Inspirational Speech Narrative Essay: London Underground Transport For London 21st

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Dear All My Colleagues London underground started its journey in 1863 and since then it has been Londoners one of the most dependable transportation system. You are the people who keep it alive and running. With your continuous effort and hard work we are giving our best service to our customers. You all deserve a big thank you for all your dedication towards making underground better. Our journey is not always easy. We have to been through many ups and downs. I am still scared thinking about 7/7 incident.

We had a big blow that day but we have managed very well to be on track. We tried our best to run our trains as soon as possible after the bombing incident. I still feel sorry for all who have been died or affected on that day and hope we will never have to face this kind of things again. “Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated. ” We will not be defeated; we don’t know how to lose. It’s our holy duty to make sure all Londoners can travel safety and comfort. We will take LU to a high standard that can be example for the other world.

Our vision is to deliver a world-class Underground for a world-class city. This is a realistic goal, and we have made great strides, but there are still challenges to overcome before our transformation of the Tube is complete.  Recently we have some staff disagreement and Londoners have faces two consecutive tubes strike this and last month. It has affected London very badly and costs at least ? 50 million pounds and disrupts millions of journeys. Our strategy is to combine a reliable train service with the highest standards of customer care - something we take from our heritage.

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So if there is any kind of disagreement it should be solved in table not by stopping Londoners life. Because all the member of public pay to travel and also billions of pounds of tax payers money into it. Our challenge is to keep London moving while we transform the Tube. To overcome the legacy of under-investment, we have embarked on a massive investment programme to deliver the extra capacity needed to keep pace with rising demand. The level of renewal and refurbishment work is on a scale unseen for more than 60 years.

It presents a major challenge: maintaining the service during the biggest rebuilding programme the Underground has ever seen. So we really need your motivation and inspiration to make LU better. Without your afford our all investment and planning would go into ruin. I believe with your help and support London Underground will be people’s best choice for transportation and will create an excellence.

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