Essays on International Business

Essays on International Business

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International business refers to the trade of goods, services, technology, capital and/or knowledge across national borders and at a global or transnational scale. It involves cross-border transactions of goods and services between two or more countries.


Some of the most common ethical issues in international business include outsourcing, working standards and conditions, workplace diversity and equal opportunity, child labor, trust and integrity, supervisory oversight, human rights, religion, the political arena, the environment, bribery and corruption.


The International Business Plan involves the development of a proposal to start a new business venture in an international setting. It may be a new business or a new product or service of an existing business. Any type of business may be used.

Salary per hour

The average international business salary in the USA is $72,333 per year or $37.09 per hour.

International business book

  • International Business: Competi
  • International Business: Environ
  • Global Business Today
  • Introduction to Global Busines
  • International Management: Managin
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International Business Environment Essay

Executive Summary Careful consideration must be given to key factors before a company makes the decision to expand into foreign markets. PharmaMed, a U.S. based multinational manufacturer and distributor of medicines and consumer healthcare company, has identified Mexico as an extremely promising country for expansion. …

Business EnvironmentExportGlobalizationInternational BusinessMexicoTrade
Words 4225
Pages 17
The History of International Business Taxation and the Effect of International Tax Competition

Abstract With the globalization of world economy, international business taxation plays a vital role in international trading. This essay introduces the history and the development of international business taxation in aspects of tax reform and the changes in corporate income tax briefly, meanwhile, analysis the …

HistoryInternational BusinessTax
Words 2005
Pages 9
Informative Essay on International Business And Mergers And Acquisitions

Introduction Many activities of mergers and acquisitions involve companies that are relatively small- those that are inexistent on the mainstream business radar (James, 2007). There is a particular theory among executives that expansion is the best way to approach globalization. The idea has been shared …

GlobalizationHewlett PackardInternational Business
Words 2104
Pages 9
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Clusters Theory and International Business Management

Introduction International trade is not a novel phenomenon. For centuries, traders and merchants have wandered across national and regional boundaries to conduct international trade. However, it has never been conducted with such an enormity or with such an impact on national economies, firms and individuals, …

Business ManagementInternational BusinessTheories
Words 1220
Pages 5
International Business and mergers and acquisitions

Essay question 1 Introduction Many activities of mergers and acquisitions involve companies that are relatively small- those that are inexistent on the mainstream business radar (James, 2007). There is a particular theory among executives that expansion is the best way to approach globalization. The idea …

International Business
Words 2104
Pages 9
International Business Narrative Essay

Abstract Walt Disney is a well diversified amusement company with global presence and China is a blooming market and the global economic engine. With the theme park business in both the US and Europe already saturated, and a dwindling number of visitors affecting the profits, …

ChinaInternational BusinessInvestment
Words 2440
Pages 10
International Business in Japan

Abstract Capitalist and mostly single family centered, Zaibatsu led to a static system with weak competitive forces resulting in what is known as ‘cordial oligopoly’. (Niciejewska, 2007, pg 17) Keiretsu networks on the other hand, with its cross stockholdings is more dynamic and provided a …

GlobalizationInternational Business
Words 2606
Pages 11
A couple of International businesses

I am now going to focus on a few financial services organisations and identify how they are coping with the current ‘credit crunch’ and recession in our economy and the different problems they are facing in the global market. More importantly, I will look at …

CoupleInternational Business
Words 1359
Pages 6
Tesco: Assessing the change implications of Tesco’s Rapid International Business process.

Executive summary Change is inevitable in any organization that aspires to grow. As an organization, Tesco has diversified its operations and extended into new markets in various countries such as China, Japan among others. However, its largest market base is still in the United Kingdom. …

International BusinessRetail
Words 4073
Pages 17
Challenges in International Business

GunungRapatHiongPiahSdn. Bhd. (579801-M) PHYSICAL CHALLENGES Since the Gunung Rapat Hiong Piah Sdn. Bhd. is responsible for the food manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and export of Yee Hup products, it is facing physical challenges in international business on products, workforce and even physical distribution challenges. For the …

ChallengesExportInternational Business
Words 672
Pages 3
Political Aspects of International Business

Political Aspects of International Business International Business (INBU350) The political aspects regard the International Business has been passing through changes that in one way or another affect the organizations. Countries fighting for defend of their territories against others or internal conflicts to keep the democracy …

GlobalizationInternational BusinessInvestmentTrade
Words 662
Pages 3
The problems of cultural diversity in International Business

The issue of cultural multiplicity in the international business scenario is continuously on the up rise owing to the factor of rapid globalization. As the developed countries spread their wings across the globe, the third world talent finds more employment opportunities in their lap. Nevertheless, …

Cultural DiversityGlobalizationInternational BusinessReligion
Words 905
Pages 4
The International Business Division

The International Business Division (IBD) is the agricultural commodities export division of the ITC. Its relatively insignificant contribution to the group sales was evident from the fact that IBD had achieved gross sales of $100 million in 1998 compared to total sales of $2 billion …

AgricultureExportInternational BusinessSalesTobacco
Words 856
Pages 4
The Effect of Security on International Business

Introduction The growth of cross border trade and investment over the past few decades has shed light on various influences of international business. In general, these influential factors can either be categorized as controllable factors or uncontrollable factors. Controllable factors are internal, while uncontrollable influences …

