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A moment in time where two people feel a powerful connection towards one another is classified as “Love at First Sight. ” To most, love at first sight is true and can happen to anybody, however, to others, it is just a myth and can be simplified as a problem that can be solved through science or a belief they have. I myself did believe in this theory, but with time I began to understand that it could have easily just have been a sham. But then again, it also could have just been “Teen Love. ” As I grew up, I would spend a great amount of time watching television.

Normally, you’d expect a child to grow up watching cartoons and progressing from that point, but I had preferred to watch a teenage or adult program. Within these programs, I had noticed that there were many cases in which two people, whether it’d be boy to boy, girl to boy, or girl to girl, caught eyes for the very first moment in time and they went through a series of twist and turns until the end where they finally end up happily together with a strong and powerful bond. Just about a year ago, I met the love of my teenage life.

His name was Alec and he was a very handsome and interesting young man. The first time I met him was an unforgettable moment. I was with my friends at the movies and we were just standing there ordering our tickets to The Uninvited, when I feel a smack from behind me. “Sorry,” he said. I looked at him and had a sudden moment of silence. He spoke again, “Can I buy your ticket? ” “No, that’s okay. ” I told him. “Well can I at least get you some popcorn or something? ” I laughed, “I really don’t like popcorn, but you can get me a slushy? He laughed, “Okay, just as long as you let me join you and your friends,” he paused for a minute, “if you don’t mind of course. ” “We would not mind at all,” I said as I tried to hold back the biggest smile ready to come out. We stood there for a while, just looking at each other and smiling. “Well after you … What was your name again? ” he said with a smile. By the end of the movie, I was able to truthfully say that that was the greatest event of my life. “So, can I have you number? ” he continued, “You know, to call you later tonight. ” I gave him a big smile and said, “Yeah, totally! After I gave him my number get gave me a hug and said, “It was really great meeting you here. I’m glad I smacked you. ” We both laughed as we said our goodbyes. It had been six months that we’ve gone out and I couldn’t help but think we might end up having the relationship just like the program’s I’ve seen on the television. Then I noticed a sudden change of affection. It wasn’t a bad affection as to where he ignored me and tried to avoid talking to me, but it was the affection in where he wouldn’t leave me out of his sight as if he were hiding something and the guilt was caving in.

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After my birthday, he invited me to spend the night at his house because his parents wanted to have a special birthday dinner just for me. I was really excited, I didn’t know that him, or his parents would go through the trouble of doing this for me. As soon as dinner was over, Alec took me to his room and sat me on his bed. He gave me the plan on what we were going to do for the rest of the night. I was very excited on what he had planned. “But there’s one thing I need tell you,” there was a long pause. “What is it? ” I replied. “I just wanted to let you know that I really do love you.

And I hope our relationship is strong enough to withhold anything. ” he said with a shaky voice. Many things were popping in and out of my head after he had said that. “I did cheat on you, this one time and it was never meant it to happen. ” When he finished his sentence, I was in complete shock. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stay there and let out all my feelings at him. So I went with his sister and told her everything. I practically dumped out all my feelings and confusion into our conversation. It was the most horrible day I had ever experienced.

On the very first day I was with Alec, I did think it was love at first sight. No matter how much I would like to experience that moment again, I know that I will never trust that feeling again. I now know that “Love at First Sight,” is just a belief system to where people want something to fall back on or some romantic story they want to tell their children. Whether it was “Teen Love” or “Love at First Sight,” that one little spark, that determines your affection towards one another, will never return due to the experience that I went through.

Love and Loneliness

As a human, there are a lot of characteristics a human should have, but, what does it mean to be human? The most part of being human is loneliness. Humans must understand that loneliness is a part of everyone’s life, humans must learn how to cope with loneliness, and, finally, the only way to get rid of loneliness is to have love in your life. There is a book, which name is Gilgamesh, and it is written by Herbert Mason. In this book, the author teaches people how to be human from an old story, about a man who loved and lost a friend to death. This man is named Gilgamesh, his friend is named Enkidu.

First of all, a human should understand that loneliness is a part of everyone’s life, and only someone goes through the loneliness, he/she can be called a human. So, Gilgamesh is a person who went through the loneliness in his life, and then he becomes a real human. In this book, Gilgamesh said “ I am alone and I have longed/ For some companionship. My people/ Also have grown tired of my solitude. ” (20). According to these sentences, Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk, he had a lot of power, but he was lonely, he didn’t have any friends. Also, people thought Gilgamesh was the God, he was not a human.

But he was becoming a human, because he was going through loneliness at that time. Loneliness is a part of everyone’s life, especially for a human. So, at that time, Gilgamesh was going through loneliness, he was becoming a human. Besides, Herbert Mason writes “ Gilgamesh’s fear at the thought of his own solitude:/ I can’t imagine being left alone,/ I’m less a man without my friend. ” (47). So this sentences suggests, after Gilgamesh lost his friend Enkidu, he was lonely, and he was fear. He was going through the part a human should go through. He was becoming a real human, he was knowing that loneliness is a part of everyone’s life.

