Should Parents Give Their Children Mobile Phone?

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Nowadays, the mobile phone become popular in all of the people. Handphone help people to communicate easily. But in fact, mobile phones can addict someone not only adult people and also young people. Parents should think about the impact of using a mobile phone to their children due to it is disturbance of their study and social relationship. Children do not want to far from their hand phone. They bring it everywhere, including when they study at home or study in the classroom.

So, their concentrate not only in their study but also in their hand phone, they will choose to receive call than they continue their study. In the other side, when parents give hand phone to their children, it will build their relationship and create interaction dialogue or communication. Children will contact somebody who they are expected such as their friends, brother, sister, uncles an etc. it can make warm situation around them, they would not misinformation each other.

If children often to communicate with someone they will have good interaction, easy to communicate. So, with their relationship and their interaction it will make them confident to utterance their opinion. Even though there are advantages of handphones for children, but in the fact the highest percentage is the disadvantages of hand phone. Hand phone for children causes the damage of personal such us lazy to do something. If children playing a handphone, they would not want to do the other activities.

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If they have bad relationship with other people, it will influence their habitually like easy to get emotion. So, hand phone has the big rule of their behavior if they could not use in the right way. Parents must be active to control their children when they use mobile phone. Even though parents easy to communicate with their children but they would not know who their children called. So, giving children handphone is not the best choice for parents who busy with their career.

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on Should Parents Give Their Children Mobile Phone?

What age should parents give their child a phone?
The age at which a parent should give their child a phone is a personal decision and will depend on the individual child. Generally, it is recommended that parents wait until their child is at least 12 years old before giving them a phone. However, some parents may choose to give their child a phone at an earlier age if they feel it is necessary.
Why you should wait to give your child a phone?
It is important to wait to give your child a phone until they are mature enough to handle the responsibility. This includes being able to use the phone responsibly, understanding the potential risks of using the internet, and being able to manage their time appropriately. Additionally, it is important to set clear expectations and boundaries for phone use before giving your child a phone.
Why not to give your child a phone?
Giving a child a phone can be a difficult decision, as it can be a distraction from school work and other activities. Additionally, it can open up the possibility of cyberbullying and other online risks. It is important to consider the age and maturity of the child before making the decision to give them a phone.

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