The Importance of Results Validation in Studies

Last Updated: 15 May 2023
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Validation of results in any research is an important phase that ensures that results that are obtained within the analysis from the data collected achieves the underlying objectives that formed the basis of research in the first place. It is an important process where it is possible to allow researcher understand whether the methodology that has been put in place is effective enough to ensure that the research problem that was being addressed is effectively answered.

The results within any given research process forms the basis under which discussion can be based. There is always need to ensure that the results conforms to the highlighted methodologies which were put in place to guide the research process. Inability to validate the results leaves the research process exposed where it is very difficult to rely on the findings in making any inferences regarding a given population that was being investigated (Steyerberg & Harrell, 2016).

Is it important for a study to have high internal validity? What if Drew's students had to take the exam during a time when construction was going on outside the window? What if there is suspicion of cheating on the part of a number of John's students? Use the concepts of internal validity and discuss the problems with John's claim.

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Internal validity focuses on highlighting how well and efficiently a given study is conducted and thus researchers usually focus on ensuring that their studies are well conducted where the findings are based on identity of the research processes and methods that were put in place.

Therefore, it is important to have a high internal validity since there is less chance of the study being influenced by a confounding variable compared to a research study that has very low internal validity where there are many confounding variables, which are likely to influence the outcome negatively. Obtaining true results based on the processes that are put in place within a given study is key in ensuring that the results that are obtained are valid and reliable (McDermott, 2011).

When Drew's' students had to take an exam when their construction outside it would still lead to high internal validity considering the fact that there is a less confounding variable which can be controlled and ensure that the students perform well despite the noise as a result of construction. However, the suspicion of cheating that has been considered in this case, there is high chance of confounding where internal validity of the results obtained by the students will be very low due to suspicion of cheating (Steyerberg & Harrell, 2016). Consider the same concept for external validity. What conditions must be met inside the college to be able to have high external validity? What are the advantages of conducting experiments in a laboratory (box-like environment)?

External validity involves the ability of the findings within a given study to have a generalized influence on other situations. Therefore, there is need to ensure that the exams are done in a better environment where the findings will be generalized and have a greater influence on a general perspective under which it is crucial to ensure that the threats to external validity are eliminated. Drew's therefore should ensure that there is less interference from external sources in order to ensure that the exams conforms to the highlighted standards within which they will be generalized.

The study must be scientifically done where it would be possible to ensure that it is reliable and valid both internally and externally where it can be easily replicated. Advantage of carrying out studies in laboratories is because there exists very less influence since the highlighted scientific methods that are put in place can be easily verified to ensure that both internal and external validity is met (McDermott, 2011). If John were to use this information to support his teaching strategies in a publication, would this be an example of accurate reporting of information? Why or why not?

If John were to use this information, it would not be an example of accurate reporting of information considering the fact that there is no scientific focus under which it is possible to understand the processes that have been integrated and whether replication could be possible.


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