Essays on Serial Killers

Essays on Serial Killers

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Am I a Serial Killer

Am I a Serial Killer? Have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself, “How can someone Just BE a continuous murderer? ” Brain damage, environment, and genetic codes are all factors that determine whether an individual may become a serial killer. If you …

BrainGeneticsNeuronSerial KillersSuicide
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Serial killer

Jeffrey Dahmer was no ordinary criminal. He was the type of serial killer that most people fear. He was able to prolong his killing spree because he was calmed, very intelligent, and nice looking man. This got him out of the trouble he most desperately …

CrimeMurderSerial Killers
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Serial Killer Edmund Kemper III

Serial Killer Edmund Kemp Ill For this project I have chosen to go with a serial murder by the name of Edmund Emil Kemp Ill. A serial murder is a murder of separate victims with some time breaks between them (Lyman, 2011, p. 307). The …

CrimeMurderSerial Killers
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Serial Killer Richard Chase

As a young boy he didn’t show any odd behavior until he turned the age of ten. At the age, often in 1960 he started killing and torturing animals including cats. Then by some years passed it was 1964 an he started attending Mira Lama …

MedicineSerial Killers
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Monologue of a Serial Killer

How was I supposed to know that this was wrong, when it felt so right? Everything my father has taught me is wrong… He taught me not to love, taught me not to feel, have no compassion for others. How…how could this be wrong, my …

CriminologyLoveSerial Killers
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Serial Killers as Heroes in Popular Culture

“When asked to justify the extremely sadistic nature of his murders, Doe replies: “If you want to people to pay attention, Detective, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer. Then you’ll find you have their …

Girl ScoutHeroesPop CultureSerial Killers
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Serial Killers

Many misunderstand the true meaning of the term serial killer and confuse it with those of mass murderers and spree killers. However, a serial killer has much different tactics than those of mass murderers and spree killers. In order to be declared a serial killer, …

AbuseCrimeCriminologyMurderSerial Killers
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Evaluating La Donna Beatty’s “What Makes a Serial Killer”

In exploring the concept of the serial killer, La Donna Beatty looks toward the violence of modern society, biology, and family. In addition, she observes the possible correlations between the de-institutionalization of the American mental health system as well as alcoholism. However, as with any …

AbuseAlcoholismMurderSerial KillersViolence
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Henry Howard Holmes, One of Americas first Serial Killers

I researched who is to be believed as the one of america’s First Serial Killers, Herman Webster Mudgett aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes. He had confessed to 27 murders, but only 9 could actually be proven. He had several victims during his time and choose …

HowardSerial Killers
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Serial Killers: Biology or Upbringing

As people in today’s society, we are constantly being bombarded with the crazy actions that mankind is capable of. We watch the news and hear about murders, or even read a book about a mysterious killer. As we go through these pieces of reality, one …

AggressionBrainGeneticsSerial Killers
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Made or Born a Serial Killer

Lexis Munoz Professor Miller English 5B 23 April 2013 Are Serial Killers Born or Made? Psychologist John B. Watson expressed in his scientific studies of human behavior that emotion is learnt and as humans we are highly social creatures, and by integrating those two ideas …

Serial Killers
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Analyze the Serial Killers Essay

What makes a serial killer? Introduction Reported incidents of multiple murders committed by an individual, who are now known to us as ‘serial killers’, have increased in notoriety since the 1870s. Although almost unknown at that point in time, they did exist. Mary Ann Cotton …

AbuseCrimeMurderSerial Killers
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Serial Killers in Modern America

In today’s society, America is a dangerous place for people to walk alone. We have definitely had our share of serial killers over the years. We have had the Harpes brothers in the 1800’s to the more modern day Jeffrey Dahmer. A serial killer in …

CrimeCriminologyJusticeMurderSerial Killers
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Are Serial Killers Born or Created

We have been looking at the Nature vs Nurture debate in psychology and how it can be applied to Serial Killers. In class we also looked at the ways nature and nurture effected how Colin Jackson and found that it was a combination of the …

AggressionPersonalitySerial Killers
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What are the 4 types of serial killers?
There are four types if serial murderers: the visionary', the mission-oriented and hedonistic, as well as the ’power/control-oriented.
Are serial killers born or made conclusion?
However, it is clear that serial killers can be both born and made based on the numerous findings and studies about their brains.
Why do serial killers kill?
Psychological pleasure is the most common motivation for serial killing. Numerous serial killings involve sexual contact. However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation states that motives of serial killers might include financial gain, anger, thrill-seeking or attention seeking.
Why is it important to study serial killers?
Research may be able to decrease fear among the public and to make it easier for people to think rationally about their vulnerability to atrocious violent acts. Beyond the excitement, media coverage also contributes to fear of crime, even something so unlikely as serial killers.

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