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Grand Theft Auto V: Making Good People since 2013

Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) is an action-adventure video game released for various platforms (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation) in 2013, 2014, and 2015. It is set in the fictional state of San Andreas, based in Southern California, and has an open world design that allows …

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Pages 4
Criminal Law 9 Offences Against Property

Theft – The Theft offence is defined under S1 of the ‘Theft act 1968’. Where it provides that if ‘A person dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another, with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it,’ will be guilty of the offence. For this …

BurglaryCrimeCriminal LawCriminologyJustice
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Burglary: Criminal Law and Effective Entry

Burglary is an offence under Section 9 of the Thefts Act, which is in 2 separate parts. The first sub section is s9(1)(a) which states “ a person is guilty of burglary if he enters any building or part of a building as a trespasser …

BurglaryCrimeCriminal LawCriminologyJustice
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Identity Theft: A Growing Concern for Americans and the Need for Government Action

Identity theft is a serious problem that has been happening for a very long period of time. In America there are over 9 million victims of identity theft that takes place every year. Research shows Nine out of ten American homeowners have concerns about becoming …

BurglaryCreditFraudIdentity TheftPrivacy
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Code of Ethics : Ethical Dilemma Essay

Please review the following scenario and respond to the questions that follow using a minimum of 300 words. Robert was interested in learning about the workings of professional burglars. Several years ago, he made contact with someone who could put him in touch with a …

BurglaryConfidentialityEthical DilemmaSociology
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Best solution for a suburb having frequent cases of violence, theft and burglary

Assume that you are living in suburb which has frequent cases of violence, theft and burglary. What do you think is the best solution in long run and short run? Do you prefer to support CPTED and/or reactive approaches which involves police, court and other …

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Burglary & distinguishing characteristic

Burglary, larceny, and robbery all involve theft or the possibility and/or likelihood of theft, but there are some important distinctions between the three. Burglary is essentially the act of breaking into a premesis with the intention to commit a crime – usually theft, but other …

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Experience an economic downturn

In this report, we will focus on the relationship between crime rates and economic conditions. When we experience an economic downturn, what effect will it have on us? We asked this question in the interviews which we conducted, and we concluded that the unemployment rate is …

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Your Data Breach Doesn’t Have to Produce Identity Theft

The odds are against all of us. If you have not already been notified that your personal information was involved in a data breach, then chances are you will be soon or your personal information was, indeed, compromised but it has not been discovered yet.The …

BankBurglaryCreditDataFraudIdentity Theft
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Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing problem and costs American consumers billions of dollars and countless hours each year.  The following paper will discuss the issue of identity theft, the definition of the problem and it will survey five people about personal awareness of identity theft. …

BurglaryCreditCrimeFraudIdentity Theft
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Burglary Criminal Data Comparison

The year 1929 marked the conception of the Uniform Crime Reporting program (UCR) by the chiefs of police international association to gather for the required reliability and homogeneous crime data for the country. The mission of collection, publication and archiving of this information was rendered …

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Theft and Burglary Arrest

Burglary is the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a crime. It is an offense against possession and habitation. Night time used to be an element of burglary, but in today’s world, this is no longer a factor as burglary can occur at any …

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Effects Drugs Have on Urban Communities

{draw:rect} Did most urban communities start out as nice as most suburban communities are today? Yes, they did. The government built subsidized housing complexes for low income households; today they are called “the projects” or the ghetto. These communities have been run down over the …

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Methods of Research

Price Scientist conducts research on a daily basis. The purpose of this research is exploration, description, explanation, and application. In the area of criminal Justice things are getting researched all of the time. Take murder for example, the police have to explore to find out …

AddictionBurglaryCrimeCriminologyEssay Examples
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New York’s Midtown North

New York’s Midtown North is made up of several precincts, with one unique in the city: the CPP, or Central Park Precinct. The precinct is home to 42 species of birds year round, with up to 300 species sighted there at various seasons, and there …

BurglaryCrimeCriminologyEssay ExamplesPolice
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Security as a Part of My Life

Gomez Expository Essay Security is an Important Part of My Life In today’s society, crime rates have sky rocketed compared to years past. The recession has much to do with laws being broken. People are out of work and getting desperate to ensure their survival. …

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Burglary, also called breaking and entering and sometimes housebreaking, is the act of entering a building or other areas without permission, with the intention of committing a criminal offence. Usually that offence is theft, robbery or murder, but most jurisdictions include others within the ambit of burglary.

Frequently asked questions

How do you explain burglary?
Burglary is the unlawful entry into a building or other structure with the intent to commit a crime, usually theft. Burglaries can be committed through forcible entry, such as breaking a window or picking a lock, or by simply entering a building that is unlocked.
What is burglary and example?
Burglary is the criminal act of breaking and entering into a property with the intent to commit a crime. This can be done through force, such as kicking in a door, or through more subtle means, such as picking a lock. Once inside, the burglar may commit a variety of crimes, such as theft, vandalism, or assault. Burglary is often thought of as a crime of opportunity, as it requires little planning or sophistication. However, some burglaries are well-planned and executed, such as those carried out by professional thieves. In these cases, the burglar may case the property in advance, looking for signs of an easy entry point and an escape route. They may also disable security systems or create a distraction to draw attention away from the break-in.
Why do people commit burglary?
There are a variety of reasons why people commit burglary. For some, it may be a means of obtaining money or valuables that they cannot otherwise acquire. For others, it may be a way to exact revenge upon someone who has wronged them. Still others may do it simply for the thrill of the act itself. Whatever the reason, burglary is a serious crime that can have lasting consequences for both the victim and the perpetrator.
How can we protect burglary?
-Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving the house or going to bed. -Install a security system with motion-activated cameras and an alarm. -Keep your valuables in a safe or hidden from view. -Make sure your home appears occupied by using timers on lights and radios. -Get to know your neighbors and keep an eye out for suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

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