Essays on Soviet Union

Essays on Soviet Union

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Russian Bering Sea Marine Border Issues

Read through the attached case study, which outlines the marine border dispute between the USA and Russia in the Bering Sea. Summarise the main points of the case study, making sure you include the following: What factor(s) led to the initial dispute? Which resources are …

FishingSoviet UnionUnited States
Words 2151
Pages 9
The Mongolian Liberation

The political turbulence of 1990, and the release of Mongolia from Soviet control along with the backdown of 1000s of Russian military personnels and armored combat vehicles, accordingly led to the gap of the floodgates that had been keeping back Mongolia’s long denied desire for …

Genghis KhanMongolsSoviet Union
Words 1968
Pages 8
Russian Economy in the Aftermath of the Collapse of the Soviet Union

After the Soviet Union came to an end, politics and economics became closely intertwined within Russia. President Boris Yeltsin, his democratic supported, and his economic ministers wanted to prevent communism from returning and worked fix the unstable economy. In January 1992, Russia wished for liberalization. …

CommunismEconomicsEuropeImmigrationInternetSoviet Union
Words 2266
Pages 10
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Collapse of the Ussr

Stephen Wears Assess the mall factors of the break-up of the soviet Union The break up and dissolution of the soviet union on the 25th December 1991 heralded the end of the Cold War. It ushered In what had been termed ‘the new world order’, …

CommunismGovernmentSoviet Union
Words 1982
Pages 8
Tatyana Tolstaya’s White Walls: Summary

White walls. In having white walls, there is always room tort improvement. You are never stuck with one look because you can always simply change it. Tolstoy is very optimistic in that she feels that with the end of Communism and the Soviet Houses 3 …

Leo TolstoySoviet UnionWar And Peace
Words 684
Pages 3
Why were the Bolsheviks able to take power in October 1917

There are many factors that allowed to Bolsheviks to take power in October 1917 such as the growing unpopularity of the Provisional Government at the time. Moreover, events such as the July days and the return of Lenin and Trotsky. The Bolshevik slogans “Bread, Land …

CommunismPoliticsSoviet Union
Words 604
Pages 3
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe| | The world’s most powerful Communist country was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or otherwise known as the Soviet Union. It contained 15 republics that were controlled by a central government. Over time, it developed into a large …

CommunismPolandSocialismSoviet Union
Words 2237
Pages 9
Changes in Soviet Values

Changes in Soviet Values Films in the Soviet Union during Stalin’s rule were primarily made for propaganda purposes. Some of the most famous films at the time were “Chapaev,” “Circus,” and “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears,” which were all were aimed at describing Soviet Values …

Joseph StalinPropagandaSoviet Union
Words 1365
Pages 6
Truman Doctrine

Truman Doctrine Ryan Hauppa A. Plan of Investigation The following questions will be investigated: What were the events and decisions that led to the development of the Truman Doctrine? What was its effect on US Foreign Policy and its impact on Greece, Turkey and Europe? …

Cold WarEuropeSoviet Union
Words 1813
Pages 8
Era of Stagnation

The term ‘stagnation’ was coined by the Gorbachevian discourse of the perestroika era to describe the situation in the Soviet Union from 1964-1985, under the rules of Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko. The assertion of ‘apparent’ stagnation suggests some ambiguity from the outset as to the …

PoliticsSoviet Union
Words 3002
Pages 13
Ukraine Turmoil Essay

May 2014 In today’s world, it seems like there is “bad” news everywhere in the world. Ukraine is one location where they have been having turmoil. Recently, Ukraine has had some complications with intergovernmental protesters, sometimes it led to death. These protestors are trying to …

EuropeEuropean UnionSoviet Union
Words 481
Pages 2
How far has the USA role in world affairs developed from 1929 to 2000?

America had adopted a policy of isolationism following the events of WW1, stating openly that the US wanted to stay out of world affairs. They believed that they were geographically isolated – sufficiently protected from potential enemies by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They wanted …

Cold WarMilitarySoviet UnionWars
Words 753
Pages 4
Nikita Khrushchev Nikita

Khrushchev was a self-made man, even with his unfortunate and harsh upbringing he still managed to make a name for himself. He became one of the most powerful and influential leaders In Russia, simultaneously holding the offices of Premier of the U. S. S. R. …

Cold WarCommunismSoviet Union
Words 650
Pages 3
Should Richard M. Nixon visit Red China?

That is an interesting question to which one could offer many good reasons to both sides of the argument. However, to fully examine the decision made, one would have to look at many of the background information surrounding the voyage. This includes; Nixon’s popularity with …

Cold WarCommunismSoviet Union
Words 2226
Pages 9
Kennedy’s New Frontier

The New Frontier a term used by John F. Kennedy in his inaugural speech in 1960 that revealed Presidents Kennedy’s intention to create programs to aid in economic, International and social issues with a clear focus on key points such as Increasing the economy, creating …

NasaPoliticsSoviet Union
Words 285
Pages 2


What is the Soviet Union known for?
The Soviet Union as a new political entity was named called for world Communist revival in the name international working class.
What caused the collapse of the Soviet Union *?
Gorbachev allowing elections with a multiparty system to be held and creating a Soviet Union presidency set off a slow process to democratize that eventually destabilized Communist leadership and contributed to the Soviet Union's collapse.
Why was the Soviet Union so powerful?
All in all, the Soviet Union is a powerful result of significant foreign assistance.

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