So, he was not a God any more, he was trying to become a real human and learn to understand loneliness. On the other hand, human should know how to cope with loneliness also. Loneliness is a gift from God, real human can cope with loneliness and gain the courage. After lost the best friend, Gilgamesh must learn how to cope with loneliness. Herbert Mason writes “ I have been through grief! Gilgamesh screamed. / Even if there will be more of pain,/ And heat and cold, I will go on! / Open the gate to the mountains! ” (57,58). Well, Gilgamesh decided to find his best friend, and tried his best to get him back.

To begin with, Gilgamesh was lonely because he lost his best friend, but now, he decided to get him back, he was not afraid of the heat or cold, he just wanted his friend back. He wanted to cope with loneliness, so he went to find his friend. A real human must learn how to cope with loneliness, and Gilgamesh did that, he was coping with loneliness now. Also, Herbert Mason added “He entered the Road of the Sun/ Which was so shrouded in darkness/ That he could see neither/ What was ahead of him nor behind. ” (59). Obviously, Gilgamesh was finding his friend, there was darkness in front of him only, but he was not afraid.

He got rid of loneliness, he was thinking of his friend back at that time, he was coping with loneliness. Humans must learn how to cope with loneliness, so now, Gilgamesh was learning that, he was not a God any more, he became a real human, because he can face the loneliness with courage. Finally, the only way to get rid of loneliness is to have love in your life. Humans’ hearts are filled with love, so they can get rid of loneliness. Gilgamesh was becoming a real human, he had love in his life. Herbert Mason writes “ In the silence of the people they began to laugh/ And clutched each other in their breathless exaltation. (24). Gilgamesh was laughing at that time, as a king and a God in people’s hearts, he never felt happy before, but now he laughed, with Enkidu. He felt happy, maybe at that time, Gilgamesh’s heart was filled with love of friendship, also Enkidu’s heart also was full of love of friendship. They both had love in their life, and at that time, Gilgamesh did not feel lonely any more, because he had a new friend. Friendship is an important part of people’s life. So, Gilgamesh became a real human, he was an ordinary person as others, he became a human, because he had the love of friendship in his life, also in his heart.

After Enkidu died, Herbert Mason added “ Many years ago through loss I learned/ That love is wrung from our inmost heart/ Until only the loved one is and we are not. ” (74). According to this sentences, Gilgamesh thought highly of his friend, he would not forget him, and their friendship was eternal. Love of friendship is in Gilgamesh’s life forever, even if there is no his friend in his rest life, he can cope with loneliness by himself, because the friendship is always in his heart. Gilgamesh is alone, but he is not lonely. At the end of the story, Herbert Mason said “ To keep the names of friends/ Whom we have lost. (92). Well, Gilgamesh will remember his friend forever, he has love of friendship in his whole life. Now, he is a real human, he has an eternal friendship, which a real human should have. Entiku is dead though, he is alive in Gilgamesh’s heart. To sum up, in the book Gilgamesh, which is written by Herbert Mason, the man whose name is Gilgamesh becomes a real human finally. To begin with, Gilgamesh feels lonely because he is a king, no friends, no love in his life, then he loses his best friend, he is lonely still, but then he learns how to cope with loneliness, finally, he gains an eternal friendship and love.

So, Gilgamesh becomes a real human, he understands that loneliness is a part of everyone’s life, he learns how to cope with loneliness, and, finally, the only way to get rid of loneliness is to have love in his life, and he gains an eternal friendship and the love. In a word, after he knows loneliness and he has love in life to cope with loneliness, he is not a God or a king any more, he becomes a real human, a human likes others.

Love for One's Country

Love for one’s own country Loving one’s own country is closely associated with patriotism. Patriotism is a loyal feeling which one has about his own country. one must have a deep and passionate loyal feeling about his country. One of these feelings of one man in a country is upsurge and unhonoured. The feeling has kindled many dormant nations into actions. History is filled up with instances where patriotic people under able leadership have saved their land. Our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi bought for the freedom of our country with a burning patriotic zeal.

One must take pride in the culture and beauty of one’s own country, the rivers, mountains, hills, valleys, deltas must inspire one’s patriotic feeling. He has to encourage the art and trade of his country. He must support his country as his duty. He shall never do anything that would bring down the fair name and image of his country. In the present context of the world the narrow patriotism is nearly out moded. country however powerful or rich can stand isolated. The world is shining with the fast mode of communication and no country is too far away.

The complex economy of the world has every country dependent on one another. Self-contained condition is only a thing of past, every culture today is what it has rowed from culture. No culture can boast of being pure. so there is no meaning in narrow nationalisation . it is safe to conclude that fantastic patriotism is bad though loving ones country for beherment and good deals is a noble act. Being proud of India is not enough. Resolve to do something in your lifetime that India will be proud of…..

