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The Difference Between Working in Air Asia and Malaysian

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The difference between working for Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines ( MAS ) Are you looking for a job in airline company, but do not know which one to choose? Your query will surely be answered as we move along in this composition. Working in the airline industry is a truly wonderful choice as it’s exciting, fun-filled yet lucrative. In fact, they are merely two prestigious airlines in Malaysia, namely Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines ( MAS ). So which one will be a better choice to work for?

To be a better choice, it must excel in several aspects, which are salary and benefits, potential for personal development as well as administrative system. Firstly, salary and benefits, which usually are the main attractions in job searching. Air Asia offers their employees relatively high wage, which is approximately 20% higher than their main contender – MAS. Moreover, benefits provided by Air Asia are too good to be true! Benefits include a 5-day work week, life insurance, annual free flight, employee discounts, compassionate leave, etc.

On the other hand, MAS offers a lower salary as compared with Air Asia. Furthermore, employees of MAS do not enjoy attractive benefits like what Air Asia has to offer. Evidently, Air Asia has won this aspect hands down. Secondly, personal development is a key element in our lives, that is to say, life can be rather stagnant and meaningless without personal development. Air Asia caters to their employees need in this aspect by creating an environment that is conducive to personal development and having a series of stratagems that could out-think its opponents.

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One of the stratagems is that any employee, regardless of background, can request to have a “job-switch” and promotion at any time. With that in mind, you can start working as a ground crew and years later you become a captain! Whereas Air Asia’s arch-rival, MAS, is unconcerned about the employee’s personal development as a key element of life, thus initiatives have yet to be implemented. Air Asia wins another point by executing such scrupulous plan. Lastly, the administrative system implemented in the airline is also crucial to provide a better working experience.

The CEO of Air Asia, Tony Fernandes believes that open communication with all the employees lead the airline to success. He has implemented open-door policy since the establishment, thus being accessible by anyone working in the airline. This policy has helped reduce bureaucracy and hierarchy, and the employees appreciate it a lot as it gives them the right to speak up and give new ideas. Whereas MAS, which has a bureaucratic administration, is less favorable to its employees. Under this circumstance, to lodge a complaint or make a request, employees need to go through endless red tape.

This results in less productivity in the airline and a dull working experience for the employees. Again, the open-door policy by Air Asia creates a better working atmosphere for the employees, and hence stands the airline in good stead. In a nutshell, Air Asia has outshone its adversary – MAS in several ways, namely, offering better salary and benefits, creating higher potential for personal development as well as having more preferable administrative system. As shown above, Air Asia is a better airline to work for.

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