Soviet Union

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After the Soviet Union came to an end, politics and economics became closely intertwined within Russia. President Boris Yeltsin, his democratic supported, and his economic ministers wanted to prevent communism from returning and worked fix the unstable economy. In January 1992, Russia wished for liberalization. …

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The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe| | The world’s most powerful Communist country was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or otherwise known as the Soviet Union. It contained 15 republics that were controlled by a central government. Over time, it developed into a large …

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Women in the Soviet Dictatorship How were the lives of Soviet women affected by the policies of the Stalin era? Document 1 Source: Izvestiia, “Old Way of Life,” March 8, 1930. Document 2 Source: Pravda, “On the Path to a Great Emancipation,” March 8, 1929. …

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