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A Just Society

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Last Updated: 17 Mar 2023
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A just society is a type of society that promotes the well being of everyone in the society. It makes it possible for people to pursue their common good. It protects people from external harm. This kind of society does not live in a state of anarchy but strives to create a utopian society. (Quigley, 1961) For a society to live in harmony and peace, there are some rights and freedom that the people are entitled to which makes them work towards a just society. For instance certain rights and liberties must be granted such as political liberties. (Quigley, 1961) This involves expansion of democratic space and institutions and the press should enjoy its freedom.

The people and political activists must have freedom of speech as well as freedom of assembly. Other freedoms are; association, the rights and freedoms within the rule of law (Rawls, 1993). The freedom to set people free and protect them from slavery, freedom to move around without intimidation or fear, and freedom to work based on one’s decision as long as the occupation is within the law. Other liberty is of conscience since it greatly impacts on the social relationships rooted in philosophy, morality and religion. (Rawls, 1971)

If the people are not given certain rights and liberties to enjoy, they are likely to rebel and cause chaos. The rebellion is used as a way of asserting their authority in the matter and coerces the existing institutions to accord them their rights. (Rawls, 1971)

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Civil Disobedience

One way through which people demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the way the society is run. If a society does not have social, political institutions which can be informal or formal, and proper economic structures it is likely to experience civil disobedience. A society which is dominated by civil disobedience is not just. This is because people do not have respect for the law or other structures put in place in the society for the well being of all. (Rawls, 1993)

 Corruption is one indicator of a society which is not just due to civil disobedience. For instance, well connected individuals and influential politicians abuse the existing social and political structures and amasses wealth for themselves at the expense of the common man. This has led to widening disparity between the rich and the poor. (Quigley, 1961) Such individuals have means of influencing higher authorities and therefore they are able to access public funds and other resources for their own personal gains. (Atkinson, 1982)

As a result, there has been public outcry and desire to throw such people out of the government and public offices that they hold. Members of the society have resulted in staging demonstrations to express their grievances. The money which is stolen from the public coffers is meant to develop he society and generate stable sources of income for the society. (Rawls, 1993)

There have been untold crimes being committed by young people as a result of civil disobedience of those in higher authorities. Corruption which is a fruit of civil disobedience, has made the young  people to commit crimes after being rewarded handsome rewards by their sponsors, who are usually well connected individuals.

Despite the evils committed, these individuals are not charged with any offence because they can influence and manipulate the judicial system. According to Rawl, he asserted everyone is in possession of an undisputable desire for justice; the society’s welfare as a whole can’t underestimate it. Therefore lack of justice, breeds acts of corruption and some people are denied freedom and yet others share a greater good. The coercion assumes that the citizens are reasonable. (Rawls, 1993)

The commission for human rights does not do much to promote the rights of the people and thus the level of civil disobedience has increased overtime. The commission should look into the causes of corruption and tackle the problem from the grassroots. For instance, it is believed that some of the causes of corruption are greed for wealth, low income levels, loose moral values, and lack of accountability on those handling financial matters. (Atkinson, 1982)

Corruption has also led to inequality and total disregard of human rights. Equality and human rights are the basic concepts towards a just society. The human rights are evident in the way people live their everyday lives at all levels of the society. The social structure needs to cater for the needs of everyone to avoid corruption at low levels before it graduates to higher levels. For example transparency should be emphasized right from primary school and rewards should not be given to people for committing evil. (Rawls, 1993)

The most notable forms of corruption involve massive looting of the public funds which translate into billions of dollars and sale of public corporations. Others involve embezzlement of money meant to pay employees. This contributes to unjust society. (Quigley, 1961)

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