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Othello Essay Narrative Essay

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Journeys have a powerful impact on the traveler. Journeys may offer life-changing experiences, which leave a powerful impact on the traveler. Whether the impact may be positive or negative, those who embark on the journey are motivated by the goals they seek. This allows the traveler to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, allowing emotional advancement through character development and imaginative progression through the renewal and break- down of relationships. Furthermore, the physical voyage that the characters undertake Is symbolic of the emotional turmoil or adversely, contentment within hem.

This is evident through the use of literary and visual techniques in the play Othello by William Shakespeare and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King directed by Peter Jackson. In these texts, the protagonists have taken emotional, imaginative and physical Journeys which have a profound impact on their emotional wellbeing and behavior. A positive relationship built on trust and loyalty will allow a character to be emotionally enriched as they undergo optimistic emotional development, through developing virtues of courage and confidence.

A negative relationship contains manipulative and devious behavior, which will force a character to undergo emotional distress demonstrated by a loss of Integrity and Identity. This is demonstrated In Othello, as the experiences substantial character development, illustrated by his progressively deteriorating mental and physical wellbeing. His noble, loving and honorable persona is twisted and distorted into a corrupt and merciless monster, which not only results in his own demise but that of his loved ones as well.

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In Act 2 Scene 3, Othello remarks "Are we turned Turks? For Christian Shame, put by this barbarous brawl". The use of alliteration slows down the reader's pace, allowing for reflection, subsequently representing him as humble. The use of religious allusion In 'Christian shame' adds credibility to his statement and conveys a high sense of morality. However, a prevailing sense of irony is created once Othello dialogue becomes vulgar as his mind starts to decline. The paradox of "Be sure thou prove my love a where".

The word love' contradicts with Where', as love portrays affection and respect, while Where' has negative connotations of disrespect and impurity. This contradictory, obscene language Is representative of an Identity hang and the degradation of his mental stability. This emotional instability and negative character development Is furthermore demonstrated In Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, through the effective use frustrated with Sam contact help, this can be seen in the line "go home Sam" The technique of short sentence is a concise, succinct statement which bears great authority.

This breakdown in relationship reveals that they have formed different identities; they identify different places as home. Another example of the emotional hardship between Fro and Sam is conveyed through the quote "The Ring is mine" In relation to Journey, the technique of the personal pronoun "mine" demonstrates Frond's unwillingness to sacrifice the Ring, despite the hardships and obstacles he has encountered. This illustrates the emotional development he has undergone. Bothersome, Googol line "They cursed us. Murderer they called us.

They cursed us, and drove us away. And we wept, Precious, we wept to be so alone. " The technique of repetition of the words "cursed" and "wept" reinforces an idea,emotion or thought. Googol attempts to persuade Fro to disassociate himself with Sam, leading to a breakdown in relationship between Fro and Sam. This leads to hostility; as characters undergo a negative emotional Journey. Subsequently, Sam feels frustrated at Frond's mistrust towards him and leaves. Illogical, irrational ideas formulate in one's head after having undergone a negative emotional Journey... Hess thoughts torment the character, leading to reckless behavior and breakdown in relationships which leads to an imaginative Journey. The imaginative Journey in Othello is present when Othello begins to have uneasy thoughts about Desman cheating on him, this is conveyed through the line "why did I marry? The technique of a reciprocal question indicates doubt about why he married her in the first place. The quote "l have a pain upon my forehead here" has the technique of stipulation and shows that Othello mind is filled with doubts about Desman and this causes him to have a headache due to Lagos manipulation.

A break-down of relationship is also portrayed in a parallel manner in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. During the overpowering scene where the One Ring possesses Fro, we can see a close up shot where he has the One Ring in his hand and is about to put the ring on. This alternately forces Fro to undergo an imaginative Journey as he believes the Ring is part of his identity and has altered his perspective on life, as he has forgotten his former self.

Eerie music is also present in the scene where Fro has been lured into a cave with a giant spider by Googol, The music creates suspense and an uneasy response from the viewers; it heightens Frond's struggle and the uncertainty if Ford will survive or not. A long shot is also used to illustrate Frond's venerability as Fro is secluded and is without company; after he has a conflict with Googol, he appears vulnerable, bewildered and weak. This makes him realism that Sam was a true and loyal friend.

With the imaginative Journey, we can see that the characters have not only become emotionally unstable but they have also lost their minds thus losing their personal identities. Conclusively, the use of visual and written techniques have effectively demonstrated the emotional and imaginative Journeys that the protagonists take in order to fulfill their desires and aspirations. Journeys are essentially motivated by idiosyncratic objectives, which allow the traveler to adequately overcome obstacles, permitting imaginative progression through the renewal and break-down of relationships demonstrated in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

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