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The effects of broken homes on children are traumatic. Broken homes can cause children to question their self-worth, to experience unnecessary grief, guilt and/or confusion. Young children especially, have difficulty understanding the rationalities of their parents’ decisions to divorce. All they know is that their …

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Children from broken homes become disenchanted with the idea of marriage. When they grow up, they come to distrust its role as a social institution and look at it lightly. According to statistics, a high percentage of people from broken homes end up with unsuccessful …

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Broken family happens when the two parents are not anymore living together, usually this happens through divorce, but most recently, younger generation increased in number and frequency of single parenthood and early pregnancy (Tiabuilder, 2007). Broken homes, nonetheless might range from actual broken families or …

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Relationships between parents and children have always been a significant topic to discuss and a serious matter to think about. In fact, they are the essence of family life and the basis of children’s formation as a personality. It is important to pay attention to …

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