Why Do People Fall in Love Critical Essay

A question many of us find us asking ourselves in today’s society. Many of us have been hurt by love and therefore have refused to neither use nor believe that there is such a word or feeling that exists in the universe. People fall in love for many reasons; some don’t even know why they end up in love. I believe people fall in love for three life-based reasons, to expand the self and to increase our abilities and our effectiveness in other words self-expansion, lack of self-dependency, Last but certainly not least they have something good to offer and they want something good in return.

I myself have been thru all these stages of “Love” as we all call it and have come to a conclusion thru my own two eyes and hands on or should I say feelings on experience. The first reason people fall in love is to expand themselves thru other people also known as self-expansion. In his book “Self-expansion: a NEW! Integrated paradigm for psychology” author Miklos Fodor describes very clearly how people expand themselves with one another. He created a model called Fodormiks Integrated Paradigm for Psychology (FIPP).

The model describes many forms of human behavior from sex, religion, problem solving and even intimate relations. Upon reading the first couple of pages of the book I learned that the amount of money where you live and yourself can all affect who you fall in love with. If you’re wealthy you are a target of love to someone who wants to expand their business or find funding for something which the person couldn’t afford on their own. An example of self-expansion is in family’s that are wealthy and both husband and wife own businesses or assets that are in good use with each other.

The husbands company makes the leather for her fancy purses. Many people believe that this kind of love is wrong but it’s a form of love in which both parties are happy and successful. Another example of self-expansion is someone who feels they can accomplish more and succeed in life with some besides them. The feeling of being complete motivates the person to pursue a life of fulfillment. Take for instance Romeo and Juliet two lovers who fate was decided by the feelings expressed to each other in self-expansion. The second problem causing reason people fall in love is lack of self-dependency.

Many of us witness an individual in a relationship where they are not happy everyone advises them to leave and for some odd reason they claim they are in love. This type of love is brought on by growing up in a harsh unloving family, and they are glued to this person because when they were in distress that person put them at ease to the individual losing someone like that is something they just won’t do. Another reason this love is bought is the person is he/she gets whatever they want while they are with this person for some it could be a meal and the bills paid to others it could be a lavish life-style.

A great quote that illustrates well what this person might be feeling is “I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am in search of” written by Michel De Montaigne. The person knows the love is wrong but refuses to leave because simply they are afraid of not finding a better love. This quote also points out that the person is lost inside they don’t know what exactly they are here for in life or what exactly it is they are searching for in a relationship.

Lack of self-dependency to my opinion is a horrible reason to be in love but many people in the world depend on this love to get them thru, sad to say this is the type of world we live in. The final reason I believe people fall in love is because they have something good to offer and they want something back in return. Now I believe in this love 100% but some say it’s wrong. In today’s society the relationships that work out are relationships in which both parties are offering something to each other.

An example of this type of love maybe the wife is a great cook and the husband loves to eat, while in return the husband works on the car clean or does anything to which he believes he can pay the wife for here great cooking. Another way this type of love is manifested in the form of making the significant other feels special. In this type of relationship the trade-offs could range from a number of things, happiness for wealth or wealth for happiness, it could also be a sexual trade off. No matter what in this type of relationship if the person isn’t receiving something in return there is no possible way the relationship is going to work.

Some people feel if they love someone more than they love themselves that person to is going to do the same for them, but as we all can see it doesn’t always turn out that way. Some people offer there time, money and efforts to attain the feeling of being loved and end up hurt in the end. I believe all love is false but is used as a way to cope with living with some of life’s hardest decision and it’s always good to have someone by your side thru these times but understanding love can help you attain and reach that level of love and happiness in life.

In closing words to the feelings we find ourselves calling love, people fall in love for three life-based purposes to expand the self and to increase our abilities and our effectiveness in other words self-expansion, lack of self-dependency, Last but certainly not least they have something good to offer and they want something good in return. People expand themselves every day in every relationship decision we make or think of making weather done conscious or unconscious the mind has a life of its own and who you fall in love with is determined by many objects and situations surrounding you.

Also people fall in love due to what I call lack of self-dependency. It’s a good thing to be in love but make sure it’s a love where both people are benefitting and are happy. Don’t let life’s bad mishaps determine who you fall in love with and the reasons you fall in love. And finally the ultimate reason to fall in love is having something good and offering it to some in returns for a better or equal something. In this love the amount of love you choose to give is the amount of love you get back, you don’t have to ever worry about this love when you encounter it, just embrace close your eyes and never let go.

This is the love of feeling of matter of each other’s happiness this is the love I believe that we all should share with each other it would just make things better in the world that we live in.

SOURCES http://www. quotegarden. com/self-discovery. html http://www. yoshke. com/2010/02/top-10-reasons-to-fall-in-love/ “Self-expansion: a NEW! Integrated paradigm for psychology” By Milkos Fodor http://www. 2knowmyself. com/relationship_breakups/why_do_we_fall_in_love

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