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A Career in Chemistry

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Candidate, who chooses chemistry as a career, must have passion to know about science and chemical substances. Chemistry is a branch of the science which explores the composition, properties, and transformation of substances and various elementary forms of matter. All human activities deal with a material world, which consists of chemicals, both natural and manufactured.

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A Career in Chemistry

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Chlorophyll, hemoglobin, and insulin are examples of natural chemicals that are essential to life. Chemistry has great significance in understanding the environment, enhancing methods of producing, processing, and packaging food and making automobiles protected and more fuel-efficient.

Candidates who complete the chemistry major are knowledgeable in all aspects of modern chemistry. In graduation program, students cover course work in the major sub-disciplines of chemistry, organic, inorganic, physical, biological, and analytical.

The syllabus of chemistry allow the student to choose array of career choices which include chemistry, medicine, law, business, chemical physics, environmental science, and secondary school teaching. If candidate wants to become chemist, he has to complete undergraduate training to produce new products for the chemical-processing industries, execute tests and evaluations of existing products and the environment, and carry out basic research (

Job description

Chemistry offers number of careers. Chemistry is a major subject of science. Candidates trained in chemistry or the chemical sciences may develop the ability which can be utilized in various fields. For example chemists prepare medicines that treat many diseases (

Candidates who are interested in chemistry subject must possess many skills which include ability to make critical observations and appropriate decisions, ability to operate scientific equipment, ability to organize and maintain accurate records, ability to conduct and clearly explain scientific research, proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and memorization, sensitivity to the health and safety of others.

In chemistry, candidate can also do courses in professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, occupational health, optometry, MBA programs and policy studies. Job of chemistry teacher is to teach courses for the chemical and physical properties and compositional changes of substances. They teach the methods of qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis. Teachers primarily engaged in teaching and many professionals can involve in teaching as well as research (

Basically, chemistry lecturer deliver lectures to undergraduate and/or graduate students on topics such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and chemical separation, supervise students' laboratory work, evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory performance, assignments, and papers, compile, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others, maintain student attendance records, grades, and other required records, prepare course materials such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts, maintain regularly scheduled office hours in order to advise and assist students, plan, evaluate, and modify curricula, course content and course materials and methods of instruction.

Chemistry Lab teaching assistant is responsible to assist the Professor for conducting laboratory experiments ( Chemists may involve in applied research projects which develop new products, or they may be engaged in theoretical research exploring new facts that may ultimately lead to new products. Many chemists work as administrators of these research projects or as executives in industry and government.

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