Essays on E-commerce

Essays on E-commerce

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on E-commerce? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place.E-commerce essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on E-commerce, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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What Are the 8 Key Elements of Business Model

A business model is very important to ensure a business is set up properly and has the ability to operate the business. The business model is the main component of a business plan and this is necessary when looking for investors from both individuals or …

Business ModelE-commerce
Words 1102
Pages 5
Strategic Analysis of EuroPC

1. Introduction This report is to analyse the EuroPC Company EuroPC House, Cardonald Business Park, Cardonald, Glasgow, Scotland G51 4EB. The report is to analyse the competition, complete a value analysis and a website evaluation. On completion recommendations can be offered to EuroPC on how …

Words 3229
Pages 13
Global Reach of E-Commerce

We are in a critical state of change in the context of business activities and strategies. Today, huge percentages of multinational companies are shifting their sales toward internet sales, like has been done by RyanAir, Easyjet, etc. These companies experienced the cost-saving benefit of making …

Words 2676
Pages 11
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Avon Case Study

Avon Products, Inc. (Avon) is based in New York. The firm engages in the manufacture and marketing of beauty and complimentary products primarily in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Avon’s products are classified into three product categories: Beauty, Beauty Plus, and Beyond …

AdvertisingCase StudyE-commerceMicroeconomics
Words 82
Pages 1
Importance of E-commerce in Modern Business

E-Commerce refers to the buying and selling of products and services over electronic systems like the internet and other computer networks. This system depends on technologies like electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transactions, electronic data interchange and automated data collection systems. …

Words 68
Pages 1
Sustainability of H;M in Competitive Apparel Market

Managing Customers and Markets Sustainability of H&M in Competitive Apparel Market With an ever-increasing numbers of competitors gaining traction globally and more big retailers stepping into the low-cost fast-fashion industry, H&M has encountered difficulties in prolonging its competitiveness to retain consumers and surviving in the …

Words 3866
Pages 16
Dior Omni Channel

Luxury Retail Management Individual Assignment Luxury Brands Digital & OMNI Retail Strategies Decoding DIOR DNA • • • Feminine Princess Sexy CODES • • • Cannage Knot & Oval Rose • • Flirtatious Francaise • • Avenue Montaigne New Look Distribution Strategy • Dior Beauty …

DiorE-commerceEssay ExamplesYoutube
Words 2353
Pages 10
Globalisation Drivers

Explain what is meant by the term globalisation. Identify and analyse the key drivers of the process of globalisation over the last twenty years. During the mid 1990’s the International Monetary Fund has defined globalisation as: ‘The growing interdependence of countries world-wide through the increasing …

Words 1682
Pages 7
Consumer Behaviour of Lakme

In the survival game, the Macs have positioned themselves strategically in growth areas, chasing volumes and shedding the ‘premium’ image. Though the craze for ‘foreign’ cosmetics cannot be ignored, it has not been smooth sailing for Consumer Behavior of Lake By impurity the Macs. Understanding …

BehaviorConsumer BehaviourE-commerceRetail
Words 975
Pages 4
SWOT analysis for Sagacity Tea

SWOT analysis for Sagacity Tea Sagacity Tea is a successful company which built premium quality of New England brand of organic, sugar free, ready to drink tea. Kate Moran along with her husband Steve Benton has successfully able to manage the company and they manage …

E-commerceSwot Analysis
Words 942
Pages 4
E-commerce Website Project Proposal

I have a retail outlet for ready-made fashion garments in the middle of the city. The type of clothing offered from the retail outlet is for Women and children. The retail outlet stores variety of fashion clothing like ethnic wear, formal wear, casual wear, clothing …

Words 899
Pages 4
DSTV Consumer Behaviour

DUST aims to give “So Much More” to their clients and they do this with the creation of an effective racketing strategy. They target people who demand a high level of entertainment with a variety of program offerings such as Movies, Music, News, Comedy, Documentaries …

Consumer BehaviourE-commerceEntertainmentInnovationInternetTelevision
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Pages 5
Different Approach of International Business

In truth, we have become part of a global village and have a global economy where no organization is insulted from the effects foreign markets and competition. Indeed, more and more firm are reshaping themselves for international competition and discovering new ways to exploit markets …

E-commerceExportImportInternational BusinessRetail
Words 6306
Pages 26 – the world’s biggest e-commerce retailer

Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce retailer. They were founded in 1994, being the first online retailer to secure one million customers in 1997. They are based out of Seattle, Washington but have locations in 18 U. S states and 14 international locations. They currently …

Words 460
Pages 2
The Role of Computers in Our Daily Life

The computer is one of the most brilliant gifts of science. This device was originally developed by Charles Babbage. Most countries have developed fast due to computerization. Writing a program is essential for a computer. Speed, accuracy, reliability, and integrity are the main characteristics of …

Words 1123
Pages 5
SWOT Analysis Tencent Limited Holding

Introduction In March 2010 McKinsey published an article dealing with the obsession of the Internet of the Chinese population by concluding the following statement „People in the country’s 60 largest cities spend 70 percent of their leisure time online. Seismic changes in the consumer market …

AdvertisingE-commerceInternetSwot Analysis
Words 81
Pages 1
Digital Signatures

Signature is an important aspect of any document or agreement between two parties. Only handwritten signatures are valid for legal documents. The modern world is currently doing lot of proposals and agreements through computers and internet. In order to use in the online documents, technologists …

