- Franklin D. Roosevelt. When things are easy, anyone can take charge and be seen as a hero. Only when things get rough their true self is shown. People like this are not heroes. They are weak when they need to be strong, fearful when they need to be brave, and they expect respect without earning it. Heroes inspire others by persevering when things get hard while understanding that they are not perfect.

Heroes persevere through difficult circumstances. For example, in Johnny Tremain Johnny sees his injured hand as a fault. It takes him time to overcome that and persevere. “At first it seemed impossible to hold an axe in his left hand, steady it with his right. He gritted his teeth and persevered” (Forbes, page 141). Johnny was determined to take part in the Boston tea party, by learning to chop wood as if he had full use of both his hands. “Will it be good enough to hold this gun?” (Forbes, page 298) Rab’s death made him realize it was time to stop holding himself back and fight.

Heroes are people who use their setbacks to inspire others. For example, Gale Fiege wrote an article about a man who lost a leg to a bomb in Afghanistan. “Nothing is stopping him.” (Soldier home after losing his leg in Afghanistan, Fiege) Gale wrote about how the man, Segers, did not let his injury stop him from doing the things he wanted to do. Segers later said that people deal with injuries differently. He simply chose to not let it affect his lifestyle. He also says, “Of course, the loss of a leg changed me. But it doesn’t define me or the rest of my life.” Segers is a hero because he grew from his injury. As they heal their wounds, heroes encourage others to allow their own wounds to heal.

Heroes learn from their mistakes and use their gained knowledge to better themselves. In Johnny Tremain, Johnny’s behavior changed following the accident. “This, and the way he always kept his right-hand thrust into his breeches pocket, gave him a slightly arrogant air” (Forbes, page 59). He acted as if his hand was the worst thing in existence and later realized he kept himself from enjoying life. Later, Johnny regretted wasting the money from Mr. Hancock on food. “What a fool he had been! He suddenly thought of Rab” (Forbes, page 67). Johnny realized his mistake and attempted to fix it by buying gifts for the girls and vowing to not visit Rab until they were equals. Heroes are not perfect but understand that they have to admit and grow from their mistakes.

Heroes do not abandon their ship when things get hard. They stick with their crew and deal with their circumstances. They inspire others by overcoming their difficulties. They are human and should not be put on a pedestal. They are no different from everyone else and cannot be expected to be perfect all the time. A hero will keep sailing when the waves rise, while, at the same time, accepting when the waves have gotten too rough for them to sail alone.

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My mom is my hero. I consider her a hero because she has provided guidance, motherly support, and has always been there. She has supported my every step of the way. My mom has always been there for me and gives me reasons to keep going.

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