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Career Development at Coffman Feeds. Inc. Coffman feeds, Inc. Is a major producer of animal feeds. It Is located at San Vaccine, Slang, Cavity. Since its tonguing in 1972, the company has grown rapidly in terms to sales and profits However, human resource policies have tended to lag behind company growth. Human resources have not been a high priority. Recently, Arleen Campaign has been hired as Director of Human resource for the company. Arleen has been on the Job for four months and has been assessing the situation determine the more significant human resource problems.

One significant problem seems to bight turnover among laboratory chemist who work in research and development. In particular, the R&D department had lost some of the young chemists who had been considered to be on the "fast track". Most had gone to competitors In the local area. In an Interview with some of the employees in the department, some claimed that "the company does not really care about Its good people". Some even commented hat the present Board of directors do not want to allow their better people to move up In the organization. Also read which education level has the highest return on investment (ROI)?

They are more Interested in keeping their employees In their own department so they can meet their own goals without having to orient and train new people. They went on to criticize the company for using an appraisal form of no section dealing with future potential or future goals, no rewards for supervisors who develop their subordinates, no human resource planning to Identify future Job penning, and attitudinal barriers against women in management.

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Arleen checked out the Information and found It to be accurate. Clearly, she has an event greater challenge than she had anticipated. She realizes she has an Immediate problem concerning high turnover of certain key employees. In addition, she also has a series of Interconnected problems associated with career development. But she is not quite sure what to do and in what order.

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