CryptographyE-commerceEssay ExamplesInternet
Words 84
Pages 1
Online Transactions Are Better Than Conventional Manual

Online transactions are better than the conventional manual transactions Online transaction or online banking, which is a process of entering into transactions by a particular client and the bank using modern technology. Nowadays, with modern technology such as computer and mobile phone, people can do …

BankE-commerceEssay ExamplesInternet
Words 526
Pages 3
Operations Management and Information Systems

Introduction: Operations management in the contemporary business environment requires the application of various strategies which enhance reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness in the process of getting goods to the final consumer. An important aspect of operations management includes supply chain management which suggests that it is …

E-commerceInformation SystemsOperations ManagementRetail
Words 2373
Pages 10
Commonly known

Electronic commerce which Is commonly known as E-commerce or E-business Is a modern concept of doing business. In layman’s language, It Is the buying and selling of products and services over electronic systems which mainly comprises of Internet. In this form of business the payment …

E-commerceEssay ExamplesRetail
Words 1142
Pages 5
Suzie Orman

In the essay that Suze Orman wrote, “How to Take Control of Your Credit Cards”, Orman says that it is only a matter of choice whether or not you learn to take control of your credit cards. Orman states, when you’re paying high interest rates …

Credit CardE-commercePayment
Words 465
Pages 2
Mid Term 220

Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Page 1 of 9 MGT220. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (MGT220) > TAKE ASSESSMENT: MIDTERM EXAM Take Assessment: Midterm Exam Name Midterm Exam Instructions Always pick the single best answer. Blank answers will be scored as incorrect. Multiple Attempts This Test allows 2 attempts. …

E-commerceInformation TechnologyInternet
Words 1946
Pages 8
The Future of Contemporary Travel Agencies

This research considers the development of the online platform in the travel business, considering its impact on the traditional, bricks-and-mortar agent. Through the development of a case-study and UK-based interview, the research finds that while the growing online presence continues to take market-share from the …

Words 9895
Pages 40
Alibaba Business Model

Abstract: “Alibaba” has experienced eight years of comprehensive development the establishment of a unique business model, and a new interpretation of e-commerce, launched a new Internet business model – Alibaba model. This new network business model not only for manufacturers to reduce production and marketing …

AlibabaBusiness ModelE-commerce
Words 1929
Pages 8
Business Objectives of Tesco PLC

A Company Mission Statement (CMS) is a qualitative statement of an organisation’s aims. It uses language intended to motivate employees and those within the firm and convince customers and suppliers and those outside the firm of its sincerity and commitment. Tesco PLC has a Company …

Words 254
Pages 2
Online Marketplace

WHAT IS ONLINE MARKETPLACE? The online payment marketplace is experiencing an explosion of innovative ideas, plans, and announcements, which one commentator has likened to a “goat rodeo”, a chaotic situation in which powerful players with different agendas compete with one another for public acceptance, and …

Words 3245
Pages 13
Supply chain of nhs glasgow

2 IntroductionSupply concatenation is the procedure initiated on demand of client. It is carried out by traveling through procedures of natural stuff acquisition, production controls, finished goods, warehousing and finally ends at bringing to client. All concern sections have to explicate their ain seamster made …

E-commerceOrganizationSupply Chain Management
Words 8118
Pages 33
The intern retailer eBay

Ansoff’s Matrix (1968) is used to analyse an organisation and develop a strategic approach to growth, whilst helping to understand the risks that are associated with that strategy. From what I have ascertained in the first section of this assignment Amazon are still very much in …

Words 1568
Pages 7
Porters 5 forces for Flipkart

Threat of New Entrants : Industry seems to have very high potential but is at its nascent stage. Lots of scope of growth in the future Many small players might enter to explore the market High capital investment is required as it is still in …

CompetitionE-commerceEssay ExamplesMicroeconomics
Words 70
Pages 1
Business Analysis of Watson Group

S. Watson Group, which in turn is part f the world wide company Hutchison Hamper Ltd. The company currently operates over 2,200 stores and 900 pharmacies In Asia, and has for the third year running been voted the No. 1 In retail- Pharmacy and Drugstore …

Words 1613
Pages 7

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E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet.

Customer service

What is ecommerce customer service? Ecommerce customer service is how online businesses provide assistance to customers with everything from making online purchase decisions to resolving issues — all while creating a seamless customer experience across channels and platforms.

E commerce companies

  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba Group
  • BigCommerce

Ecommerce books

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  • The Everything Store: Je...
  • Dotcom Secrets: The Und...
  • One Click
  • You Should Test Tha...


What is E-Commerce essay?
Electronic commerce, also known simply as ecommerce, allows you to buy and sell products or services through electronic systems like the Internet. The sales aspect is usually considered to be electronic commerce. ...
What do you mean by e-commerce?
E-commerce allows for the purchase and sale of goods or services online. E-commerce may be used in place of brick-and–mortar stores. Some businesses opt to keep both.
What is E-Commerce importance?
Why is E-commerce important? E-commerce makes up a large part of the economy. E-commerce is a convenient way for consumers to shop online for products and services without needing to visit the physical store.
What is E-Commerce and its types?
E-commerce (electronic business) is the sale and purchase of goods and services over an electronic network. These business transactions are either business to business (B2B), company-to consumer (B2C), customer-to consumer (C2C) or consumer-tobusiness.

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