Essays on Government Regulation

Essays on Government Regulation

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Government Regulation on Media in America

The government is the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states. Media is the means of communication, such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet which influence people broadly. The mainstream American …

EntertainmentGovernment RegulationMediaNews
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Examining Government Regulations Analysis

Western Maine Community Action (WMCA) is operated under the direction of an elected and appointed Board of Directors. This Board of Directors not only has to adhere to the Bylaws of WMCA, but also to various rules and regulations set forth by state and federal …

DemocracyGovernment RegulationHomelessness
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Producer Protection, Prior Market Structure and the Effects of Government Regulation

 Introduction The direct economic regulation of business by independent government commissions has a one-hundred year history on the North American continent. It is generally asserted that the purpose of such commissions is to protect consumers from exploitation by limiting the economic powers of certain firms …

DiscriminationGovernment RegulationMarket StructureMicroeconomicsMonopolyOligopoly
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Government Regulations

Analyzing Government RegulationsWith the economic system the manner it is the demand for human services has been greater than it has of all time been. Peoples unable to happen occupations are turning to authorities run plans like Temporary Aid to Needy Families ( TANF ) …

AbuseGovernment RegulationHomelessnessMedicaidPoverty
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Examining Government Regulations

The current government regulations I researched pertain to the clinical guidelines and the civil rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS in Portland, Oregon. Many people living with HIV/AIDS, at some point during their illness, find themselves in need of housing assistance and support services. Stable …

Government RegulationHomelessnessJustice
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Government Regulations Within the Jewellery Industry

The government regulations are really down to the federal trade commission to enforce it and to ensure that the jewellery industry complies with it. The government regulations even have an influence in the way that the businesses are allowed to market themselves and the way …

Government RegulationIndustries
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In the context of government and business in America, regulations are rules set by government or other bodies that outline how activities in a given industry can operate. Some industries, such as energy products and manufacturing, are highly regulated.


The purpose of much federal regulation is to provide protection, either to individuals, or to the environment. Whether the topic is environmental protection, safety and health in the home or workplace, or consumption of goods and services, regulations can have far reaching effects.


Q: How is electricity regulated? A: The Federal government, through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, regulates interstate power sales and service. State governments, through their public utility commissions or equivalent, regulate retail electric service as well as facility planning and siting.


Government regulation of firms uses the 'coercive power' of the state to alter firms' pricing, entry, production, investment, and product choice decisions. Results of this work suggest that regulation cannot be understood simply as an efficient intervention to correct market failure.


What are the benefits of regulation?
Sensible, evidenced-based regulations which respect the fundamental role free-market capitalism can have vital public benefits. These include protecting the environment as well as civil rights and safety.

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