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Research Statement on the Impact of the American Culture to Canadian Cultural

Historically, Canada has been subjected to various cultures such as that of the British and the French. From as early the 1500s, European explorers, traders, and fishermen from England, Ireland and France helped form the basis of Canadian culture. Now in the modern era, there …

American CultureCanadaMorality
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Research Essay-Pre Revolutionary Thinkers

Over the past several weeks, looking out of the window of my modest home and seeing wave after wave of British marauders marching toward the city of Boston, some miles from my own home, my mind wanders to exactly what has taken place over the …

Words 106
Pages 1
Interview with and Research on an Alzheimer’s Disease Patient

I chose to interview my father’s aunt, who is 85 years old and suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. The reason I chose to interview her is because she is at Stage 6 of the disease, which means she is at the mid to severe level. At …

Alzheimers DiseaseDisease
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Alternative Fuel for Cars – Research Proposal

This research proposal is written for proposing further research on a suitable and economically sustainable alternative fuel for cars. This study was taken as need of the hour to reduce the cost towards oil imports and control pollution, which if not controlled now, will lead …

Words 1295
Pages 5
American History Research Paper

Barbados Barbados is an important part of American history since it was an area where many sugar cane plantations where located. We all know that way back in the 17th century, large plantations like these were required a lot of workers. The manual labor came …

American HistoryChristianityIroquoisPocahontasSlavery
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A Reaction Paper on the Article on Studies in the Area of Brain Research

The article, “Studies in the area of brain research, reported from Tel-Aviv University.  (2008, November). Health & Medicine Week,1224.  Retrieved December 2, 2008, from Research Library database. (more…)

Words 24
Pages 1
A Research Paper on Estee Lauder

Much can be said for the company that gave us an array of fragrances, cosmetics, and apparel over the years. Esteé Lauder Companies along with the its affiliates have come a long way from starting out as a small counter on Saks Fifth Avenue in …

Estee Lauder
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Pages 4
The researchers built their study

The research article by Suniya Luthar, Karen Shoum and Pamela Brown (2006) entitled “Extracurricular involvement among affluent youth: A scapegoat for ubiquitous achievement pressures” attempted to determine the extracurricular involvement of high status secondary students and how this affected their academic performance and whether it …

Essay Examples
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A public policy research paper on contemporary issues

A contemporary issue is one which is distinctively modern in style, one which is current, ongoing, present or present-day in nature. A policy on the other hand according to the context of contemporary is a program of actions adopted by person, government, the set of …

Contemporary IssuesPublic Policy
Words 482
Pages 2
Scientific advancement: Morality Changed by Research

Scientific advancement benefits society: stem cells researches, creation of the Internet and various technologies have substantially facilitated human life and daily performance. However, as we are approaching the limits of human scientific knowledge, new scientific discoveries put us into the whirl of moral and ethical …

Words 46
Pages 1
Research Analysis: ‘Adult Drug Courts’

The General Accountability Office (GAO) did the study on Adult Drug Courts. GAO is an agency, operating independently and without any partisan agenda, that works for the U.S. Congress. Its role is to investigate how the federal government appropriates public revenue to aid Congress in …

Words 69
Pages 1
A Research Proposal on the Perceptions of 12th Grade Students

For a significant number of years, Nigeria has been facing alarming forms of malpractices that is being perpetuated in the conduct of examinations at almost all levels of its educational institutions. In effect of this, credibility in certification exams has been declining significantly. (more…)

Words 43
Pages 1
Research on Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Academic Performance

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of high school students who consume alcohol. Based on a study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health (1999), 44% of the students studied consumed alcohol and 23% consumed alcohol frequently. Alcohol …

Academic PerformanceAlcoholAlcohol ConsumptionConsumption
Words 870
Pages 4
A Research Proposal on the International Branding

Elite branded products try to catch the attention of the public by attempting to sell a dream, which is done by attempting to discern the most common inner desires of the targeted consumer market; once this is done, the brand tries to enlist the services …

Words 67
Pages 1
A Research On Native Americans: Origin, Culture, Way Of Life And Contribution To The United States

The origin and presence of Native Americans in the Western Hemisphere has been one of the most debatable issues in both American and world historical studies. European invaders entering the new land were quite challenged to find about 100 million inhabitants in the Americas; a …

LIFEUnited States
Words 53
Pages 1

Frequently asked questions

What are the 5 parts of research paper?
A Research Report has five major parts: Introduction Literature Review Methods These are the results. Discussion.
What is the introduction of a research essay?
Your introduction gives readers and reviewers the chance to tell you why your topic is worthy of their attention and why your paper is well worth their time. It serves many purposes. The introduction provides background information, introduces the topic and aims of your study, and gives an overview about the paper.
What is the good research title?
A title that is concise and adequately describes the content and purpose of your research paper is a good title . It is often the first part of a paper to be read.
What are the best topic in research?
Other great research paper topics: Technology. Religion. Social media. Music. Education. Health. Social issues. Environment.
What topic should be avoided in research?
The Best Played Topics. Personal Stories and Information You can also read more about. Topics with No Available Information. Topics with No Available Information. Topics that are too technical. Topics that are too narrow. Topics That Are Too Narrow Topics that are too broad. Opinion-Based and Offensive Controversial Topics. Topics that aren't important
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