Essays on Illegal Downloading

Essays on Illegal Downloading

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Citizenship Coursework- Illegal Downloading

More than 8 million people are illegally downloading at any one time; it has become a major problem for the music industry. Many people do not see the problem it causes and many do not realise the effect of what they are doing, some don’t …

CitizenshipIllegal Downloading
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Argumentive Paper on Illegal Downloading of Music

1. Speech Title: Our Modern Day Pirates 2. Speaker/Audience: An environmental activist/local group of environmental activists. 3. Purpose of Speech: EXAMPLE: To convince my audience to take action to preserve the tropical rainforests. 4. Thesis: EXAMPLE: I. Attention A) Alright so who here, and be …

Illegal DownloadingMusic
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Why is illegal downloading bad?
Peer-to-Peer, or P2P software, allows illegal downloads to be done. This software allows users to share and collaborate on files. ... Downloading infected file to your computer can result in data loss, excessive pop-ups, slow Internet connectivity, and possibly identity theft.
Why is illegal downloading good?
Sources indicate that illegal downloading promotes and benefits artists more. It helps people become more varied in music styles, artists illegally download music, as well their fans. There is also zero evidence that free online music financial harms anyone.

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