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Jose Rizal’s Poem and Writings

Why did Rizal write the following poems and essays? * To the Philippine Youth. He wrote this to emphasize that the youth is the hope of our nation and that they should be educated to help in the progress of the country. He also included that Filipino should love their own mother tongue.

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* My First Inspiration. This was written by Rizal to teach us that our mother should be our first inspiration as our mother is the one who bear us and gives us the support from the very beginning.

Our mother is also our first teacher. * Love of Country. This was written by Rizal to remind us that we must love our own motherland and as Filipinos we should somehow sacrifice ourselves for our country. * A Remembrance for My Town. This was written by Rizal for us Filipinos to be reminded that we should not forget our fatherland where we came from and the cultures we are used to and values we are taught of. * Through Education, Our Motherland Receives Life.

Rizal wrote this to open our minds that as the Filipino acquires education, he can help the country in seeking freedom and improving the life of the Filipinos. * To the Flowers of Heidelberg. Rizal wrote this while he was in Heidelberg as they were having their tour, wherein the flowers blooming in Heidelberg reminds him of his garden in Calamba * My Retreat. This poem was written in account of Rizal’s mother’s request to revive his interest in writing poems.

Here, he portrayed how serene his life was while he is in exile. Rizal clearly expressed his acceptance of his fate and that justice will overcome in the end. * A Letter to Young Women of Malolos. This famous essay was written to commend the young women of Malolos for their courage to establish a school where they could learn Spanish despite the opposition of the parish priest Fr. Garcia.

This essay also contains Rizal’s ultimate desire which is for the Filipino women to have the same opportunity enjoyed by men in terms of education since education will unshackle the women. * My Last Farewell. This poem was written by Rizal showing his spirit of fairness and justice. This is his farewell to his native land which he gladly offers his life. In this poem, it depicts that he faced his death calmly for he was aware that he is going to a place where there are no claves and God reigns supreme.