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Racial profiling article

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Racial Profiling means any action taken regarding security, safety, or public protection. It is based on stereotypes about race, color, caste, creed, ancestry, religion, gender, or age to catch the individual and to treat him differently. This has to be understood that racial profiling is not similar to criminal profiling as criminal profiling does not rely on stereotypes but rather looks for information about a suspected activity(Bahdi, 2017). However, racial profiling disrupts people’s rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Racial profiling is all about the stereotyped perspective of indigenous people. The issue is common in Canada, however not limited to the context of law enforcement. The paper will discuss key facts and situation prevailed in Canada about racial profiling.

Racial profiling has been a matter of debate and several decisions are taken under the charter of rights in Canada. Legal development jurisprudence in this regard has significance due to the social justice system. The review of the case of the law highlights the element of racial profiling, but there are many barriers to prevent its realization. In some specific cases, the lack of case law is witnessed like child welfare. For instance, it is possible to occur inlaw association lounge; in school discipline, health and safety risk assessment, and inquiry of child’s aid. This systematic problem is continued in terms of discrimination indigenous people are facing under the criminal justice system(Pozo, 2001). Racial discrimination is a diverse matter and race is counted as a factor where stereotype mentality is common. The racial stereotyping tends to occur as a result of prejudice, beliefs, and biases. African Canadians are more looked, cross-examined, halted, and watched by police as they are viewed as the principle racialized bunch than the others like whites. Subsequently, the majority of African Canadians are imprisoned and captured. They don\'t end up as the resident of their nation or having a place inside a region(Garrett, 2000).

Black or African people living in Canada experience racism most of the time. Because of racism, they suffer from injustice and inequalities. Calling out names, or talking behind the back about a certain person is also a part of the racism that affects many people brutally. The African Nova Scotian Community has always been under police investigation and racial profiling as compared to normal non-racialized people (Bahdi, 2017). African Canadians are more searched, interrogated, stopped, and watched by police as they are considered the main racialized group than the others like whites. As a result, most of African Canadians are jailed and arrested. People in communities who suffer from racial profiling are constantly living their lives in fear. Also, they believe that they belong to an inferior cast. They don’t find themselves as the citizen of their country or belonging within a province. They want to be viewed and treated as an individual, rather been left in isolation.

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Racial profiling is the mindset of the people that lead to wider differences among different races of people(Barnes, 2018). Racial Profiling is not only specifically mentioned to African Canadians but also Arab, Chinese, and Southeast Asian, Latin American, South Asian, and Muslim. Also, white people suffer from racial profiling when they are in a relationship with a person belonging to one of the communities.

When people are applying for different jobs, they suffer a lot of favoritism and racism, many of them might do their job satisfactorily while some are stereotyping, impacting the community as well as the whole organization in a negative sense. The people of Canada must be concerned about racial profiling as it is only causing a violation of human rights(Gross & Livingston, 2002). However, the Ontario Human Rights Commission guides organizations, individuals, and communities as to how to prevent racial profiling. They also take written conduct from the people who told them about the experiences and understanding of racial profiling. Also, OHRC is trying to divert people from their perspectives and representing them the real and various perspectives(Garrett, 2000).

Canada is also a multicultural state, they purposefully immigrate to those individuals, people and families who are educated, talented and can add a difference in their economic and social system irrespective of their caste, culture, creed, and ethnicity. Canadian political parties have their immigration law and policies which they implement whenever they came in power. In this kind of environment, which Canada possesses, it will be very difficult for the government to target or discriminate against any racial ethnicity, because of their significance and importance for the economic system (Bahdi, 2017). Action or decisions against some ethnicities will erupt political and economic instability and can reduce economic growth, and this injustice can put a bad image for the country and can become a source of international restrictions and monetarization.

Individuals in networks who experience the ill effects of racial profiling are continually experiencing their lives in dread; likewise, they accept that they have a place with a second rate cast. Racial profiling has been found in direct shreds of evidence under different circumstances. For instance, a law case by the Supreme Court about Bombardier is set as a high bar to establish the prima facie discrimination case. Bombardier’s decision was to deny the pilot training to MrLatif, who was a Canadian license holder. This decision was attributable to the denial of US authorities to offer him training, on the basis of a license. This law case presents how the Supreme Court has placed no weight on the situation regarding the conduct of Bombardier(Barnes, 2018). The supporter additionally safeguards the act of racial profiling and thought of it as a valuable demonstration to check fear-mongering, unlawful exercises and to keep up harmony in the general public.

Racial profiling offers multiple aspects of identity and needs precise information. In another law case, Toronto police officer racially profiled a man and awarded by $80000. The ruling Elmardy v. Toronto in 2017 showed the important effects of racial profiling by police. Mutazpursued a case of racial profiling against Toronto Police Service constable(Garrett, 2000). The data provision is significant to develop a policy framework and to educate police officers about community interaction. It is also helpful to alleviate the concerns of the community about police and identify misconduct carried out by police officers. It is significant to avoid rhetoric accusations and encourage positive dialogue while making sound policy strategies(Giroday, 2019). Police can gather relevant data on racial profiling by making responsible persons held accountable. It is also important that racial data cannot be gathered to evaluate Canadian racialized communities’ behavior.

The supporter also defended the practice of racial profiling and considered it a useful act to curb terrorism, unlawful activities, and to maintain peace in society. In recent days racial profiling surges and increases by tremendous speed because of the 9/11 terrorist activity on the world trade center(Bahdi, 2017). Muslims are specifically targeted in this whole scenario, and it creates unrest between Muslim communities throughout the world, and they feel unsafe and discriminated against. Event of 9/11 also restricts immigration law done by many countries specific to some ethnic group There are multiple examples where law enforcement officers pulled off random people because they are Indian or Arabs and put them in jail before their family and friends, because of unavailability of passport and important document, and cases where people get busted because they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of these cases are in connection with the event 9/11 are the negative hype it crates against a specific group and people(Barnes, 2018).

There are cases, throughout the world where people get victimized by these thoughts, like in many cases in America, policemen stop a black person because he is black, and these people felt that they are being pulled over because of different skin colors. Racial profiling can also be seeing while purchasing daily consumable products, sales staff are reluctant to entertain those people who are black or pertain to a particular ethnic group(Giroday, 2019). This creates chaos and disturbance in society and makes a bad image throughout the world because by judging people by their color is a most disturbing thing, which they don’t have command on. The discussion highlights the prevalence of racial profiling throughout Canada and its impact on minorities. The arguments highlighted under racial profiling present coherent evidence of the issue.

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