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Literacy Narrative Critical Essay

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Literacy Narrative Learning to read, write, and compose is a major part of every human beings life and if your guided and/or helped to becoming a good reader, writer, or composer that is double the excellence. Learning to read, write, and compose is a privilege. Not all humans get this privilege of learning these special qualities. These qualities not only help you with other humans but with yourself in the rest of your life. These qualities or traits you obtain help you in everyday life to help you live a life at ease without the struggle of not being able to read, write, compose, and such.

When I was very young, my parents would read to me every night I went to sleep. They would tell me “Austin, it’s time for bed,” and I would run to my room to my blue bookshelf that I had in the corner of my room. Now, they would be following close behind me and re-emphasize that I could only choose two books, but usually I convinced them to let me pick out three books instead. I loved having a ton of books when I was young and all of them made it to my bookshelf. My favorite books were “The Little Engine That Could” and another book that was about a bear that went outside to play and got ants in his pants.

This book usually got a little giggle out of me as a child and oh how I loved my parents reading it and all the other books to me. This explains my sprint to my room every night as a youngster. Having my parents read to me at a very young age somewhat jumpstarted my brain and led me to learn lots of words and phrases as a kid. Being that they read to me every night, I always was listening and hearing words and even sometimes having an image to relate words to. I believe that the reading that was done for me every night before I went to bed was a large part of my learning to read.

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At this age, it was almost as if I’d rather not see the words, but just listen to them and look at all the pictures. As I grew up I started to really enjoy reading. I think that all the reading my parents did for me, encouraged me to become an avid reader then. At this age, I became the biggest fan of “The Magic Tree House” series by Mary Pope Osborne. I read these books from cover to cover and enjoyed every one of them. After finishing one of the books, I would love going and telling my parents all about the story line and what happened in it.

When I would finish the last book that was published, I would pre-order the next book that was coming out and start reading it the day I got it. These books always drew my attention and most definitely sparked my likings for reading in elementary and middle school. In elementary and middle school my mom would always pick me and my little brother up. One thing I would always seem to notice is that my mom was usually on the phone so I couldn’t tell her about my day the second I got in the car, but when she eventually got off; my brother and I were full of words.

We both loved talking and telling stories about our days. Whenever my dad would arrive home after work around 6 pm every night, I would notice he always got in and hit his desk with piles of papers and work to do that night. He would have some leisure time to read the paper and eat dinner but then he was paying bills and getting his deadlines met for work. My mom and dad always had these big complicated conversations in the kitchen too when I was around, usually about my dad’s work drama, with these words that I had no idea existed.

As I grew up, my interest for books started to somewhat slip off the map. I didn’t always have a book that I was working on and I wasn’t ever really as excited to read like I was when I was much younger. The projects and homework started to pile up a lot more once school progressed from elementary school to middle school to high school and I feel that it almost eats away at my free time to do any casual reading anymore. When I did have a project or an interesting reading for homework though, I would enjoy doing the research and learning new things about the certain topics.

When my love for books continued to fade away, I picked up a new hobby of reading magazines and the newspaper. I love reading things in the paper that I know have to do with my city and me and love reading an interesting magazine whether it’s the new edition of Sports Illustrated or the Hunting Gear Magazine full of cool articles about new weapons across the globe. I started reading the paper every morning and subscribing to interesting magazines on the internet that I just couldn’t get enough of. I believe that all my life experiences and my classes as a young child led me to being a very successful reader and writer.

I feel that the reading and writing I learned and accomplished really helped me to be able to write more civilized and professional and allowed me to hold more professional conversations with my parents, friends, other adults, and so on. My early experiences with reading really led me to a more successful life in reading thanks to all the reading my parents contributed to me when I was younger. Like I said, I believe that the reading they did was the biggest help to my learning in reading and will lead me to having successful college years and having a successful career later in life.

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