Essays about Crime

Essays about Crime

 We all agree that crime is bad and harmful to society. The elimination or reduction of crime is important for the safety and security of neighborhoods and communities. Governing agencies dedicate a substantial amount of their resources in fighting crimes.

What are the contributing factors that battle crime? What are some reasons people resort to crime as a solution for their issues? These are questions that agencies and law enforcement have been researching. No one is under the illusion that there eventually be a perfect world with no crime, however, the goal has always been to minimize it as much as possible.

To what extent can one go to stop crime? Surely there are guidelines and laws that a society abides by to addresses these burning issues. We can also agree that from a legal standpoint one is not allowed to cross the boundaries of the law to get others to conform with it. However, putting aside the legal argument for a bit, wouldn’t this eventually lead us to a world with less crime?

In my perspective, it is not acceptable to behave like a criminal to stop crimes. There is a need for more active present police force on the streets to stop people who commit crimes and an enforcement mechanism in place to save lives. A robin hood esque way of looking at it so to speak, which again has different factors to it because no one can argue that Robin hood was not a criminal but a hero who took from the oppressive elite to level the playing field for the poor. However, I agree that it is not in the best interest of society to allow a breach of the law to in turn stop other breaches of the law.

People with authority very seldom question the root cause and the reasons for high crime rates. Anybody who goes out to vandalize other people’s property or commit a crime should be punished, however, we cannot close our eyes to the fact that our communities at large are being sucked into this hoax.

People don’t commit crimes contemplating that it is in their self-interest or not. The challenge is to think about reducing the crime rate and controlling it without trading off anything on the fairness dimension. There has been a long-standing interest in the ability to try to reduce crime by improving people’s long-life chances such as schooling.

Improving schooling outcomes would have massively protective effects against the disturbed environment many people live in. It is extremely daunting to learn how concentrated the violence problem is within the population. We need some radical changes such as more police force on the streets, interventions, obliteration of public drug markets, social services and appropriate educational resources.

As a society, we can take also take a different route and help people to stay in school and provide more vocational jobs. Mentoring youth to prevent violent crimes requires the involvement of the community to resolve this pestering issue. Acting as a criminal to solve a criminal activity would not solve any problem, because the question that would arise is when does one draw a line to stop behaving like a criminal. It could cost more innocent lives or the destruction of many families to stop crimes at large.

If laws are focused on actions against crime rates and understanding the cause behind these high-volume offending problems in partnership with the communities, it could possibly drive down criminals and deterring offenders. The authorities can also make sure to treat people fairly without any bias, be respectful and encourage communities to cooperate with them and the laws.

In conclusion, the best option to reduce crime rates and criminal activities is to target resources based on the main cause of the problem and at the same time ensure that there is fair treatment without any biases. Communities can also support the authorities by mentoring their youth early on, supporting organizations that help children stay in school and break the vicious cycle of poverty and criminal activities that follows it. Bringing in the right resources, increasing teamwork and holding ourselves responsible as a community in unison can reduce crime rates drastically. 

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