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AirAsia Berhad: SWOT analysis

Strengths Low cost operations AirAsia Berhad is the first airline company that offered a low cost flight in Asian market. By operating the low cost principle, AirAsia Berhad aim to maximize their sales and minimize their operating cost. Based on their slogan “Now Everyone Can …

AirasiaAviationMalaysiaSwot Analysis
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AirAsia Case Study Report

AirAsia Case Study Report Assignment 1 Executive Summary Strategic management has played a key role in the success of many business organisations in the world including airlines and AirAsia is no exception. Commencing in 1996, within fifteen years, AirAsia managed to expand its operations into …

AirasiaAirlinesAviationCase Study
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Air Asia- Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s five forces Michael E. Porter claimed that there are five competitive forces which can shape every industry by identify and analysis those five forces(appendix) and thus determine strengths and weaknesses of the industry. Those five forces are now used to determined Air Asia’s strengths …

AirasiaAviationEssay Examples
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Case Study: Airasia’s Strategic Management

AirAsia was launched in 2002 by Tony Fernandes, at the time a pioneer of low-cost flights in Asia. At first, the company operated three Boeing 737s. In 2004, after a very successful public offering, AirAsia was listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange and from there …

AirasiaAirlinesAviationMalaysiaStrategic Management
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External Analysis Airasia

1.0 Introduction of AirAsia In Malaysia, there are 3 main airlines which are Malaysian Airline (MAS), AirAsia, and Firefly. AirAsia Berhad is starting its operation in November 2004, which is listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia. It start developing a low cost airline …

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Operating and Information System: Case Study on Airasia

WEEK 7 :Operating and Information System: Case Study on AirAsia AirAsia creates values through the following vision is to be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serving the 3 billion people who are currently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares. Beside that, …

AirasiaAirportCase Study
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Airasia Weakness

“Everybody Can Fly” was the famous tagline of AirAsia, AirAsia was able to fulfil their tagline AirAsia implement the low cost operations into their management. The operating fees were as low at the minimum wage. Low airport fees, for example at Kota Kinabalu International airport …

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Host Country Political and Legal Environment Affect of Airasia

The internal analysis on the company below will answer the question. Resources, Capabilities & Core Competencies Analysis a)Accounting Ratio Analysis In 2004, Air Asia’s earnings margin before interest and taxes (16. 8), return on capital employed (14. 6) and return on equity (37. 7) accounting …

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Nok Air Promotion and Advertising Are Important Factors

Furthermore, the main objective of the airline its self is to capture and gain a larger market share from a targeted market that comprises of both normal Low cost carrier travelers, whether from existing users of the airlines or from competitive airlines, and potential from …

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Airasia’s Logistic and Channel Management

As Airasia’s vision is to be the largest low cost airline in Asia, our proposal might be a useful tool for Airasia to achieve their vision. The goal of our proposal is to decrease the operational cost of Airasia to attain cost efficiencies and provided …

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Swot: Low-cost Carrier and Air Asia

1. Other accidents, terrorist attacks, disasters to affect the customer confident 2. Increasing the operation cost to increase full service. 3. The system may be disruption 4. Government policy. 5. Easy to enter the same market for other airlines, the competitor will be increased. Strengths, …

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AirAsia: Malaysia’s Pioneering Low-Cost Airline

Company Background AirAsia Berhad as know as AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost airline. It operates scheduled domestic and international uflights and is Asia’s largest low fare, no frills airline. AirAsia pioneered low cost travelling in Asia. The airline was established in 1993 and started operations …

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Swot Analysis for Airasia

For example, Shin Corp… (formerly owned by the family of former Thai Prime Minister – Mr… Taking Sinatra) hold 50% stake in Thai Raisin. This has helped Raisin to open up and capture a sizeable market in Thailand. On top of that, they have strong …

AirasiaAirlinesAviationSwot Analysis
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AirAsia Red Tix Introduction

