Essays on Germany

Essays on Germany

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Germany? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Germany essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Germany, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Was the Treaty of Versailles Fair?

Was the treaty of Versailles fair? The treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 after the World War one. It was actually a punishment of Germany to start the war and forced it to accept all the blame. The involved requirements were seen to be …

GermanyMilitaryTreaty of VersaillesWars
Words 454
Pages 2
Reflection Essay on World War II

The Second World War was one of the most devastating moments in the history of humanity. The conflict claimed the lives of millions of people throughout the world; the number of fatalities actually make it the most fatal in history. The war also proved to …

GermanyMilitaryPeaceWorld War Ii
Words 2812
Pages 11
Jack Daniel Market Entry Strategy

Market Entry Strategy for Jack Daniels (Brown-Forman) to Germany Products Being Exported Consumer: Jack Daniels Old #7 Whiskey Industrial: Jack Daniels signature Whiskey Barrels International Business Policy 490 By: Market Entry Strategy for Jack Daniels (Brown-Forman) to Germany Brown-Foreman Company The Brown-Forman company who is …

Words 3479
Pages 13
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Peanut Butter in Germany

Man cannot live by bread alone. He must have peanut butter. Executive Summary In order to maximize profit, J. M. Smucker could increase sales of Jif peanut butter, its best selling product, into growing markets. Prior to any expansion a full analysis of the market …

Words 7373
Pages 27
Assess the Main Reasons for the Unification of Germany in 1871

In 1862, Bismarck said that ‘the great questions of the day will be settled by blood and iron. ’ Although there is undoubtedly some degree of accuracy in this statement, the most important reason for the unification of Germany, which ended ‘the great questions of …

Words 94
Pages 1
Was Bismarck’s Foreign Policy 1871-90 a Success

The Aim of this essay is to study Bismarck’s Foreign Policy from 1871-90 and come to a conclusion about whether it was a success. Otto Von Bismarck born on April 1, 1815 at Schonhausen and considered the founder of the German Empire. From 1862 to …

EuropeForeign PolicyGermany
Words 1424
Pages 6
Why Did Germany Lose Ww1

WHY DID GERMANY LOSE WW1 Germany lost WW1 due to a variety of military, socio-economic & political, and strategic reasons. The war itself continued for 4 years, inflicting various casualties and economic hardships on Germany. The most important reason why Germany lost WW1 were its …

Words 581
Pages 3
Impact World War Two Had on Trinidad

Arielle Spann 00033827 History 210 CRN 35943 How has World War II impacted on Trinidad and Tobago? This essay explores the impact of World War II on the development of Trinidad and Tobago. World War II played a very important role in the development of …

GermanyImmigrationProstitutionWorld War
Words 3064
Pages 12
Extreme Nationalism

Extreme Nationalism. Objective The objective of my essay is to let you know what were the main causes of World War 2, focusing in extreme nationalism and letting you know my opinion about it. Introduction The Second World War was a global conflict that resulted …

Words 796
Pages 3
Rise of Totalitarianism

At the end of World War I, totalitarianism began to rise. To keep the countries at peace they created The League Of Nations. It did not execute its duties well, and failed to enforce treaties, and prevent invasions. At the end of the war France …

Words 92
Pages 1
Why Was the Treaty of Versailles so Unpopular in Germany?

Why was the Treaty of Versailles so unpopular in Germany? The Treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty that was drawn up by the Allies and Germany after the First World War. It was made to prevent Germany from starting a war again and to …

GermanyTreaty of Versailles
Words 717
Pages 3
What Was Life Like for People Living in Nazi Germany?

What was life like for people living in Nazi Germany? In Nazi Germany life for the Germans was terrible. You had to know who you could trust, as trusting the wrong person may cause you to loose your life. The Nazis and mainly Hitler really …

GermanyLIFENazi GermanyPeople
Words 616
Pages 3
The Rearmament of Germany in the 1920s and 30s

Looking back on the history, people begin to ask questions about why things happened the way that they did. Looking specifically in the field of World War 2, a popular question is “how was Germany such a successful force on the battlefield? ” There are …

Words 3827
Pages 14
The Architecture of Sans Souci Palace in Germany

Introduction There was a peaceable castle names Sans Souci Palace but in Germany they called Schloss Sanssouci and it was located at Potsdam, near Berlin. This is an elapsed summer castle for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. While Sans Souci more belongs to Rococo …

Words 2230
Pages 9
Dbq Protestant Reformation

Protestant Reformation The Protestant Reformation took place in Germany in the 16th century. During this time, Roman Catholic Church had a lot of power, and a priest called Martin Luther noticed their abuse of power. He decided to show people how the church was abusing …

ChristianityGermanyProtestant ReformationReligion
Words 990
Pages 4
Did the Nazis solve Germany’s economic problems from 1933 to 1939?

Between 1933 and 1939 Germany suffered economic problems. The main economic problems were Germany was dependent on the foreign market and the imports, the industrial production, unemployment, the cost of living and wages. Hitler and the Nazis tried to solve the problems, they were successful …

Economic ProblemsGermanyMoneyUnemployment
Words 1234
Pages 5
Hitler’s Rise To Power: An Inevitable Offshoot of the Great Depression in Germany

The Great Depression caused by the Stock Market’s collapse in 1929 affected the American economy like no other economic crisis in its history (Samuelson, n. d. ). Being the most severe depression experienced by the industrialized Western world (Nelson, n. d. ), its effects rippled …

Adolf HitlerGermanyGreat Depression
Words 348
Pages 2
Treaty of Versailles: Do Peace Settlements Create Conditions for New Conflicts?

