Swot: Low-cost Carrier and Air Asia

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1. Other accidents, terrorist attacks, disasters to affect the customer confident

2. Increasing the operation cost to increase full service.

3. The system may be disruption

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4. Government policy.

5. Easy to enter the same market for other airlines, the competitor will be increased.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis for Eurasia


Air Asia has a very strong management team with strong links with governments ND airline industry leaders. This is partly contributed by the diverse background of the executive management teams which consists of industry experts and ex-top government officials. For example, Shin Corp.. (formerly owned by the family of former Thai Prime Minister - Taking Sinatra) holds a 50% stake in Thai Eurasia.

This has helped Eurasia to open up and capture a sizeable market in Thailand. With their strong working relationship with Airbus, they managed to get a big discount for aircraft purchases which is also more fuel-efficient compared to Boeing 737 planes which is Ewing used by many other airlines? The management team is also very good at strategy formulation and execution.

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