A Narrative of My Understanding of Clothing as a Form of Art

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Art is in a closet

Many of us begin our morning routine by opening a closet and, with one eye open and mind not fully awake, pulling out an outfit that suits the day. You don't often catch yourself wondering what the texture of a shirt, the proper color of the pants, or the pattern on a jacket are when you get dressed. However, just as with many things, taking a deeper look uncovers many details. For example, your favorite shirt could've been made using numerous techniques and types of fabrics, blends of colors and overlapping of patterns to create the perfect product. The creativity and thought aimed at making these masterpieces is a whole separate form of art. So if you take a more deliberate look at your clothes you will realize that art is in a closet.

My understanding of clothing as a form of art took a drastic turn when I visited the Manus X Machina exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was able to see the various and unorthodox techniques that can be used to create clothes. I noticed 3D printing, magnets, plastic, corals, metal, straws, paper, rubber, feathers, leather, technology and many more unusual materials being incorporated to create some of the most unique pieces of clothing I've ever seen. Therefore, the object that I associate the most with the statement "Art is in a closet" is a photograph taken by me of a dress, from the exhibit, that was created by combining metal shavings with wet rubber and passing a magnet over to create the desirable pattern. That was one of the most unusual techniques that I learned about during my visit and the idea of it stood out in my memory. I was very curious as to how much precision was used by the designer, how long it took to make, what inspired this technique, whether the dress turned out exactly as planned, how many mistakes are in the final product, how many tries it took, what the dress feels like, and so on.

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The photograph in the "Art is..." book presents Evening Dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy in 1968-69 on the "art is in a closet" page. This picture caught my eye because it triggered my memory of the dresses I saw in the Manus X Machina exhibit and made me want to take a closer and more deliberate look at it. To my surprise, when I advanced to research more information about this dress, I found it on the website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is made by the House of Givenchy (French, founded 1952) and designed by Hubert de Givenchy (French, born Beauvais, 1927). As described in the website, the dress is "stripped down to the tip to create an artificial profile." Upon my observation of the piece I noticed how it incorporates different types and sizes of feathers to create the desired effect. The color is monotone, but the difference between the color of the silk and the feathers is slightly noticeable, although it is similar. It seems to be very light and flowy, and I would imagine that the feathers slightly rock in different directions when the model wearing the dress moves. It brings me a lot lighter feeling compared to the dress in my photograph, and it seems a lot more delicate.

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