“Peace settlements create conditions for new conflicts. ” With reference to the Treaty of Versailles explain to what extent you agree with this statement. (2005) Peace settlements or treaties are set up to establish some ground rules between countries that are included within the settlement. …

GermanyMoneyPeaceTreaty of Versailles
Words 1103
Pages 5
Why Was Hitler Appointed Chancellor in January 1933

Why was Hitler appointed Chancellor in January 1933 On the 30th January 1933, one of the most important events of the twentieth century occurred, Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, became Chancellor of Germany. From its foundations as a small, anti-communist party in the …

Adolf HitlerFascismGermany
Words 666
Pages 3
Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses of Weimar Germany

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Weimar Germany between 1919 and 1932 IB History HL 28. 12. 2011 Plan Intro: * Historical background of Weimar Republic * Thesis statement (Draw comparisons between strengths and weaknesses, assess their importance and conclude which was the most important) …

Words 1269
Pages 5
KeepCup Analysis

KeepCup Company is an Australia private company, who are working in exporting reusable cups. KeepCup head office, which in Melbourne is recently exploring for the feasibility of introducing their product overseas to German. This business report provides a business analysis and consideration about the external …

GermanyGross Domestic ProductInflation
Words 2021
Pages 8
Weimar Republic – Political, Social and Economic Issues

Political, economic and social issues in the Weimar Republic to 1929 Year 12 Modern History 2013 * Mrs Lynch Jenni Hamilton Due Date; 26th of March 2013 Word Count; 1,665 The collapsement of the Weimar Republic was due to many social, political and economical issues …

GermanyWeimar Republic
Words 1636
Pages 6
Education in Nazi Germany – History Change

Education in Nazi Germany – Change and Continuity Assessment When Hitler became Chancellor of Nazi Germany, in 1935, he proposed many changes in education and throughout the country. He believed that these changes would influence people and indigenise them of his beliefs and reforms that …

EugenicsGermanyNazi Germany
Words 1966
Pages 8
Causes of World War 1: Alliances and Disagreements

Intro- Throughout history there has been many conflicts between groups of people that have threatened peace in many nations and regions. One of these conflicts was world war 1 which involved many countries that sided with one another against each other. There were many causes …

Essay ExamplesEuropeGermanyMilitaryWars
Words 1204
Pages 5
Paris Peace Conference

The 1900’s were a very eventful era with many new innovations and inventions, some deadly and some beneficial. A crucial event during this time period was the Paris Peace conference in 1919. The need for this conference was caused by World War I and the …

Words 1334
Pages 5
Why was Bismarck more successful than the 1848 revolutionaries in unifying Germany?

Why was Bismarck more successful than the revolutionaries of 1848-49 in unifying Germany? There are numerous reasons why Bismarck was more successful than the revolutionaries in unifying Germany but the most important of these he identified himself by saying: „not through speeches and majority decisions, …

Words 146
Pages 1
Background/Introduction of Wal-Mart Germany: A Failed Marketing Plan

Wal-Mart is not only the world’s most dominant player in the retail home market industry, it is also the world’s largest corporation in terms of revenue earning more than $240 billion in 2003. It is also the biggest private-sector employer in the world today with …

GermanyMarketing PlanWalmart
Words 82
Pages 1
History of the Unification of Germany

Numerous factors have lead to the progressive creation of a unified Germany by 1871; such factors are fundamentally related to economic, political or military origins. To accurately understand the reasoning behind the unification, one must look at the history preceding it – The after-effects of …

Words 3715
Pages 14
Martinez Construction Company in Germany

Construction is a well-established construction company in Eastern Spain. Because of a recent decline in contracts in the Spain society, Martinez Construction Company needed to expand to international market in order to survive (expand and grow). After a survey in the international market, the newly …

Words 1781
Pages 7
Boost Juice in Germany

Introduction The concept of Boost brand was created in 1998 when the founder, Janine Allis, realized the fashion of the juice bar when on holidays in the United States. She researched the growing demand and found a huge market opportunity for a healthy fast food …

Words 1990
Pages 8
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Germany is a Western European country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches. It has over 2 millennia of history. Berlin, its capital, is home to art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate and many sites relating to WWII. Munich is known for its Oktoberfest and beer halls, including the 16th-century Hofbräuhaus. Frankfurt, with its skyscrapers, houses the European Central Bank. ― Google

83.24 million (2020)






Frank-Walter Steinmeier


Chancellor: Olaf Scholz


Germany lies in the heart of Europe , bordered by Switzerland and Austria to the south; France, Luxembourg, Belgium , and the Netherlands to the west; Denmark to the north; and Poland and the Czech Republic to the east. The country encompasses 356,216 sq. km (137,535 sq.


Germany is a developed country that offers decent living conditions for its citizens. The average life expectancy is 81 years, which aligns with Europe 's average life expectancy.


  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne

Points of interest

  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag Building
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Cologne Cathedral

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Frequently asked questions

How do you write a German essay?
When writing a German essay, it is important to keep in mind the following:- Make sure your essay has a clear structure, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.- Use formal language throughout your essay.- Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.- Cite your sources using the correct citation format.- Make sure your essay flows smoothly and logically from one point to the next.- Check your essay for errors before submitting it.
Why Germany is special?
Germany is a country with a rich culture and history. It is also a country with a strong economy and a stable political system. Germany is a member of the European Union and is one of the leading nations in the world. Germany is a country that is known for its efficient and effective government. The country is also known for its high quality of life. Germany has a strong education system and is home to many world-renowned universities. Germany is a safe and welcoming country for foreigners.
What can I write about in Germany?
The country has a rich history, a thriving economy, and a vibrant culture. There are also many beautiful landscapes to explore.
What is essay in German?
An essay in German is a short, well-organized piece of writing on a particular topic. The first step in writing an essay is to choose a topic, then collect and organize information, and finally write the essay. The essay should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

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