International BusinessSecurityTrade
Words 1574
Pages 7
International Business Environment

In a dynamic and competitive world of macro political power and interests, in which occupational groups gain and/or maintain professional standing based on the creation of legal boundaries that mark out the position of specific occupational groups –be they in accountancy and architecture or law …

AcupunctureBusiness EnvironmentInternational BusinessProfessionTeacher
Words 1352
Pages 6
International Business People

When we think about what we slowly call “international issues” in business and we’re actually talking about this critical duality. It’s the desire of trade to satisfy human wants and in this manner to bring different peoples and cultures together. And it’s the profession of …

GlobalizationInternational Business
Words 558
Pages 3
International Business Management Essay Sample

Global marketing indicates the integrated and coordinated marketing activities across many different markets. Taking into account the various conditions on which markets vary and depend, appropriate marketing strategies should be devised and adopted. Like, some countries prevent foreign firms from entering Into Its market space …

Business ManagementInternational BusinessManagement
Words 3142
Pages 13
International Business- India

Extension Granted: Yes No Granted Until: Please attach a copy of your extension approval NB: STUDENTS MAY EXPECT THAT THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE RETURNED WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF THE DUE DATE OF SUBMISSION I declare that this assessment item is my own work unless otherwise …

IndiaInternational BusinessInvestment
Words 1380
Pages 6
International Business for Managers

This report is generated in order to identify and analyse the competencies for international managers, as our company is looking to train the managers for international assignments. I have not discussed hierarchical model in this report as for me it is understood that a manager …

Decision MakingInternational Business
Words 1716
Pages 7
International business economics

Introduction Until the mid to late 1980s, most mobile phones were so large that they were permanently installed in vehicles as car phones. Due to the advancement of miniaturization, the majority of the current mobile phones we used today are handheld units/ The world’s largest …

EconomicsGlobalizationInternational BusinessManufacturingNokiaPanasonic
Words 873
Pages 4
Organisation: International Business

Introduction International business involves the exchange of services and products between different countries. Many nations engage in international business with the neighbouring countries and even the countries that are far away. International business has not started recently, it started long time ago. During the ancient …

International BusinessReligion
Words 1628
Pages 7
Import Protection Mechanism

There are many import protection mechanisms that are adopted by many countries as a domestic trade protection policy. They comprises of tariff, non-tariff, countervailing duties and anti-dumping. The main aim of protection mechanisms is to protect the local firms against interventions of local market by …

International BusinessPoliticsTrade
Words 655
Pages 3
Cultural Problems in International Business

Problems Cultural barriers to integration. The considerable differences between the Spanish and German business practices could have been diminished through a sound pre-assesment made by Martinez Co. Since this understanding process was not pursued, a cultural conflict occured which may significantly hinder the processes of …

ContractInternational Business
Words 899
Pages 4
FAQ for international business

In addition, the TAX corporate umbrella covers three different kinds of stores in the united States, which affords students an opportunity to design plans across a variety of retail establishments. 3. How do I get Information on TAX? When attempting to find answers to questions …

BulgariaGlobalizationInternational BusinessTax
Words 518
Pages 3
Effects of Terrorism on International Business: A Detailed Analysis

This paper gives a detailed analysis of terrorism and its effects in the fast increasing globalization that the world is witnessing presently. The paper draws attention to the fact that the globalization of terror has brought forth immense difficulties for transnational companies and organizations that …

International BusinessTerrorism
Words 63
Pages 1
Political Forces in International Business

Most critical concerns in a political environment deal with impact on every business operation and it does not matter what its size, or area of operation. Political environment will still have an impact and it matters little whether the company is international, national, or domestic. …

CompetitionInternational BusinessNationalismTax
Words 5047
Pages 21
Cultures effect on international business

An in-depth look will be taken on the obstacles that may arise due to culture, adjustments that need to be made, and any ethical conundrums that may arise due to different cultures. Literature Review D. Eleanor and d. Karol, state that “Macs should not underestimate …

GlobalizationInternational Business
Words 3525
Pages 15
Mergers and Acquisition advantages in international Business Environment

Merger is a technique whereby an operation is expended so as to improve on long-term profits. It happens only if the merging companies have a good relationship unlike acquisition where the merging companies acquire in a hostile manner. To avoid hostile takeovers the company has …

Business EnvironmentInternational Business
Words 89
Pages 1
Necessary Conditions for International Business

Abstract International business fuels competition between different geographic regions in China. The need to become a part of the World Trade Organization, and the need to attract significant investments put Guangzhou and Shanghai into an extremely competitive environment. Guangzhou’s experience reveals the hidden facets of …

ChinaCompetitionInternational BusinessInvestmentMotivationTaiwan
Words 681
Pages 3
Interview with an international business person

This is based on the interview conducted by me with an international business person. 1. Name: Alan Anderson Title: Mr. Company: Alan Resources International Telephone Number: 2. Mr Alan Anderson is the CEO of Alan Resources International, a Company into importation of cassava from Africa. …

GlobalizationInternational BusinessInterviewTax
Words 197
Pages 1


Why is international business important?
International business studies are a good option for students looking to expand their knowledge about global markets and the different regions around the globe. The world's economy becomes more global. Understanding international business will give you insight into global economics and business climates.
Why do companies engage in international business essay?
Companies invest in international business to increase sales, acquire resources and diversify their supply and sales sources. Companies may have to change how they do business when operating abroad.

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