Examining the Relationship Between Sat Scores and Each Student’s Career Path

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SAT scores are commonly used in the colleges to determine the readiness of a student to peruse a particular profession. In this research, a review of an article examining the correlation between SAT scores and the career path followed by each student will be done. "The effect of high school socioeconomic status on the predictive validity of SAT scores and high school grade-point average." represents the article that is critically reviewed in this paper.

A summary of the report is necessary, and a thorough analysis of the methodology that the article uses is featured in this paper. Moreover, a critique of the results and the limitations that characterize the study in the chosen article is given in the paper. Importantly, the correlation between what students score and what they end up doing in their career past high school is a point of interest. The relationship between high school scores, the SAT, and careers that students pursue is a critical matter that is well covered in the article. High School and SAT Scores Summary of the Article

For this particular assignment, the article "The effect of high school socioeconomic status on the predictive validity of SAT scores and high school grade-point average." was closely examined. The author of the article has vividly explained that when SAT scores are consistently used to determine the grades that students score in various subjects, errors might arise. According to the article, regression analysis can be used to assign grades to students in class basing their argument on SAT scores (Zwick, & Himelfarb, 2011). Typically, prediction of one's abilities using SAT scores might not give a reliable for various reasons.

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The author of the article employs a research methodology that has been used in the article to find out the correlation between SAT and student careers. SAT scores consist of tests that are carried out in colleges, which determine the student's readiness for college. The High School grade-point average and SAT scores are used together in the regression model to give a predictive value of first-year College grade point average (FGPA). The author further notes that studies of this kind have specific objectives to serve. The first and most basic purpose served is the provision of evidence for the SAT outcomes. Secondly, the study can be used in various institutions to assign weight to the SAT scores on students' eligibility to be admitted.

In the article, much has been covered on the methodology that was used to handle the research. Moreover, data analysis, which serves as a supportive approach to the predictive process has been well executed. The author of the article has expounded on various models that can be used to give a predictive value of the SAT and High School students. Additionally, three notable models are used to determine the FGPA. Institutions have employed the models in a bid to ensure that the right predictive stages are followed. Notably, the article is a good source of information regarding the SAT scores and the likely implication that they can have on one's performance.

Critique of the Approach

In the methodology that has been used by the author to arrive at the results, it is better to take into account the fact that there are two sections, which include data set and a thorough analysis of the strategies used. Both processes carried out are aimed at achieving the objective of the study conducted. To investigate the matters more conveniently, data provided by College Board, which funded the program, was used. A sample of 110 students who were admitted in 2006 was used. The author notes that the study utilized colleges that enroll over 20 students from over five high schools, which feed them. A total of over 34 colleges proved appropriate for the study on predictive values of SAT scores (Zwick, & Himelfarb, 2011). The most basic data that was collected includes the schools attended by the students in high school and the HGPA scores that they obtained.

Another source of information that the author has used is the SAT database, which consists of various key information in regards to the topic of discussion. Information that was captured includes critical reading, writing scores, and math-related outcomes. Moreover, the high school that one attended and the various responses that students give to questionnaires were obtained. In the questionnaires, essential data regarding high school scores, the social and economic status of their families were captured.

It is notable to say that the author of the article was determined to give a true picture of what the implication of SAT scores is on performance. SAT scores are generally conducted in colleges, especially when they are admitting to see whether they are ready for professional studies. The article further asserts that the third source of information for the evaluation used is College Board Contractor. The contractor has essential information regarding the characteristics of the various schools that were attended by the university students. The features that were collected include expenditures incurred per student, ethnic composition and the rate of enrollment. The article confirms that only students that are learning in public colleges were eligible for the study

The methodology used by the author to collect data is helpful in obtaining the right information regarding the SAT scores. On a student's career path, the scores might be a wrong representative as the author notes that the procedure can give one an advantage. For instance, the article captures a scenario where students acquire more marks as a result of the SAT scores assigning higher values. Additionally, the methodology used can be seen as effective.

However, there are areas that limitations can be noted. Three regression models were used to predict the FGPA. The first model provides the best method that can be used to predict FGPA in individuals who resist the SAT tests. The second model employs the use of predictors, which is widely applied in standard validity and institutional studies (Zwick, & Himelfarb, 2011). The third model, on the other hand, utilizes an index that has been developed newly in high schools. The same set of students was used to carry out the study in each school for all the models that were used.

Critique of Findings and Results

The regression method used by the researcher to perform the study can prove helpful as indicated by the results. For instance, it is clear from the study that depending on the factor that is being put into consideration, the obtained results can be biased. Without application of the index in the process, the obtained data can prove to be rigorous in one way or the other.

Moreover, overprediction and underprediction are likely to occur depending on the characteristics of the school. Findings indicate that SAT scores are an important test for students, however, they do not represent the actual abilities that are possessed by each student. There is an area that the author of the article has failed. Notably, the article does not explain explicitly the correlation between the SAT scores that students are assigned and the future implication on the career path followed by students. It is clear that SAT scores and HGPA have an impact on one's career development in the long-run.

Students in schools possess different cognitive abilities, which cannot be precisely determined by the PFGA and HGPA (Zwick, & Himelfarb, 2011). The study was conducted according to the required acceptable standards, and the results have contributed positively to the field. The research conducted in the article has its limitations, which must be made clear to the public. The methodology should apply more techniques of collecting data in the future in a bid to obtain more accurate, valid and reliable results. Limitations of the Study

The first notable limitation of the study conducted is lack of information that can be used as variables. Limited information on the study affected the result of the research. Additionally, variable information regarding SAT scores is important in obtaining true results. The limited information in this particular case involves the school's geographical area and the size in general. The limited data affects the results that were obtained negatively (Zwick, & Himelfarb, 2011). Some students can attain an overpredicted or under predicted value, which jeopardizes validity and reliability of the methodology.

The second limitation that can be noted from the study is that the author concentrates much on obtaining information, which is only limited to public college students. This is only a part of the general student population as numerous private colleges have students in the United States. The study should have captured more students from private colleges to enhance validity and reliability.

Notably, the same set of students was used to test out on the various models in the methodology section. It is only fair if the author could have used a sample that is more representative. Using multiple and properly obtained samples can project better results regarding the SAT and the future career paths taken by students. Conclusion

To sum it up, there is a notable relationship between the SAT scores and the performance of the students. In their careers, students tend to rely much on abilities that each one of them possesses regardless of their SAT scores. That does not mean that SAT scores cannot give a true picture of what the capabilities one possess. The author asserts that there exists a correlation between SAT scores and their future careers. SAT scores are regarded as complements to strengths in each. Moreover, additional work is required, especially when it comes to collecting information that can be used to carry out the study. The article is resourceful as it contains essential information on SAT scores.


  1. Zwick, R., & Himelfarb, I. (2011). The effect of high school socioeconomic status on the predictive validity of SAT scores and high school grade-point average. Journal of Educational Measurement, 48(2), 101-121.

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