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Many teenagers are terrified of going to school. The reality is that millions of students are negatively affected not only children who receive it, but also everyone. Parents, teachers, and other adults may not always see it, also, because adults do not always see it. Bullying may have one or more\' operatives\' who would support more bullying of bullying, from one-on - one personal bullying to collective bullying called bullying. (Bennett, 2006) Bullying prevents children and young people from going to school and could even interfere both with their ability to concentrate or fully participate in classroom activities. It can also have a similar effect on the sidelines. (UNESCO, 2017)
Issues surrounding bullying.

Although there is no universal definition of bullying, there are strong consensuses that bullying being a subcategory of aggressive and inappropriate behavior. (Burger, Christoph et Al., 2015) For example simply, bullying can be defined as an activity designed to harm the physical, mental or emotional repetitive aggressive behavior of a person. One of the main issues immediately surrounding bullying relates to health and wellbeing. According to other related study, both bullies and victims have been reported to develop lower health and well-being standards. Higher levels of depression, anxiety, and suicide are key factors in the victim\'s growth and development.

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Cyberbullying has become one of the growing factors of bullying. Cyberbullying is achieved by technology. This form of bullying is easy to find because there\'s no supervision by parents or authorities. Cyber bullying involves e-mail, instant messaging, text messages, website, social network sites and more, but does not limit it to abuse. (Bolton and Graeve, 2005) With the creation of social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, and Twitter, Cyber bullying is increasing by the number each year.

Parent perspectives presented on bullying.

Parents are the key players in transition planning. You can tell your child that he or she is better than anyone else; you can share ideas and ideas about and about your future child. Out through the life and school experience of your child, you can get help.
Parents after listening to their children\'s stories, let them make a plan to stop bullying for them. Discuss how you can connect with your child and the action and self-defense strategy of your school. Creating a tailor-made plan for the strengths and abilities of your child helps to increase self-esteem and stability.

Ensure you share strategies that concern teachers, coaches, and other kids who write to your children every day. Bullying prevention is a collective effort to prevent, significantly reduce, and stop bullying. Many activities around the world are designated as prevention of bullying. Anti-bullying campaigns and activities include anti-bullying days, anti-bullying weeks, international pink days, anniversary of international corruption, and national anti-bullying months. In the United States of America, bullying laws have also been enacted in 23 of the 50 states, and school bullying is illegal. (Ross, SW and Horner, RH, 2009)

Bullying prevention has recently become an important issue for schools and families. More and more educational institutions are beginning to produce bullying education programs and zero tolerance policies. You have to talk to adults, students, and teachers and parents so that way they can report bullying together and take appropriate actions to prevent child bullying.

As a teacher in a professional setting, my duties are to recognize and report to the proper channels. One of the biggest things we can do to help a parent advocate provides information on support groups, education, counseling, about bullying and the impacts it has for their child who is being bullied.

Parents must successfully complete all treatment and parental functions outlined in the Family Services Program (FSP). Your parents are expected to work with your caseworker to create your FSP. This is a specially prepared document outlining the steps you need to get your child back to you. Even when, you\'re fully involved, you can learn more about which services are most beneficial to you and your child.
One of the biggest things that parents can do is advocate their child. Parents need to pay attention and be alert to your child’s behaviors and their child’s social interaction with their peers. Parents are the main players in the advocacy of making the bullying stop. They know their child more than we know your student. Having a plan is beneficial before they reach pre-school.

Reaction and Summary

The cause of bullying is still unknown, but the impact on the victim is very obvious. As I was trying to finish my reaction and summary, I came across this. I am going to quote what was said in the Juvenile Courts records. “The Secret Services of the United States and the Department of Education of the United States have found that bullying is the cause of the most of the most \"targeted school violence\" in the last 25 years of the 20th century” (Juvenile Courts, 1925). Victims are also closely linked to suicide ideation, social isolation, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, physical health problems decreased academic performance and school attachment. Many of these effects may last until adulthood. (Britannica.2018) For students to feel secure and safe in the school, there needs to be a better supportive and respective school environment.

As parents, teachers, educators, and students, we want to protect and empower us as people as we grow and become successful adults. Today “parenting” includes the digital life of parenting. The world we live in you must be an avid digital parent. You must have an open, honest dialogue about bullying and cyber bullying with your child. Discuss ways to deal with these situations, and make them the best through love and support. Has a better understanding of the student that is the victim (bullied) and an understanding of the student that is the non-victim (Bully).

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