AirAsia was established in 1993 by DRB-Hicom, a Government-owned conglomerate. It started operations in 1996. Tune Air Sdn Bhd, Tony Fernandes’s company purchased this heavily indebted airline business from DRB-Hicom in 2001. AirAsia managed to become profitable and world renowned low-cost airline through visionary leadership …

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Cold Storage Mission Statement

Cold Storage mission statement is, “not only do we strive to provide the freshest food produce, the most extensive range of products and wines from all over the world, we also take great effort in making shopping at Cold Storage and Market Place stores exciting, …

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Malaysian Airlines vs Air Asia

Malaysia Airlines Introduction Malaysia Airlines, the country’s national carrier, was first incorporated as Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) on 12 October 1937. It was a joint initiative of the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, the Straits Steamship of Singapore and Imperial Airways which led to a …

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Low Cost Airline

Nok Air is a low cost airline in Thailand. Destinations of the flight are served within domestic with affordable price. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited holds 39% joint venture with the company. Thai Commercial Securities Co. , Ltd. (Thai commercial banks. Co. , Ltd. …

AdvertisingAirasiaAviationLow Cost Airlines
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Air Asia and Proton Car

Air Asia is a company which has its headquarters situated in Malaysia, the airline serves the purpose of operating both domestically and internationally it takes travelers to over 60 destinations worldwide. It has the slogan  “Now everyone can fly” this expresses that the company is …

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The Difference Between Working in Air Asia and Malaysian

The difference between working for Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines ( MAS ) Are you looking for a job in airline company, but do not know which one to choose? Your query will surely be answered as we move along in this composition. Working in …

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Outlook of Domestic and International Tourism

1. Outlook of Domestic and International Tourism in the Philippines: •According to the Philippine National Tourism Development Plan 2011-2016, DOT wanted the Philippines to be a must-experience destination in Asia. With that strategic vision, they established a general goal which is to develop an environmentally …

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How Do You Think the Asian Passenger Air Transport

The Asian passenger air transport marketplace will stable and growing rapidly. The latest Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), released in December 2010, shows that key drivers for the marketplace are the replacement of aircraft for newer more eco-efficient models in mature markets, dynamic growth in …

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Assignement marketing

Introduction: AirAsia, an airline company that has experience the “from rugs to riches” storyline, is one of the leading airlines in Asia. It was established with the aim of saving it form the heavy debt that it was incurring at the time, as well as, …

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Capital A Berhad, operating as AirAsia is a Malaysian multinational low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations. AirAsia operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries.

Sepang, Malaysia


Tony Fernandes (Dec 2001–)


Thai AirAsia, AirAsia India , AirAsia X


Tony Fernandes, DRB-HICOM

Parent organization

Tune Group

Frequently asked questions

What is AirAsia known for?
AirAsia is known for being a low-cost airline. It was founded in 1993 and began operations in 1996. AirAsia has since grown to become the largest airline in Asia by passenger volume.
What do you mean by AirAsia?
AirAsia is a low cost airline based in Malaysia. It is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations. AirAsia operates scheduled domestic and international flights to over 165 destinations in 25 countries. Its main base is klia2, the low-cost carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia.
What makes AirAsia successful?
AirAsia has been successful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has been able to offer low-cost flights to a large number of destinations. This has been made possible by the use of a no-frills business model, which has helped to keep costs down. Secondly, the airline has been able to tap into a growing market for low-cost travel in Asia. This has been helped by the fact that AirAsia is a regional airline, which has meant that it has been able to avoid the intense competition that exists between the major global airlines. Finally, AirAsia has been able to benefit from the strong growth in air travel in Asia over the past few years. This has helped to drive up demand for its services, and has allowed the airline to expand its operations.
What is the competitive advantage of AirAsia?
AirAsia has a number of competitive advantages. Firstly, it is a low cost carrier, which means that it offers low fares and few frills in order to keep costs down. This makes it an attractive option for price-conscious travellers. Secondly, AirAsia has a very efficient operation, which helps to keep costs down and means that flights are often on time. Thirdly, AirAsia has a good reputation for customer service, which helps to attract and retain customers. Finally, AirAsia has a strong presence in Asia, which is a growing market for air travel.

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