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Impact of EDSA Revolution

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EDSA Revolution I In the year 1986

The Philippines was given the world’s limelight because of the nonviolent revolution to overthrow the dictatorship of Former President Ferdinand Marcos. Many countries were astounded by our country’s move and it draw much more attention because nobody died. With 2 million participants involved in the protest, the military was given a choice whether or not firing back to the protesters who are free of firearms and are only holding rosaries. And because of this the Filipino citizens were successful in overthrowing the dictatorship’s administration and the departure of the Marcos Family.

The Filipino Citizens were able to taste democracy again because of the leadership of Former President Corazon Aquino after the Marcos Family left. (Santiago, 2009). As Santiago stated in her website, she detailed all the events on EDSA revolution I per day and explained it thoroughly. Reading materials like this or anything related the EDSA revolution makes a Filipino’s heart feel proud about what the world saw. I was not yet born during the EDSA revolution but the rest of my siblings and parents were there and experienced all the happenings.

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EDSA Revolution

I was able to get my mother’s side of the story on what happened during the EDSA Revolution. I started to ask where she was during the EDSA Revolution (Febrauary 22-25) and said that she was at her office together with my siblings (The office where my mother is working is also our house). They were listening to updates of the events like the protests, and chaos through TV and radio. My mother was working at a printing office and she said that their clients increased because the clients were giving job orders on flyers about overthrowing Marcos’ administration.

And my mother stated that the flyers they printed were distributed to people who are passing by. My mother also stated that their sales increased during that time because the job orders they received kept on coming and coming. She said that Cardinal Sin encouraged people to join the protest on Epifanio De los Santos Avenue (EDSA) and said that when there are a lot of people, the military will have a choice whether or not to fire their bullets or let the protesters be. Even though my mother was not able to go to the protest in EDSA, she said they gave food to the people who are keeping an eye out on the rallies.

My mother couldn’t join the rally because she was taking care of my siblings. But she was updated with the latest news about the progression of the rallies. After overthrowing Marcos, people rejoiced and went straight to Malcanang. Some people actually tore the pictures of the Marcos, they saw the machines used by Former President Ferdinand Marcos for his illness and it confirmed that he was really suffering from an illness. A few days after the success of overthrowing Marcos, The Marcos Family went Hawaii.

Former President Corazon Aquino

Then, Former President Corazon Aquino proceeded to being the first female president of our country and she gained fame because of being the first female democratic president to be elected in Asia and she was able to bring back the democracy of our country. The revolution gave new insights to the Filipino citizens, my mother said that they able to know the power of people who come together and fight for what they think is wrong to the mass. And how their power as citizens value because they are also the ones in charge of choosing who will sit as president; so, they should be careful of their decision.

And the Martial Law disciplined the Filipinos. Even though a lot of people are not in favor of it. It actually promoted discipline and order. My mother said that there were not a lot of changes except for the term of the president. The president had only 1 term which lasts for six years. And the dictatorship days were gone. But with regards to our country’s economic status and lifestyle, it got worst. From my mother’s story and from what I have read, I learned that Filipinos are people who like joining rallies involving overthrowing administrations that does not satisfy them.

Social awareness

And they stick to what the believe in. Nowadays, rallying excessively does not do benefit protesters. I wonder why people were able to achieve what they are fighting for in rallies during that time. And I learned that a lot of people were really aware of all the updates about the EDSA Revolution. Social awareness was evident during that time. I discovered that when you become a voter, your responsibility if quite heavy. One vote can make or break a candidate and if a voter us not satisfied they have the freedom to say that the administration is not working well since we are in a democratic country. And also the Filipino citizens.

So, before voting, think about what this candidate can do to our country or community no matter how small his place is. What matters is what the voters think and what the candidate will do satisfy his followers. And my mom said that Marcos had great plans for the country and I wish that there would be a president who would be able to give the country efficient projects that are feasible, so that, it can help the Filipino people rise.


  • Santiago, Angela. (2009). “EDSA Introduction” Retrieved on January 29, 2011 from http://www. stuartxchange. org/EdsaIntro. html By: Ana Rosales
Impact of EDSA Revolution essay

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The EDSA Revolution of 1986 had a major impact on the Philippines. It was a peaceful revolution that overthrew the authoritarian rule of President Ferdinand Marcos and restored democracy to the country. The EDSA Revolution also inspired other countries in the region to pursue democratic reforms and helped to usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity in the Philippines.
What is the impact of EDSA Revolution to the society?
The EDSA Revolution had a major impact on Philippine society. It was a peaceful revolution that overthrew the Marcos dictatorship and restored democracy to the country. It also inspired other countries to pursue peaceful revolutions and helped to spread the idea of democracy around the world.
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The EDSA Dos protest was successful in ousting President Joseph Estrada from office and restoring democracy in the Philippines. It was a peaceful protest that was attended by millions of people, and it ultimately led to the installation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
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The EDSA People Power Revolution took place in the Philippines in February 1986. It was a peaceful protest that resulted in the overthrow of the Marcos regime and the restoration of democracy in the country.

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