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Mark Jason Barias Expository Essay 2-13 sept. 11, '13 I'm not really into travelling but I love to experience living in another country and discover new things. I always wanted to try something different. I have been to Malaysia last Christmas vacation. Honestly, it was the first time in my life going out of the country. I missed some of the fun visiting other countries because of my busy high school life. I am studying as a seminarian back then and my schedules Just won't come together. It was so disappointing knowing that my family re enjoying their summer vacation while I do my homework.

Malaysia, I would say is more like the Philippines. There were old taxis, like those in Manila. I won't forget when we rode a taxi and the driver asked for an expensive fare (which we didn't know at that time), taking advantage of the tourists' ignorance. For me, vacation isn't complete without tasting their best delicacies. Though the food is expensive, it was worth it because of the unique taste and aroma of their food. In our country, food is also expensive depending on the type and quality. Pagkaing Pinoy is also delicious.

Singapore, which is Just a six-hour bus ride from Malaysia is breath-taking. The tall infrastructures tell that Singapore is a very successful country. I would say that the surrounding is cleaner there compared here in the Philippines specifically Manila. You won't be late in going to your work or school because there are no traffic. You'll be amazed to be able to tour the whole Singapore in 45 minutes, yes, it is smaller than our capital city, yet, it's more organized. People. Singaporeans are more disciplined.

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Normal people live in apartments ecause if they buy a property in Singapore, it will take them millions of dollars. Only rich people have private properties there. Malaysians are more warm and friendly. Us, Filipinos are the most hospitable. In terms of the natural resources, we are the richest. Though the others also have forests, our forests are much larger. We also have the Philippine Eagle while Singapore has the white tiger. Some would say that living in other countries is better than staying here but I would still say, "It's more fun in the Philippines! " Expository essay abt traveling By ceeshore

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