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Air Asia is a company which has its headquarters situated in Malaysia, the airline serves the purpose of operating both domestically and internationally it takes travelers to over 60 destinations worldwide. It has the slogan  “Now everyone can fly” this expresses that the company is a low cost airline which aims to target everyone who do not want to or cannot afford to travel at such expensive airfare rates. The airline has the reputation of being associated with low cost and no frills. Moreover, Air Asia also intends at making travel effortless, convenient and pleasurable for its travelers. Since 2001 it has opted to be positioned as a low fare airline and is still continuing positioning itself in this manner as this strategy has proved to be successful for the company. As economic conditions are getting unpleasant day by day loads of people prefer to live with prudence and do not wish to spend their money carelessly.

Additionally in 2003 the company commenced mobile booking of tickets which made them the first airline company in the world to introduce this facility for the customers. This service enabled customers to book their ticket, inquire about their flights get in touch with the latest updates of the products on real-time basis. The company comprehended that in this fast paced environment customers required more convenience and time saving services; hence the company capitalized and introduced an innovative service which was required by the clients. Moreover recently the company launched a service on its website Go Holiday where the customers could easily book their holiday destinations online, they used this ingredient as they had clear understanding of the environment and they realized that the they customers wanted more ease in their life and seeing the vast internet usage the company choose to capture its customers through this manner.

After the 9 / 11 incident people have become more frightened with regards to the terrorists attacks that can take place any moment. However the company can ensure that the safety of their guests is the duty of the organization and it should constantly be security alerted so that chances of such incidents occurring on the company’s airline are eliminated. Additionally it should promote the fact that the aircrafts in which the customers travel are 100% safe and properly maintained.

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Furthermore as the airline implements the low cost principle it does not offer additional services to the customers as that escalates the cost. Conversely when people travel on long flights they need more amenities as they cannot be cramped throughout the entire flight with any facilities. Therefore in the case of long flights the company should provide the customers for an option for additional services, so the customers do not shift to other airline companies in circumstances where they have to travel longer destinations. That is exactly what the company has done; it has offered snacks, drinks and food for the passengers at affordable rates.

The company does not offer fixed seats to the travelers as they have the policy of providing seats to the customers on a first come first served basis. The company adopted this strategy so the guests could come well before time and any guest related delays could be avoided.

The company has future plans of expansion for this purpose the company purchased A320 in place of Boeing 737. With the help of this step they have taken has lead the company to become more cost efficient, provided extra capacity for the customers and added more comfort for the travelers. To further stress on its low cost rule it moved its operations to Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) this was the foremost move towards being a global low cost carrier. . In addition the company has frequent flights of customers at flights leaving every 25 minutes this ensures convenience to the customers.

The outstanding growth of the company as being recognized as a low cost associated brand shows that the company has desires to serve countries that are part of ASEAN. The company’s objective is to encourage business and tourism amongst the ASEAN countries. The airline company has adapted all the services that lead to providing convenience to the customers and has managed to do that keeping in mind the low cost strategy of the company.

Ever since the Proton cars set foot in the market they got an edge because they were so economical. The government was also behind them as they were the local car makers and they wanted them to succeed. Proton cars were cheap and therefore didn’t have to undergo the same taxes that their competitors have to pay. The government had given Proton leverage from a lot of taxes and because of this they always had an edge. But since the signing of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement all of this edge that Proton got seemed to have vanished.

This Malaysia manufactured car had the backing of the government but as time passed by and as policies made were not in its favor it, it was on its own. It would be wrong to say that Proton didn’t take advantage of this backing. They made cars that were of poor quality and not safe for the consumers. The only reason that they could do this is that they didn’t have any direct competitor .But as the world is turning into a global village this sort of attitude is going to throw them out of the market. This is why now they have started concentrating on the thing that really matters-Customers. They have realized that if they want to get the glory and status they desire they have to focus on their customers and make them their number one priority. For this reason they are even trying to produce Natural Gas Vehicles as this is what the consumers are demanding for these days as petrol process become sky rocketing.

 The new Proton car Persona is liked by a lot of people for its elegant design and attractive color. The car is spacious and economical, every consumers dream. Another launch that Proton did that was very successful was that of its new car Saga. They used new technology in developing a car that the people of Malaysia could be proud of. And the best thing about it is that the car was designed by Malaysian designers. This shows that Proton is trying its best of make the people of Malaysia proud because Proton’s achievement is their achievement.

Proton should find foreign partners who could help it with its designs. Proton has improved itself and the locals are very proud of it, if the foreign car makers join up with Proton them they can capture a new market which they weren’t able to occupy before. Therefore it’s a win-win situation for both if they team up.

Proton is becoming an advocate of change and is applying it wherever it is necessary. It is devising new and improved strategies that will help it remain afloat of competition. For this reason Proton has even started to export its cars. Proton initiated its Vendor Rationalisation Programme and Dealer Rationalisation Programme and because of this it has achieved a lot of success. This strong network with vendors and dealers will enable Proton to succeed as this close bonding is an essential element needed by any company to make it to the top.

Proton strives to maintain low prices along with top-notch quality. Now Proton realizes that it has to make a positive brand image for itself, it knows that this is an easy said than done task but for this vision to turn into reality they need to work with their suppliers and customers so that the final output turns out to be something spectacular.

Proton has come to realize how important human capital is for the company hence it is focusing on its recruitment process so that it gets those valuable employees for the company that will help it grow. For this purpose it is looking for talented individuals in the domestic and foreign market. Protons new philosophy is “making the right car for the right market at the right time and at the right price”. Proton has even tried to embed this new philosophy into its company’s culture so that its employees can share the same values that they have.


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