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Different businessmen have different ways to build their own careers. When faced with the decision of what some of qualities of a successful businessman are, each person has his/her own opinion. From my point of view, I consider that common sense, specialized knowledge, and good communication skills are the qualities of a prosperous businessman. The primary characteristic which every entrepreneur needs to have in order to do well is common sense. It is defined as an ability to make judgments on the issues, which he/she encounter in every day situations.

A good common sense often called as practical intelligence empowers he/she act more quickly and wisely, especially in many complex issues. Successful businessmen are always able to be aware of the dangers surrounding him, anticipate and make sensible decisions. The second most significant quality is specialized knowledge about his/her fields. The entrepreneur who is incompetent at his job will never become profitable. Worked out ambition and money invested are not enough to make the business an effective and flourishing one; he must always accumulate his needed knowledge before jumping into business world.

What is more, it is indispensable to accomplish success without communication skills. Being able to gain customers’ confidence is an absolute art and entrepreneur who can do it is bound to be successful. Furthermore, good communication methods can lay an intellectual foundation for strong relationships with colleagues partly lead to succeed in business. A prosperous businessman is must not only an affluent person, but also a prestigious person whose advice is always regarded by the others.

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In a word, to be a successful businessman is not an easy thing, but with a lot of effort, each entrepreneur can reach up to the success from day-to-day. From what I have stated above, I truly believe that common sense, specialized knowledge and good communication skills are the qualities of a successful businessman. A business man is someone taking risk in a certain company for the purpose of producing revenue from a combination of human, financial, or physical capital. An entrepreneur is an example of a business man. Sometimes it can mean someone who is involved in the management of a company, especially as an owner or an executive.

A successful business man must apply certain strategies in order to achieve different goals. So, what are the strategies that must be accomplished? First of all, to become a successful business man an entrepreneur should possess the basic business skills in order to adopt a winning business strategy. For example a business man in Fattal company is very organized always plan his business in every step and analyze it by writing a business plan to achieve the goals of the company properly this what make fattal one of the succeed company.

So, a business man should always evaluate himself before taking any decision in business. Secondly, a business man must be an intelligent communicator who can gain confidence of others and a good listener to run the business easily. However, when I was doing my training in Pharma Group a medical company I really did appreciate the boss because he had the art of a good communication by being clear about what he was trying to explain whether he was informing or negotiating with us.

In this case, the business person should be fluent in languages to be an expert in communication. Thirdly, Entrepreneurs need to deal with customers and suppliers with honesty to build a better reputation and must deliver the product or the service that add value to the business by focusing on the customers’ needs. Actually, Apple Company does have a good reputation because of the sincerity of the entrepreneur dealing with customers and buying them an efficient product that may satisfy their needs.

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