Persuasive essay on buying a car over leasing a car

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It can well be stated that it is always better to opt for a long termed vision rather than an instant and short termed goal. This true for all the great personalities all over the world and it is also true for all the multinational corporate houses operating on a large scale over multiple continents. The same is true for any and every successful individuals in the globe. (Lamb, 2004) Thus it can well be mentioned that when it comes to the general mass and more particularly an individual things cannot be different in any manner.

As a result it is always recommended that one should always go for buying a new car rather than leasing it. In ancient oriental religious texts it is often stated that “Mahamati Mahajan, je pothe koren gomon, se poth prataswaraniya”. This means “Trustworthy are the routes that have been taken by eminent saints”. This is because “Mahamati Mahajan, dristi anata, bakya bhobe duradristisampanna” or “they are the people in this world who act on the determination of tomorrow”.

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(Cunningham, 1978) Thus it can well be seen from these scriptures that it is always recommended to have a long termed goal rather than living for the day. In more practical context it can be stated that if one is about to buy a car then the person is better positioned than a person who is in habit of leasing it. The simple reason behind this is plan arithmetic. Suppose a person needs a car for a day every week. He rents it from the local rental services.

This way he pays about $50 a day a week for four days in four weeks and the total amount comes to $200. Now consider this. If one is willing to pay $200 per month to the rental service would not it be much better to pay it as an installment or EMI to a car dealer? Furthermore, under such circumstances the person is due to own the car in a year or two spending the same amount of money as he was spending at a rental service. (King, 2006) It is clear from this illustration that the person opting for buying a car is the absolute gainer.

It can be stated in the same context that in this era of market economy driven livelihood it is essential to be at par with the current trends of buying rather than wasting valuable amount of money for something where the utility of the value is always reducing. Thus it is better to remove all sorts short sight ness and opt for long termed programs and take a page from all the successful people and corporate all over the world. In conclusion it should be mentioned that if one is not able to decide for oneself it is much better to follow examples and analyze simple notions of arithmetic.

This is the right approach not only about cars or gadgets but it is also applicable for life as a whole. One should be calculative and analytical and one should always go for buying when it comes to cars rather than leasing or renting it. References Cunningham, R; (1978); Selected Verses from Matsya Purana; National Book Trust King, H; (2006); Management principals: Leadership Today; HBT & Brooks Ltd Lamb, Davis; (2004); Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata; National Book Trust

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