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Choose any successful entrepreneur in Malaysia or outside Malaysia. Then explain why you choose he/she as a successful entrepreneur and relate it with entrepreneurial competencies. The person that i choose to be the great entreprenure that become the idol to me is Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary. He was a great man that motivate us with his success story that inspired and motivated throughout his success in business activities which can make us to be more discipline and working much harder to achieve their dream. That is just the beginning. Now let’s go personally about him.

He’s a mysterious man. Where he does not like to show off the luxurious life. For your information, he is easy to get along with other people. He is not the type of people which love to collect luxury car. He has an old model of Proton Perdana and another one is 20 year’s old Mercedes which he used to use it from time to time. Tan Sri Syed Moktar Al-Bukhari is the entreprenure that is so kind and always make a charity work to help other people. He always donate his money and easily to help people especially the poor people and the orphan. Now we go to his background.

He was born into a mid- low class family in north of peninsular Malaysia, whose house was without necessities and luxuries. His highest education was only until form five, and he never went to university. A whole lot of his knowledge and experience was gained through his own entrepreneurship experience during his youth time. Due in part his family's mediocre-to-poor background, Syed Mokhtar al Bukhary had to step into the working world in his early life, while pursuing his primary and secondary studies. Syed Mokhtar helped his mother planting and selling vegetables in the market and also selling roti canai.

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His numeric knowledge was used to help his father in doing daily book keeping. After finishing school, Syed Mokhtar helped his father in breeding cow business but only to see the business washed away by foot and mouth disease. Nevertheless, he took over the business and start over by selling meats. He then move on to packaging the meats and start selling them wholesale. His determination paid off and the business started to take off. what can we see he have become entreprenure when he was small.

His idea to run the bussiness rom the small scale business approve that we cannot only depends on a large-scale business to determine the successfull , but depending on the way we done the business with the continuous quality to make sure the business doing well. Now he have prove to us that he can be the best and succesfull business man even he come from the mid low class family, with the determine and hardworking, he can become the great entrepreneur. Characteristic that should be possessed by successful entrepreneur in order to perform entrepreneurial functions effectively have a several factor. One of the factors is initiative.

This characteristic has been show by him when he help his father in breeding cow business. He then become the businessman and start over to selling meat. He then move on to packaging the meats and start selling them wholesale. Because of his initiative he he has managed to expand its business to advance from time to time. Al- bukhary Foundation was established in March 1996 as a charitable act to help the poor, support the development of islamic art and culture and promote understanding between civilization. The main objective of Al- Bukhari Fondation is to promote brotherhood among muslims.

This foundation is composed of two parts. One section carries out charitable work, while one part of the management of funds from any company in which Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar no interest in it. Until now, al-Bukhary Foundation spent more than RM300 million for religious activities, culture and education. In addition, Yayasan Al-Bukhary only finance poor students. Among the initiatives that are committed to finance poor Muslim students from around ASEAN to study in Malaysia. Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar has show some attitude that he is the person that always help people evenly he has no interest in it.

In conclusion, he is the one who concern for high quality of work. As an entreprenure, he acts to do things that meet certain standards of excellence which gives him greater satisfaction. What we can see from his attitude is, he is the one of the successful “bumiputera” that become the excellence and great billionaire and the one who is then become the icon and idol to the Malaysian. Because of his constribution also, many people has been helped by his Yayasan Al –Bukhary can support they life to go on further and then become the person who is excellence like him.

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