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Career is a job or occupation regarded as a long-term or lifelong activity, the general path or progress taken by somebody where he is trained in a particular occupation for his entire working life while preference is the selection of something rather than other choices, it’s the power to choose on what you desire or what is desirable in your part. Socio means society, human society is the best example to understand its meaning because you can understand easily what you observed on it.

Factors That Influence Career Choice

Socioeconomic is relating to or involving money or financial matters. The above mentioned are the factors affecting the students who aren’t able to finish a Bachelor of Science in Criminology in its allotted duration to finish it. The Bachelor of Science in Criminology or Criminal Justice is a 4-year college degree program intended for individuals who wish to have a career in the fields of law enforcement, security administration, crime detection and prevention or correctional administration.

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It aims to foster the values of leadership, integrity, accountability and responsibility while serving fellowmen, community and the country. BS Criminology does not require any special skills, except general skills for the course. Many students would classify the field of study as interesting and not too difficult at all but the course includes several intriguing subjects, even the Practicum is highly anticipated by the graduating students due to its social relevance.

Practicum is a non-academic performance; it is performed outside the school, from the time the interns are turned over to the different agencies and offices particularly on PNP divisions and sections they are divided into groups and do the activities they were required to do. They will apply what they learned on the major subjects like when they’re assigned on the traffic section they will apply what they learned on Traffic Management and Accident Scene Investigation a major subject of the course.

On HPG unit they are lectured to acquire knowledge on patrolling techniques, on BJMP they will learn more about Jail Management and apply some of what lessons on Institutional Correction Administration also a major subject, on the other hand, they are also assigned on offices like in Mountain Province Police Provincial Office (MPPPO) and in Bontoc Municipal Police Station wherein they observe the jobs/works of officers assigned on offices. The group performs their duty 8 hours a day excluding weekends which is the requirement of the practicum.

After accomplishing all the above mentions the graduating students can apply for graduation. Our country suffers from multicrisis such as socioeconomic and financial crisis which is greatly affected by global economic crisis, despite all these crises, Filipinos are imaginative, creative and courageous to surpass these obstacles of everyday life. Every one of us has a great responsibility lies on our acquired knowledge and skills when we engage into a job and acted as one of the enforcement in an industry that would further improve the depleting economy of the country.

All of these come first from wishes and aspirations that arise during childhood years that someday we will become a professional to ascend into poverty. This factors that serve as the preference of student in choosing a career in college includes childhood aspiration, family and relatives, peers or friends anticipated problems they encounter are presumed to affect the student preference of their career. Career preparedness will help the student become more effective and successful in life with his chosen job but there is an external factor such as socioeconomic status which changes their aspiration in life.

Such when a student wants to become a law enforcer which he always dreamed to be but because of his family’s economic status he has to change his aspiration and take another course, his interest gets less concentrated because it’s not suitable for him. Some graduated high school students gradually stop in pursuing their college career because they lack money, financial sustainability plays a major role in alterations of career life. Some students need to work in order to sustain their studies, as well as to help their family about expenses.

Another prime factor is attitude, the personal view of something, opinion or general feeling about something which either promote or demote academic performances among students, for example a student says, "I study hard on examinations but I don’t try hard during quizzes, I cheat on my notes during quizzes in order to get a passing grade", clearly a bad attitude that a student has already practised doing which when he doesn’t do the same, he will fail other activity. Attitude plays a major role in attaining one's aspirations because it affects our performances.

According to Webster, career preference is a free opportunity to select a desired career. It is also decision-making in a confusing situation which occurs during the senior year (3rd and 4th) of high school level. According to Tiedeman, career development unfolds within the general process of cognitive development as one resolves ego- relevant crisis. He cited the factors in choosing a career e. g. , when one is confused in choosing a career, he relies on his friends and relatives, he was confused in the sense that he cannot make his own decision because he’s not yet ready to get into a college.

External factor such as parents’ choice of what course their child to study, this affect s the child’s interest to study, they may go to school but it’s for compliance because they are not interested in the course they are studying. He further noted out that decision-making is a continuous process in which individuals will change their courses of career action, generally by leaving an environment such as when a student is dis-oriented in his course he has been taking that will result in decreasing eagerness on that particular field.

He decides to transfer in another school or to shift another course that he thinks it will fit his own interest. Another is, when one is unstable in making a decision, these disoriented strategies may be repeated until he achieves a bachelor’ degree but it took a long time which is supposed to achieve in four years. Based on Ap- apaway (Official Student Publication of MPSPC Main Campus) Bachelor of Science in Criminology in MPSPC Bontoc campus, the course has the highest population in the institution highest number of enrollees contributing 37.63 percentage of the total population of the institution, a total of 1,519 criminology students.

The department has increased its population by 8. 29% from 1,393 of the previous semester SY 2013-2014 and being the highest number of enrollees it has also the highest number of graduates during graduation, even in October, end month of the first semester there are not less than 100 students who take their practicum, termed as criminology internship. According to its population, it is the most preferred course of a student of the Mountain Province and another nearby province who came to study here.

As mandated by CHED (CMO no. 37 series of 2010) normally the course takes 4 years to complete. On the job training/ internship takes 1 semester or 540 hours. Graduating students are required to take practicum for 1 semester on the fourth year of the program. It is designed to provide practical experience for graduating students to work on the five pillars of the criminal justice system. During these periods, the students taking practicum are allowed to observe and assist, but not to perform actual operations that may compromise their safety.

Conceptual Framework

This study researches on the three basic factors that affect the students who aren’t able to finish the four years duration of the course. Career preference as previously explained is one major factor which affects the performance of the student, the selection, of course, to study rather than another course, the students should enrol the course they prefer because they are the only one which is aware of their capabilities and what profession they want to have in the future as their life-long activity.

Some students choose to enrol the course because they are interested but they are not good in performing the activities and requirements of some subjects of the course, which will affect the students’ interest to continue their study. Some students thought criminology is very interesting but as they start to study they found out the hardship of some subjects and they will tend to drop the subject and enrol it to the next semester or summer which will make the time of studying longer.

Economically, parents tend to let their child stop studying for a while or let them shift into another course if they came into a point that they no longer afford to pay the course’ fees. In the other hand, an attitude of the student a prime factor on the cause of not finishing the course in the allotted duration, it affects how the students behave and perform required activities. In this study, it conceptualized that the student can overcome the factors affecting the problem. The college needs effective, competent and full-time instructors that can balance the applications of some subjects.

The course can be understood more if we have adequate facilities and equipment in the institution, especially in our department it must require that all faculty members be actively involved in criminology research in their respective field of interest in order to deliver enriched learning through their practice.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to help criminology students to finish the study on the allotted duration of the course. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following questions:

What are the possible actions of the students that they can do that may lessen the effects of the factors affecting the problem?

Can the students avoid the factors affecting the problem?

Scope and delimitation of the study Importance of the study Operational definitions of terms Career-a job or occupation regarded as a long-term or lifelong activity, the general path or progress taken by somebody where he is trained in a particular occupation in preparing for his entire working life. Preference is the selection of something rather than other choices, it’s the power to choose on what you desire or what is desirable in your part. Socioeconomic is relating to or involving economic and social factors.

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